Tiger Woods

When you forget how good Tiger really is just sit back and watch this video.


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Blink-182 have released a video for their new single She’s Out Of Her Mind – and it’s an up-to-date take on their promo for 1999 hit What’s My Age Again? Rather than the band running through the streets naked as in the What’s My Age Again? clip, the video stars nude Instagram models Lele Pons, Hannah Stocking and Vale Genta. And the role of the ‘sexy nurse’ played by porn star Janine Lindemulder in the 1999 promo is handed to comedian Adam Devine.


“We are pleased to announce our new teaser of the film – “Inside out”! Oh friends, this is the most difficult film in our history. In the film, you will see all that has happened to us over the past year – the life of the company and the team for 1 winter season. We will tell everything as really is!” – Hash Heaven Films.


Holding the world record for most inverted flat spins, Spencer Suderman takes to the sunny Southern California skies for another one of his routine flights. The only thing routine about it: the takeoff and landing. In between those two events, you can find Spencer in an inverted flat spin, doing barrel rolls or massive loops.

Screen Shot 2016-10-24 at 8.20.50 am

Yeah yeah! the water bottle challenge is getting old now but whos dad is this? Epic dad attempts the Water Bottle Flip Challenge like a boss.


During a four hour trip that Travis Carpenter makes on a regular basis, he was practicing his singing routine to pass the time. On this particular occasion, he filmed something much more horrifying. Is it wrong that I found this hilarious?


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I’ll take it. Everyone else can debate how impractical it is, threaten to report it to the CIA and FBI, while I’m off cruising the highways on my f**king mini gun mounted motorcycle, snorting cocaine off hooker’s tits whenever I please.


Elephants are disappearing at the staggering rate of 1 every 15 minutes. Their deaths are fueled by the illegal ivory trade, a dangerous network of violence and corruption that a brave and dedicated few are daring to dismantle. THE IVORY GAME exposes the dark world of ivory trafficking from the planes of Africa to the streets of China. By working with undercover intelligence organizations, activists, frontline rangers and conservationists to infiltrate the corrupt global network of ivory trafficking, the film inspires both outrage and hope. On Netflix November 4.


“Only a few inches between Jason Morneau Tremblay and this huge bull moose. Warning, do not try this with wild animals. Their actions and reactions are unpredictable and sometimes dangerous to humans.” Can’t wait till Joe Rogan hears about this one. Confidence level: infinity. A true wizard.


The song “Killa” has been one of the most notable songs of 2016 thus far. The track has been played across the world at various festivals and remixed by some of today’s best producers. The track is undeniably unique, which is what exactly what you’d hope for from the two creators of the track. Now, there is finally an official music video to match the madness of the track created by Skrillex and Wiwkek. Check it out!


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Tired of worrying about the upcoming election, global war and/or the slow destruction of the Earth through climate change? Never fear! Here’s a new, totally hypothetical yet frighteningly well-founded nightmare apocalypse scenario!


People call it one of the best purpose built FIA tracks ever. The Lone Star State is home to the United States’ first purpose-built F1 facility. And sweet mother of god Lewis Hamilton is fast around it, even when the heavens open up.


Action Bronson has been spending a lot of time hosting shows on Viceland lately. And during the latest episode of his food show Fuck, That’s Delicious, he premiered the music video for a new song called “Durag Vs. Headband,” produced by Knxwledge and featuring his buddy Big Body Bes. Check it out!


Wait for it, wait for it…. Ok see what we mean hahahahahha Classic!

Screen Shot 2016-10-22 at 9.33.53 am

After parking on private property CLEARLY MARKED private drive this woman acts like it’s her god given right to be a scumbag and spits in mans face then drives off with her children in the car without the safety of seatbelts. How would you react?