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This video shows the nasty crash that involved Jamie Cowton and how Horst Saiger, who was right behind him, managed to avoid the impact, missing him by inches.


It takes a long time to handcraft a high-end 1911 semi-automatic pistol. In the case of Cabot Gun’s Big Bang pistol set, it took 4 billion years. That’s how long the Gibeon meteorite was flying through space—an arduous journey that made the cosmic rock a challenging material from which to create a pair of handguns. In fact, these are the first mechanical devices made from a meteorite in the history of mankind.

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Parkour professional Khalid Tony hit the rooftops in Morocco to get a pump, and to make his mum a nervous wreck.

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The sickening clip taken inside the cab on May 25, shows an elderly couple sitting quietly in the back as they travel across Birmingham. Multiple cabs were attacked that night with bricks, and this attack resulted in an elderly lady needed treatment for a fracture skull. Police are now hunting for the gutless brick thrower.


Alligators in Florida are no f**ken joke. As you can see from the photo above. Hunters killed this giant beast in April, which some say was killing cattle. Now a 9-foot-long alligator was captured in the same Florida lake where one was found holding remains of a human body in its mouth, officials said. Lakeland police said the gator’s stomach will be examined to determine whether it swallowed any parts of the adult male body. If not, the lake will be searched again for other gator.


Google image search ‘three black teenagers’ and then ‘three white teenagers’. A Twitter video of a man typing in this supposedly unremarkable search has gone massively viral since it was uploaded yesterday afternoon. That’s because his clip shows the results for the former almost exclusively show mugshots, or at least pictures posed to look like them, and the latter reveals mostly stock photos of happy white teens.

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The last surviving 9/11 search dog Bretagne was put to rest after 16 years of tireless service. She was given full honours as deserved. She worked to exhaustion sniffing through the rubble of the World Trade Center looking for survivors.


A barrage of violent Atlantic storms will unleash thunder, lightning, gales and relentless rainfall through to the middle of June. With temperatures set to remain above-average for the time of year Britain faces a muggy ‘Monsoon’ start to summer. Heavy downpours this week dumped more than a month’s rain in parts the country sparking devastating floods and travel misery.


Watch the first-ever look into the new Watch Dogs 2. Set in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area, Watch Dogs 2 explores a new reality where an interconnected city and network of personal devices are used to control and manipulate citizens on a unprecedented scale. Step into the shoes of a brilliant hacker, Marcus Holloway, and hack everything on your way to shutting down the establishment behind this massive corruption.

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Alexander Tikhomirov is always coming out with these breathtaking adventure videos, living the life that 99% of the world can only dream of. This guy is doing it right!


After two days of intense action, Red Bull Cape Fear has come to a close for 2016, with 18-year-old South Coast surfer Russell Bierke the last man standing. The event ran like no other in surfing history. A week of wild weather in Sydney Australia saw Cape Solander maxed out on day one, with many competitors claiming it was far-and-away the biggest the infamous break has ever been surfed. The surfers were aware of the risks that came with paddling out, yet deemed it worth the reward. A unanimous surfer vote saw the contest kick-off in barely surfable 12-foot [3.66m] barrels and from the first horn all 16 invitees were ready to charge, take risks, pull in and lay it all on the line.


Back by popular demand: Pre-Order your ‘Good Vibes’ Long Sleeve Tee HERE to secure your preferred size – This piece will be shipped out to you on the 20th of June if not earlier. Don’t hesitate, it sold out last time, and this batch will be no different!


The easiest way to get your flamethrower on is to get rid of your catalytic converter and fit a straight-through exhaust. The next step is to make sure you’re dumping a lot of fuel into the exhaust. Accelerate hard with a wide open throttle, then slide your foot off the accelerator to quickly snap the throttle shut. All that fuel and air that had been dumped into the combustion chamber is now not needed for propulsion so doesn’t get lit, and instead gets spat into the exhaust where it will ignite on the hot pipes. Voila: Fire!

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This guy thinks he is living in the United States, where cops pull a gun on you if you ask for directions. After pointing his gun at a man who didn’t pull over because the officer forgot to put his lights and siren on, the senior Queensland cop is facing criminal charges. The driver he was chasing was doing 126kph in a 110kph zone.


“I’m gonna go out there and f**k that dude up. Just let me put on my socks and sandals first.” Kid was knocked out cold when his head hit the pavement. Look at the blood stain where his head was laying. Dude on top was just pounding on an unconscious mellon. Probably a cranial fracture to add to his busted face. Once this footage gets around, I’m pretty sure it’s time for a new profession.

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When someone says they are a DJ, they are either like DJ Brace, or they press the play button on a laptop. DJ Brace is on another level!

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The modified 600bhp Subaru WRX STI built by Prodrive and driven by local hero Mark Higgins sets a new Isle of Man TT car lap record, hitting top speeds of about 170mph around the 37.73-mile circuit. Higgins has now lapped the course in 17min 35.139sec, at an average of 128.730mph. What a beast!


BREAKING A MONSTER begins as the three members of band UNLOCKING THE TRUTH are all in 7th grade, spending their weekends playing a blend of heavy metal and speed punk in Times Square – often drawing substantial crowds. They take on a manager: a 70- year-old industry veteran. With his guidance they are soon on their way to a 1.8 million dollar record deal and a precarious initiation into the music industry.