Shannon Briggs reminiscing about his 1 and only kickboxing fight in K-1 on the Joe Rogan Experience. The man can punch as hard as people kick!


Watch footage of the disgraceful act where bodybuilder Giannis Magos (Greece) hit an IFBB judge at the 2016 Diamond Cup in Greece. Magos won the +100 kg class, but was unpleased when he didn’t win the overall title and the pro-card. There is no excuse for this type of behaviour, and it will have legal consequences.


Superwog is back with a new video, with himself and his hilarious brother working as pilots and air hosts.


I feel for that kid. He’s doomed from the get go. All learnt from those around him winding him up for a laugh. That kid should be at home with his head in a book, except if that’s his home it looks like a crack house, I doubt there is a decent book in there.


The PC release of GTA V has already been hailed as the best iteration of the game, but there were still signs of its original status as a last-generation title, with some relatively simple scene geometry. Mods like GTA V Redux should more than address that problem, with vastly improved image quality and full 4K support. We haven’t even listed the various improvements to the underlying game, so check the mod page and watch the video if you want more information.


“Kamisu beach in Ibaraki played host to the first event of it’s kind in Japan, Motor and Surf Scramble. A fusion of mother nature and engine power with live action baja trucks flying across the sandy shores and the top free riders from around the world blasting through the waves.” – Luke Huxham.


Ah yes, let’s escalate things by letting our tempers override our logic, classic. Missing what happens leading up to having a water bottle being thrown. Gotta love people committing felonies and then uploading them to YouTube though.


“Over the past 11 months my car has been damaged 5 times in total at my work car park. At first I didn’t suspect anything, but after the 2nd time I knew something was up. I was suspicious of my ex-girlfriend’s current boyfriend but I wasn’t able to prove anything, so I bought a dashcam. When my car was damaged yet again, I checked my recordings and I had video evidence proving it was the new boyfriend.”

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The Mercedes G63 AMG was put through water and mud time and again, by a driver who seemed mentally deranged, until it got stuck and needed to be pulled out by the help of a winch. Afterwards, the lunatic driving the SUV went back into the artificially-made lake and surprisingly, the Mercedes came out of it with no help whatsoever this time. The poor V8 engine under the hood must have suffocated during the outrageous off-road demonstration. When the driver finally stopped revving it and trying to make the car swim, people around lifted the bonnet and revealed the power unit covered in smoke, but still functional.


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The Ford Focus RS is the latest in a long-line of RS-badged fast Fords – cars on a mission to bring electrifying performance to people of normal means. What we have here is 345bhp from a tuned version of the Mustang’s 2.3-litre four-cylinder EcoBoost turbo engine channeled though a six-speed manual and a trick four-wheel drive system, that can make the Ford Focus RS behave like it’s rear- instead of front-driven. Adaptive dampers, launch control, a rear wing and all the usability of a normal five-door Ford Focus EcoBoost are thrown in too, and all for around £30,000.


This rider wanted to change the song on his phone without stopping. Just a few moments with his eyes off the road and his day took a nasty turn!


The incident occurred at the Vintage Faire Mall while the Black Friday shopping rush was well underway, videos posted to Twitter and YouTube showed. Marco Sebastian, who witnessed the brawl, told CNN he was hanging out at the mall around midnight when he witnessed a large group of people fighting during a late night of shopping. Sebastian didn’t know what exactly started the fight, but said eventually, security responded and stopped the fighting.


Camera crews spent four months inside HMP Aylesbury, Bucks, for a shocking TV documentary. Inmates include murderers, rapists, gangsters and paedophiles still in their teens — with one in five serving life or an indeterminate sentence to protect the public. And the hardened criminals reveal how they live for the potentially fatal fights — that can see up to six prisoners attacking a lone victim. The no-holds-barred footage, which gives a raw insight into inmates’ mentalities, will sicken victims whose lives have been torn apart by the convicts.


A fighter jet sent spectators at an airfield  in Ukraine running for cover when it swooped within metres of them when flying past. Two planes are seen coming into the landing strip at a military facility before one swerves to the left and heads straight for people watching.


Imagine getting fired from your job but then being told, “But you still need to work for the duration of day.” F**k that, right? I’d probably just walk out and have an existential crisis in my car in the parking lot. But luckily for the rest of the world, this AT&T employee decided to stick around and document the rest of his day after getting the ax.


This video is packed with those moments where you don’t want to laugh, but can’t help it!