‘Can I give you 20 now and 180 at the end of the month?’ A teenager in Arlington, Texas, was caught smoking weed by a police officer. But instead of arresting the teen, Officer Eric Ball decided to borrow some disciplinary tactics from his high school football days and had the teen drop and give him 200 pushups. “He’s struggling” Yeah that’s because he’s high as f**k. The average person couldn’t do 50 legit pushups in a row, let alone 200.


“I’ve been detecting for about a year. On this weekend I asked my brother if he wanted to come and we’ll go half on anything we find. He said no, not today I’m going fishing with a mate ..oh well!”


Sooo…what you are saying is, all a super villain would need to do in order to hold the east coast of America at ransom is: 1) Buy one of the Canary Islands. 2) Cut extensive tunnelling and lay rollers, in specific directions and at the proper incline. 3) Wire up the support columns with explosives. 4) Unleash a landslide if demands aren’t met. 5) Profit.


This guy learnt a very important lesson about being a pickpocket that night. Check for cameras before you go for the score! what a rookie.


The nutcase known only as 8Booth continues to lurk around America in search of gut-wrenchingly high places to leap from. He’s previously taken a four-story jump into a pool and had a close call on a rocky cliff, but the sheer gap in this new video is taking things to the next level.


Amazon’s Alexa will always do its best to make out what you’re trying to tell it, but when it comes to the mumble of a youngster just getting a grasp on the spoken word, sometimes its algorithm comes up a bit short.


It’s always a please watching Fredrik Myhre behind the wheel. Robyworks presents another drift fuelled banger ‘MAD SUPRA’. Stunning stuff as usual with all the right amounts of boost and murdered rubber. Directed and edited by the one and only Roberts Vitols. Film by Robyworks.com.


The fighters rehydrate after weighing in, and former champion Ronda Rousey says hello to UFC President Dana White. The ceremonial weigh-in later that day hosts two memorable staredowns, as bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz and challenger Cody Garbrandt have their most heated exchange yet, with security forced to separate the two on stage.


Holy f**k boys it’s boating season. This bloke spotted his target from a mile away and was dedicated till the very end. You have to respect that kind of commitment. Shout out to @gabriellaaaa for the hilarious footage.

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I thought for sure he was going for the AK-47 in broad daylight, but nope just gonna get some beers and put on a show for these guys.


A car driving on a beach is stopped by a furious dad, worried about his children. In the footage we see a car with two occupants trying to pass a stretch of beach where a family is seated, trying to have a good time. Apparently the car was driving dangerously close to the children of the family, so the dad wanted it to stop. It’s illegal to drive on “Blue beach”, but this driver ignored the law.


A P-plate driver become stranded after he drove his car under a flooded bridge in South Melbourne during the recent storms. Despite the visible signs warning of the area being susceptible to flooding, the driver continued and became stuck, with the front of the car tilting forward as it floated. A man with a fishing rod was heard shouting “No!” in between uncontrollable bursts of laughter. “I’ll catch him,” the fisherman cheekily offered.


During today’s weigh-ins, Nunes stared down Ronda while wearing a lion mask as Rousey left the stage without saying a peep to anyone, even skipping out on an interview with Joe Rogan.


There’s windsurfing, and then there’s Red Bull Storm Chase. The mind-bending maneuvers and massive amplitude that these guys catch is already crazy – now throw the same moves in heavy storm conditions. Somehow, some way, these guys pull it off, and we’ve collected the highlights here.


This guys wife took a pounding from another man, so when he caught them in bed he paid the pounding back. You never want to get cheated on, especially to a guy who wears black socks to bed.


There’s been a fair amount of controversy over Tesla’s Autopilot feature, so if you’ve got your doubts about the capabilities of assisted driving technology when it comes to preventing accidents, it’s worth taking a look at this. New dashcam footage shows the Tesla Autopilot detect a highway collision between the two cars travelling ahead of the driver, just moments before a violent impact takes place. Incredible stuff.


A mass suicide incident has occurred on the Beijing subway, involving five women and three men. It was reported that the stock traders were fraud victims of the Tianjin Stock Exchange and were protesting and trying to gain the authorities attention on the matter. 3 were seriously injured, and 1 is in critical condition in hospital.