One of the best-kept secrets on the internet is the amusement park video community. This subculture uploads footage of every part of the amusement park experience: entering the park, eating at the overpriced restaurants, watching the kitschy stage shows, and, most importantly, riding the rides. “I can say without a doubt this is the best amusement park ride in terms of spectacular design and visuals. Let’s put it this way, if Disney wanted to charge $50 and only had this ride, I would gladly fork over my money.”


One terrible night in 2015, two giant ships sailed into a hurricane—a new breed of superstorm that, thanks to climate change, had defied all expectations and would soon cause the deadliest American maritime disaster in decades. The only hope for those aboard? A young Coast Guard helicopter squad racing into the tempest, determined to save whomever they could find.

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You’ve all been granted one wish. Scroll through this entire post and pick the one car you wish to drive this Morning.


You. Your bike. Any line. Anywhere. Submit your stunning, technical, or just plain rad, raw, unedited one to two minute GoPro clip HERE and you’re eligible for the $15,000 grand prize. Judges will now select the 10 best edits from each month.


Patriots all over America are allegedly sick of the Black Lives Matter movement and their ‘apparent’ race-baiting ways. Do they actually ‘race bait’ though? I have no idea, I live in Australia and can’t keep up with America’s shenanigans. Footage shows Aaron Gettel of Hagerstown, Maryland follow his friend’s big diesel truck and narrate as they have a little fun with #BLM. People online are torn with a large amount actually praising the boys for their actions. What do you think?


Living next door to a former military guy who had worked out of Area 51, this guy could never get any information out of him about aliens. That was, until one night when his neighbor was drunk, and it all came out!


For the first time in the history of their sport the trio shreds the aptly christened “Flying Obstacle” – a levitating container obstacle that was quite hard to conquer in the beginning, but gave the riders plenty of possibilities for hard tricks. The project was realized and filmed within two weeks in Pula, Croatia, by Starelation with the support of AEE Drones and Cams, and marks the beginning of a completely new chapter in the history books of water sports. Enjoy the ride!


UFC 205 will be a historical event with three belts on the line. Hear from the champions and challengers in this extended preview: Eddie Alvarez, Conor McGregor, Tyron Woodley, Stephen Thompson, Joanna Jedrzejczyk and Karolina Kowalkiewicz.


Baltimore is rough, and that goes for the skate spots as well. However, this doesn’t slow Brian Powderly down one bit!


“This is probably one of the scariest incidents I’ve had on the road. Because of the wide angle lens on my dashcam, everything looks farther away than it actually is. The car jumped in front of me with not more than 12 feet clearance then slammed on the brakes, couldn’t jump to the left because of another truck passing me. It was either slam on the brakes or nail the car.”


Somehow, this Youtuber found out that Donald Trump is actually the corporate triceratops, Mr. Richfield, from the 90’s TV show sitcom, “Dinosaurs”. Trump’s resemblance to B.P Richfield is bizarre! Did “Dinosaurs” predict the future?


“Tell the reaper I’m comin’ for him next!” 10/10 would get off of that lawn. What he needs is a box of Cuban cigars, some quality whiskey, a few thousand rounds of ammunition and some free time at a range. Bet he would have a ball. The greatest generation. Just look at those hands. Big, strong at 108. Nothing feeble about him. Bet he could strangle a f**ken horse.


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I have now seen it all. This trick shot, or really two trick shots, by Taylor Laybourne are the most impressive I think I’ve ever seen from an amateur golfer. Laybourne is an instructor who apparently moonlights in the art of trick shots. He pulls off consecutive driver flips over his shoulder and then hits drives all without pausing. I had to watch it 20 times just to confirm what I was seeing. I would either break a limb or my club if I tried this on my own.


When the stakes are high, emotions can be too. In a confrontation that recently aired on ESPN and went viral online, Canadian Griffin Benger just couldn’t take any more of British player William Kassouf’s incessant chatter during the World Series of Poker Main Event in Las Vegas. Benger finally called him on it in the firmest way possible ― and at the perfect time.


Dreamworld may have no defence for the shocking accident that left four people dead, according to a lawyer. The theme park is likely to face million-dollar fines, compensation claims from the families of those who were killed on the Thunder River Rapids, and could even be shut down. “Theme parks need to ensure that all rides and facilities are safe for the public to use and visitors shouldn’t have reason to think they may be in danger. This is a family ride and it should not have malfunctioned and caused such carnage and tragedy.”


Using his Ford Mustang RTR Spec 5-D, Vaughn Gittin Jr. pushed the car to its limit on the Formula 1 Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. He completed his vision of drifting all 1,600 feet of Turn 3 and created his own massive 3,200-foot drift using every inch of track including the F1 runoff to connect Turn 3 to the exit of turn 4.