This kid is flooded with first world problems. She’s hungry and has to wait in line at the foodcourt, but also has an appointment to get her iPhone fixed. This Grandpa has the patience of a saint.


Click HERE to snap up something rad from the new range. Follow our new dedicated clothing page on Instagram now at @shockmansionclothing.


Click HERE to snap up something rad from the new range. Follow our new dedicated clothing page on Instagram now at @shockmansionclothing.


Die Antwoord have shared the video for “Fat Faded Fuckface”, the fourth single from their September-released album, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid. The twisted clip was directed by frontwoman Yo-landi Visser, and is – as you can probably expect – very NSFW. Expect a lot of boobs, some goat-human hybrids, and a flash of vagina.


An amateur video showing what is claimed to be an unidentified flying object (UFO) coming out of what appears to be a beam of light has become an instant Internet sensation. Spreading like wildfire in numerous alien websites and YouTube channels, the controversial video filmed in Arizona, Texas has ignited a heated debate among alien hunters and skeptics.


There sure are a lot of folks getting stuck and/or locked inside of places and things these days. The incident occurred in the town of Saugus, Massachusetts, as you will be able to tell fairly quickly by the guy’s voice. The guy, Kevin Almeida, filmed the whole thing on Snapchat. Take a look at the video shared on Almedia’s Facebook now.


You know something isn’t right when you are are sitting on the toilet yelling in pain, and the people in the next room are gagging.


“You nailed my bitch wit that mother f**king bat?” – Mother of the Year. I thought it was hilarious how the original chick with the bat hits the other chick then gets that sh*t ripped from her hands and proceeds to get beat with her own bat. Then all of a sudden it’s “Don’t hit me with a bat!” Sh*t that was a nice neighbourhood too and they’re ruining it with all the f**kery going on.


No need to arc up at the little old lady who crashes into your truck. Just gives her and hug and tell her you are even if she bakes you some cookies.


A face off between a pack of wild dogs, an antelope and a hippo revealed the ugly side of nature. Filmed at Mala Mala Game Reserve, South Africa, this wild encounter was snapped by quick thinking game ranger Pieter Van Wyk. Not for the faint of heart, the footage gives a gruesome glimpse into the realities of animal life in the wild.


This time of year people are hanging bright lights to celebrate the Holidays, but Jamie O’Brien lights up his surfboard to celebrate an empty lineup.


Summernats is coming up for its 30th anniversary in January, and to kick-start the festivities it has just registered its 2000th vehicle entrant for the year breaking a new record. The previous record was 1952 entrants, which seemingly means custom cars and the aftermarket auto world is still very much alive and kicking. Summernats 30 runs from January 5-8,, 2017, taking place at the Exhibition Park in Canberra (EPIC). Tickets are on sale now. Those wishing to enter with a car will have to think fast as there is apparently a “very real chance” of reaching capacity, according to event organisers.


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From Real’s Surveillance tapes, to Volcom’s Holy Stokes, and of course Vans’ No Other Way – Kyle Walker carved his name into skateboarding history this year. Ladies and Gents, your 2016 Skater of the Year!


At least three quarter of ISIS fighters have been killed during the campaign of airstrikes against the terror group, US officials have said. The US anti-ISIS envoy said ISIS’ ranks had fallen from more than 60,000 to 12,000 ‘battle ready’ fighters. The bombing campaign against ISIS, which began two years ago, has taken out more fighters in Iraq and Syria than currently remain on the battlefield. Last week a US official said the American-led coalition had killed 50,000 ISIS militants since 2014.


Are today’s youth really more materialistic and less motivated than past generations, or do adults tend to perceive moral weakness in the next generation? Personally, I don’t give a sh*t. I just want a boosted and slammed GTR in my garage.


The internet is great at exposing all the world’s cleverest scams. This one will teach you to never use at ATM deposit box. As a matter of fact don’t use an ATM at all because we all know they all have card scanners on them.


You think you know how to party until these crazy brazilians come along and shoot real bullets just inches from their friends head, just to liven up their casual drinking session.