A blindfolded martial arts master slams down a sledgehammer just inches from two trusting volunteers, and blood-curdling footage captures the moment the heart-stopping trick goes horribly wrong. Two men lay splayed out on the floor with fruit placed around their limbs and above their heads in the video, reportedly filmed during a Sikh festival in southern India.


The 50 caliber BMG cartridge is definitely useful for the troops fighting overseas. While the war may be over, it’s definitely not time to put away your sniping skills if you have them. Often times you want to know how much your bullets can penetrate different obstacles. Luckily thanks to channels like these, you can definitely be assured of the bullets you’re purchasing have been put to the test.


The shot took somewhere around 11 hours to set up, and as it plays out for two solid minutes over 500 feet, it covers multiple floors of the pub and nine different pool tables before finally sinking a short putt on the pub’s actual bar. Even Rube Goldberg would be impressed by this shot.


Jamshid Piruz, 35, lashed out at constables Jessica Chick and Stuart Young with a claw hammer during a West Sussex break-in on 7 January 2016. He pleaded guilty at Hove Crown Court to burglary and two counts of attempting to cause GBH with intent and affray. Piruz was previously jailed in the Netherlands for killing a woman.


UFC legend BJ Penn came out of retirement to face Yair Rodriguez in the main event from Phoenix after more than two years away from the sport. It did not end well for the former two-division champion as Rodriguez battered Penn 55-4 in significant strikes before ending the fight by TKO just 24-seconds into the second round. That loss dropped Penn’s record to 0-4-1 in his last five fights. The UFC Hall of Famer hasn’t won a bout since defeating Matt Hughes at UFC 123 in 2010.


F*ck, That’s Delicious host Action Bronson teaches Seth how to make a “loose” black truffle burger before making it rain with a white truffle for dessert.


“Our first gameplay reveal of Jason Voorhees from Friday the 13th, Part 6: Jason Lives! We’re also proud to announce the inclusion of The Misfift’s hit song “Friday the 13th” (MISFITS “FRIDAY THE 13TH” CD and LP”) is a tribute to 80’s horror and slasher films, which can now be purchased on Misfits Records Online.” – @Fridaythe13thGame.


Some of the more noticeable upgrades include a wide body kit with massive wheel arches that make room for ultra-wide tires up front and at the back. Other defining features of the Vicious Mustang are the custom-built replacement roof that retains the iconic fastback styling, the engine hood, smoked lights, black stripes, and the lack of conventional door handles.


Gurkan Topal, 32, was allegedly pulled over in Parramatta for driving with an “unsafe” helmet. Mr Topal filmed the encounter with the NSW Police officer who refused to tell him his identity when asked for his name. Instead the officer was filmed saying his name was “Raptor 13”. This was when Mr Topal, a father of two demanded to know his real name. Mr Topal claimed four other NSW Police officers were seen standing behind the officer. NSW Police said they were aware of the incident and the footage, but declined to comment further.




Dana White and Floyd Mayweather have been going back and forth over the past few days, and Floyd Mayweather put an end to any possibility of him going through Dana White to negotiate a fight with Conor McGregor on Saturday night, January 14, when he told a Fight Hype reporter that he has no interested in talking to the UFC’s former minority owner. The way Floyd sees it, he himself is a boss, and bosses don’t negotiate boss deals with employees.


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Before the start of the 2017 season, it was announced that Roczen would move from Fox to Shift (yes, Fox owns Shift) for this season and beyond. The companies held a launch party last week to unveil their new Moto-X Lab as well as Shift’s new Blue Label. So what exactly is the Moto-X Lab? It’s Fox’s push to continue to innovative and lead the industry in technology and style.


In the new 10 episode series, we get a new gang of hustlers and a new group of villains, and is inspired by a real life heist in London.


Technology has reached the point that if I saw an actual alien flying saucer, I would probably ignore it. I bet every military general out there is getting wet seeing this kinda stuff. Just imagine a thousand of these drones, equipped with an explosive charge, a camera and an onboard auto-pilot, going full speed at enemy lines!


“In a world where just about anyone can call themselves a “trainer,” Louie Simmons reigns as the “Godfather” of strength training. As a world-class powerlifter, Louie made a name for himself breaking numerous records and innovating strength through his Eastern-bloc training methodology. His “invite-only” gym in Columbus, Ohio (Westside Barbell) has has become the mecca for elite athletes looking to become the best in the world.” – @gritmedia.


1320 Video spotted probably the coolest VW bus in the world! Coming out standard with just 36hp, Mike ‘Hotrod’ Rowe built this car in 6 weeks and now it has 587hp not including the nitrous!


Andreas Athanasiou’s game-winning goal is the talk of the NHL today. The speedy Detroit Red Wings forward went end to end with the puck, split two defenders and flipped a fluttering puck into the net against the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins. That spectacular third-period goal gave the Red Wings their first lead and they pulled away to beat Pittsburgh 6-3 on Saturday night at Joe Louis Arena. “It’s definitely a feel-good moment,” Athanasiou said.