So goes a disturbing urban legend involving an abandoned house supposedly inhabited by a vengeful, child-stealing witch. When troubled teen Chloe raps at the door one night, she has no idea the horror she’s about to unleash. Fleeing to the country home of her estranged mother, a recovering addict who’s turned her life around to become a famous artist—Chloe must learn to trust the woman who gave her up years ago in order to stop the bloodthirsty, shape-shifting demon stalking them.”


Since they are not USDOT compliant and less than 25 years old, they are not legal in the US. The newest Skyline that is legal in the US currently is 1989. The R34 will become legal to import in 2025, assuming the laws stay the same. “We bring you Jamie and his 1999 Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R. Godzilla has been forbidden in North america for a long time, but now in Canada we have the freedom to let it roam free. Enjoy.” – Roads Untraveled.

erg5Joe Rogan Questions Everything - Season 1

This 19 second video basically sums up every Joe Rogan podcast he has ever made. But this is exactly what people love him for!


The nod of ‘yes, that’s you motherf**ker’ really sells it. I like the double take with the eyes the dog does to the camera like “Did you film me sleeping, and now your filming me showing you filmed me? I can’t believe you’ve done this?”


rthur embraces his inner Eminem in this tidy mashup combining the animated kids series with the rapper’s post-drugs ballad.


Footage of the harrowing rescue shows Brock and Bowdy Shoff climbing inside two open drawers when the entire 115-lb. dresser comes tumbling down on both of them. It lands on top of Brock’s head and pins him to the floor. Bowdy can be seen struggling to save his brother and is ultimately able to push the heavy furniture off of him.


“That’s a wrap for #2016! Thank you EVERYONE for being apart of our adventure, for telling our story! We are beyond grateful for the hand you’ve played in it. Watch our best of 2016 video now!” – @devinsupertramp.


Join freediver Matthew Villegas as he explores a plane wreckage at the bottom of a frozen over lake. This looks like an awesome adventure!


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Otou Katayama did not engage in a single conversation with his wife for 20 years, though his wife, Yumi talked to him normally the whole time. When he finally spoke again he said that he felt ignored when his wife dedicated all her attention to the kids. Hurt, he stopped talking to her altogether!


This remix will make you want to run into the forest wearing a speedo, punch a deer and open up a goddamn pit!


A truly astonishing goal from Olivier Giroud set Arsenal on their way to a 2-0 win over Crystal Palace on Sunday. The Frenchman scored for the second successive game, and it was a thing of beauty, beginning with a Lucas Perez tackle and finished by the striker with an audacious scorpion kick that crashed off the underside of the bar and in.


Scientists believe a massive object which could change our understanding of history is hidden beneath the Antarctic ice. The huge and mysterious “anomaly” is thought to be lurking beneath the frozen wastes of an area called Wilkes Land.


Proposing to the love of your life during a music festival has become common practice over the years. From popping the question during the epic sounds of Above & Beyond, to having Skrillex fill in as your wingman, asking for someone’s hand in marriage in front of thousands never ceases to be a heart-pounding option.


UFC 207 was punctuated with the arrival of 25-year old Cody Garbrandt, who schooled Dominick Cruz for five rounds in the co-main event to win the bantamweight title. Though it was the first loss that Cruz has suffered in nearly 10 years, the fight was so one-sided that a rematch wasn’t a given. So who will be Garbrandt’s first title defence? Maybe there won’t be one straight away. Garbrandt is thinking bigger. As in, bigger money, bigger rewards, bigger weight classes. Jose Aldo.


This video will become an all time great. So much going on here. The f**king lady who won’t stop vacuuming. Even though she’s doing absolutely f**k all because the reservoir is full. Come to think about it, who the f**k has a vacuum cleaner like that? It’s an industrial grade Wet and Dry, you know the type you rent? The total lack of preparation, not having the water shut off before doing plumbing work. The idiot who stands around documenting his home getting destroyed but completely refuses to help. The lady vacuuming again but this time dragging around electric cables while the machines up to it’s wheels in water. Oblivious that she might trip the power then he’ll have to work in the dark. Mayhem.


People love watching Evan Smith skate, and a lot of people are saying he should have won Skater of the Year in 2016. Watch this and you will understand why!


I hope whoever made those pants is busy right now making more. They would for sure be illegal to wear in the streets back in the 1950s. Thank god we live in the future. Sit back and enjoy some alone time with Lisa!