A video from the set of I, Tonya shows Margot Robbie upbraiding a group of figure skating judges while in character as Tonya Harding. By the end of the confrontation, the notorious Harding shouts: “SUCK MY D***! This is f***in great!” flinging her arms up in a fury and skating off.


Police neutralised this man high on drugs after he entered a house and held a 13-year-old girl hostage with knife in this dramatic standoff caught on tape in Russia.


In all fairness, who would think a bear could survive a fall out of a tree that high after being shot three times? But regardless, the young man on the ground learned the hard way. Never jump the gun too fast after shooting a bear. Bears will often let out what is known as a death moan as the animal is taking its last breaths, so it’s a good idea to wait for that signal before approaching the downed animal. That said, not all bears emit a death moan, so caution is always advised.


For those of you that have a life and don’t spend most your hours hunched over a desk browsing the internet looking at useless information, this might need some context. Back in 2010, a saxophone solo on Eurovision went viral and birth many memes. Seven years later, the meme is going strong.


What year is it? How do not all cops know by now that recording them isn’t illegal? Straight up Victimville right here. “Recording without my knowledge.” Bitch you see me recording don’t you? That woman also needs to be moved from this job to another that doesn’t interact with the public. “Not in my lobby” – thats what someone says on a power trip while coping with their own mediocracy. The finger wag is so passive aggressive too.


Holy sh*t this dude is a savage. Last week it was a skateboard. This week a BMX. What the hell is next? I wonder what his family thinks? I almost shat myself around the 50 second mark. Check it out.


This guy is the real deal, a Ned Kelly outlaw for Australian pay TV. I think he may have actually found a loophole, all they can do is claim copyright which might not even be real. He clearly doesn’t give a f*ck!



Patriots quarterback Tom Brady and Falcons defensive end Dwight Freeney engage in a Super Bowl proxy battle, playing “For Honor” with Conan and some special guests.


If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to transform Robert Englund into his iconic Nightmare on Elm Street villain, Englund’s got you covered with a new documentary Nightmares in the Makeup Chair. Directed by Mike Kerz, the film chronicles Englund’s intensive makeup transformation at the hands of prolific genre makeup effects artist Robert Kurtzman while the actor reminisces his year’s playing the beloved horror villain and pays tribute to Wes Craven.


“Usually you don’t make it to the top without some battle scars to go along with the journey. Broken bones, bloody faces, and dizzying tomahawks come with the territory of being a professional skier. Being in the business of filming with the greatest skiers in the world for 25 years we’ve seen a lot of these moments. Here are some of the the longest, dizzying, hard hitting, gravity fuelled crashes from the last 25 years of filming.” – @mspfilms.

55Hawaii Lava Flow

The Kilauea volcano is spewing molten lava into the Pacific Ocean, spurring explosions that launch debris to twice the height of the sea cliff. Footage captured by the USGS’s Hawaiian Volcano Observatory reveals the remarkable volcanic ‘firehose’ in action as it produces dangerous blasts, creating ‘hazardous conditions on land and at sea.’


“Today I drove my Lamborghini to high school. I am a 17 year old senior. This is my dream supercar! I walk to school everyday, so very few people know about this car. The reactions were hilarious! My high school friends were shocked at what they saw! Even some girls stopped by!” – JRGarageYoutube


“If you’re new here, my name is Andrew Huang and I’m a musician who works with many genres and many instruments – and I’ve also made music with many things that aren’t instruments like balloons, pants, water, and dentist equipment.” – @andrewismusic.


Headshot centres on a mysterious young man, who, after months in a coma from a gunshot wound to the head is nursed back to health by a young student-doctor, Ailin. Realising that the man has lost his memory and identity, the two quickly grow closer; not realising that behind their momentary peace lays danger.


This truck cut off the scooter rider, then proceeded to get crazy by pulling out a pipe and threatening the scooter rider. That all went wrong when he stupidly threw his pipe away!


Holden Special Vehicles (HSV) has unveiled what will be its final-ever range with the main drawcard being the LS9-powered GTSR W1 – the most powerful and most expensive HSV model, ever. With eight models in total making up the 2017 HSV line-up, prices are up between $2000 and $3000 for refreshed and re-badged supercharged GEN-F2 vehicles, while three new high-performance GTSR models have been created to ensure the Zeta platform most definitely goes out with a bang.


Griffin Steele, 7, was at the gas station with his dad, Shane, in Myrtle Beach when he found a $20 bill covered in red dye on the floor. To his surprise, when he opened a nearby garbage can he found a bag full of stolen money inside. Steel said the rest of the cash was also covered in red dye so his dad called police immediately. It turns out someone had robbed a local Bank just an hour earlier.