“After the @wsl #PeahiChallenge finished up yesterday I decided to go back out at Peahi for one last session. The contrast between paddling and towing are so different but so epic in their own ways. I enjoy both equally!” – Kai Lenny. Video by the talented: @johnnydpbp@poorboyzproductions.


Magician and escape artist David Blaine dropped by The Tonight Show, and proceeded to freak out Jimmy and the guys from The Roots with a series of impressive close-up card tricks, culminating in a serious mindbender.


Baby Te-Tiger from 59 East Coast Crips talks about getting shot 16 times in four different occasions. He was shot twice by a Florence 13 member, once by a member from Broadway Gangster Crips and once by a Grape Street Crip member.


The first full trailer for the anime adaptation dropped today and it is very visually satisfying. Human-cyborg ‘Major’ is on two missions: to lead the Section 9 task force and to find out who she truly is.

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Eddie Alvarez had no answer to his opponent’s strike power. McGregor managed three takedowns in the first round before flooring the defending lightweight champion in the second with a devastating left hook to secure the win. Unbelievable. Santa Clause is real. Mcgregor’s performance was deadly yet graceful. Eddie never had a chance. McGregor completely nullified him. His most impressive win yet!


Click HERE to snap up something fresh from the new range. Follow our new dedicated clothing page on Instagram now at @shockmansionclothing.


Tucked in the hills of Virgin, Utah stands the mecca of freeride mountainbike events, Red Bull Rampage. Riders spend 8 daunting days building an entire run down a brand new venue, with only the rider and 2 builders for a team to make it all happen. Watch as these athletes take on the beast and compete for the coveted prize of first place.


The Ocean is a deep and scary world that is completely removed from most of our lives. In this video we explore just how deep the ocean actually is while discussing some of the strange life down there, and other just plain weird and odd things about the ocean.


Michael Landsberg didn’t make a very good impression on Conor McGregor yesterday when McGregor and Alvarez appeared on the show via satellite to answer a few questions. Landsberg has a reputation for asking provocative questions, and has peeved off Dana White and Chael Sonnen in the past. This time he suggested the belt stealing, chair tossing near brawl between Conor and Eddie at the UFC 205 press conference was a WWE style set up. Conor McGregor did not appreciate it.


“I had my iPhone in my top left jacket pocket and left it on record. I was super nervous and even my glasses were fogging up at one point while talking to her… so embarrassing xD I kept doubting myself in the beginning but yolo.”


Fresh off the release of their fourth studio album, Mount Ninji and da Nice Time Kid, eccentric South African duo Die Antwoord (members: Ninja and Yolandi) detail the origins of their creative madness, South Africa’s magic, weed-fueled studio sessions, Yolandi’s pitched voice and the inspiration behind the LP – including a music video Ninja promises will be the “most important contemporary art piece of this century.” Enter their beautiful and bizarre world below!


Watch as these riders hold it pinned on the wrong side of the road around blind corners for to try and secure $20,000, with thousands of people lining the streets to watch this illegal race! Cheers to Matt Boutler for this awesome submission.


When FBI Special Agent Joe Merriwether is unable to solve a series of homicides, he decides to enlist the help of his former colleague Dr. Anthony Hopkins, a retired physician with psychic powers.


Cody Webb and Taylor Robert can do absurd, incredible things on motorcycles. Their ability to control every piece of the bike, from the suspension, to the throttle, to the clutch and everything in between, Webb and Robert ride in a symphony of bike skill that is almost entirely lost to the average viewer, because they make it look so easy. We slowed things down to 1200fps to take a closer look at the magic behind the madness.


Two years ago, the world was left stunned after a 12-year-old girl was stabbed 19 times by her two closest friends after being lured out into the woods during a slumber party. According to the pair, who have both been diagnosed with mental illness, they were told to commit the atrocious crime by the infamous internet creation, Slenderman.


“The Diesel Shop” re-visits TRC with their new built motor, big turbo setup! Now rocking a Precision ProMod 91mm turbo, this beast makes over 1000whp and 1800ft lbs of torque. Still having the nitrous on tap for an extra 250whp if needed.” – That Racing Channel.


Shia LaBeouf is out-rapping some full time rappers! Who knew? This major Hollywood actor visited Sway in the Morning just to casually kill the 5 Fingers of Death challenge.