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James invites Anthony Kiedis, Flea, Chad Smith and Josh Klinghoffer of the Red Hot Chili Peppers to carpool around Los Angeles, which leads to a wrestling match and the debut of “Heemi Lheemey.”


Growing up on the North Shore sure has its perks. Take recently turned 15-year-old Wyatt McHale for example, Wyatt knows he’s fortunate to be raised on the most famous stretch of surf on the globe, but is also humbled by the opportunity and doesn’t take it for granted. Before getting island fever, Wyatt strives to get out and see the world.

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Ten Second Songs is back again with another series of spot on covers, this time singing the Gorillaz classic, “Feel Good Inc”.


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This kid is so stoked to be done with high school, but I’m worries no one has told him what the real world is like. I hope he does another video like this on the day he retires!


Dead Rising 4 is heading to Xbox One and PC, as was revealed with a new “Jingle Bell Rock”-themed trailer during the Xbox E3 press conference. The existence of Dead Rising 4 has been rumoured for some time, and multiple batches of images have leaked over the past week or so. In the trailer, Frank West checks his phone, sends out a goofy tweet and launches into zombie killing mayhem. Check it out!


“I caught up with @thormxofficial earlier this week to talk about riding and wining two gold medals at @xgames. Thanks @robbiemaddison for letting me ride!” – @jarrydmcneil.

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The beginning of the video gives us a fly-through of exactly what the hole looks like. You can’t see the pin, as its tucked behind some trees. Philo Brathwaite threw perfectly around this blind corner and nailed it. Someone call Nike and get this guy a deal!

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An athlete wearing a Tyrannosaurus Rex costume dominated the first few obstacles of the American Ninja Warrior course in Atlanta, breezing past the Block Run before falling in the middle of the Spin Cycle. It’s an especially tough test with those little dinosaur arms.


What sort of mentality do these people have to cheer on a criminal on while he’s escaping? Would they still cheer if one of those guys broke into their house and stole all the belongings, or even worse killed one of their family members? Absolutely ridiculous and entertaining all at once.


One of the Orlando massacre victims filmed the moment gunshots rang out as terrorist Omar Mateen carried out his massacre in Pulse nightclub. Amanda Alvear, 25, shared the footage with friends on Snapchat. In the final clip on her profile, the night turns into a horror scene. Amanda tries to explain to the camera what is happening as quick fire gunshots blast in the background. Clutching her face and looking fearful, she whispers ‘shooting’ then turns and the video cuts.


Discover Ubisoft’s first open-world action sports game and ride the massive open world of the Alps and Alaska, where the powder is always fresh and the run never ends. Coming out december 2016 on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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“After over two years of shooting timelapse professionally, I decided it was time to create a video highlight my favourite work to-date. The variety from job to job still surprises me, everything from football matches to year long construction projects. This video showcases the results of many sleepless nights, hundreds of thousands of photos, and countless hours shooting. I couldn’t even begin to calculate how many hours of work there will be showcased in this piece, but I imagine it’s into the hundreds, if not thousands of hours.” – Paul Richardson


A Dakar Mini storming through the dunes, a specially adjusted snowboard, one rope and two talented athletes. Kuba Przygoński, one of the top Polish rally racers and member of the ORLEN Team, joined forces with snowboarder Wojtek “Gniazdo” Pawlusiak for a freestyle collaboration in a picturesque desert in the United Arab Emirates.


If you attended the burnouts at the Brasher Nats event on the weekend at Western Sydney’s International Dragway, you were in for a spectacular treat as the following video will show. Danny Younis, ‪#‎BlownOutlaw‬ is a dead set liability. Watch him melt and fry his pristine Capri without a care in the world. One of the best burnouts we’ve ever seen. “At this point there were zero f**ks given.” Wise words spoken from the man himself behind @fukyeamotorsport. Photo via: Matthew Everingham Photography.

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Lil Dicky started out getting lots of attention for his comedic rapping, but now he is transitioning to becoming a real life rap god. It has also just come out that he is part of the 2016 XXL Freshman Class.


This isn’t your usual Red Bull fare. Part of the Raw 100 series – where film makers are given three rules: The rules for each video are simple: 100 seconds in length, no slow motion footage, and no music. By having to work within these limitations, filmmakers have to shake up the box and put their creativity on blast. In creating this latest addition to the Raw 100 series produced by Rupert Walker, Brandon Semenuk pointed it south to California from his home in Canada to breathe new life into an old Downhill BMX track that hasn’t been used since the discipline was an X Games event in the early 2000s. Prepare to be amazed!

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If you ever get the chance to watch a few medieval knights have a one-on-one fight, put some distance between yourself and the action. This dude almost got a haircut!