These front-wheel-drive beaters can offer as much fun drifting as any care (maybe). All you need is a private track you can smash around and your life is made!


The government is moving swiftly to try and shut down damaging rumours that manufacturers are mixing plastic rice with the real grain to cut costs. The footage shows a factory producing plastic rice which is poured into large sacks destined for the market. A worker throws sheets of plastic into the production line, which is then melted and stretched into long lines of clear string. Once chopped up and granulated, sacks are filled with the potentially hazardous substance.


After a crazy night celebrating a relative’s birthday, a half-naked man was discovered stuck in thick mud in a river in Cajamarca, Peru. He was first discovered by passers-by who assumed he was dead because of his unconscious state. Police were immediately called to the scene, with officers assuming that they were trying to retrieve a corpse.


“The battle started four years ago: a varial heelflip into a Hoover Dam-sized ditch. Braydon Szafranski put it down gracefully in his part. This “Process” will give you some idea of his intense preparation and mental focus.” – The Berrics.


Chris Van Dine, Antoine Bizet and Wil White guide us through a course preview of the 2016 urban downhill mountain bike track in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.


“In this video we reveal our vision for the future of mobility, how we connect people to the autonomous space and get people door-to-door, faster than ever before. We also show off a lot of the work the architectural firm, BIG, headed by Bjarke Ingels, has done on portal design in the UAE region with and for us. Lots more to come so be sure to stay in the LOOP, follow Hyperloop One.” – @hyperloopone.


Watch this cannabis nasal spray stop a grand mal seizure in its tracks. If this doesn’t make medical marijuana legal everywhere, nothing will!


The “Toy Crew” decorated a subway car with lots of window boxes with flowers in them. The view through the windows has never been more beautiful!


You might not think of a dental procedure as dangerous, but when the operation takes place on lions, leopards and hyenas, the stakes are raised. Watch as, over the course of a week, one of the most ambitious wild animal dental operations takes place on Kevin Richardson’s sanctuary in South Africa.


This is absolutely incredible reporting and footage. They are so lucky they are alive. They could’ve easily got their sh*t kicked in if the ISIS fighters pushed in on them. Capturing an American woman would be on every propaganda video they release. Journalist gets killed in crossfire, absolute tragedy. But if a female American journalist was captured? They’d almost definitely rape and torture her on camera. That’s an international sh*t storm.

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On Episode 1 of UFC 205 Embedded, it’s all business for the stars of New York City’s first-ever UFC event. Lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez chalks up a win after his media call with opponent and featherweight champion Conor McGregor. McGregor pushes himself in training, while strawweight champion Joanna Jedrzejczyk combines hydration with motivation.


Project Wight takes place during a fictionalized version of the early Viking era, in which humans share the world with the last remnant of a forgotten species of intelligent creatures. Players play as and see the world through the eyes of these creatures, battling the humans who have nearly eradicated the race entirely.


Livvy Haydock investigates the increasing amount of contraband getting into UK prisons, uncovering the links in the chain on both sides of the law.


This poor hippopotamus turns to take its frustration out on a nearby vehicle as it can’t get away from attacking lions. The lions had a big meal that day.


“Well, it ended in utter chaos, and I think people like it when things end in utter chaos,” Jeremy Clarkson wisely notes in a new Grand Tour trailer full of weary looks, shaking heads and wry chuckles at things going wrong. We’re less than a fortnight away from the series’ debut on Amazon Prime, and it looks like it’s really living up to its lofty goal of showing “three middle-aged men in poor condition, falling over and catching fire and occasionally a car goes by”.


There are fumbles, and then there are really, really costly fumbles. This one by Texas was effectively a 14-point swing, wasting an insane Longhorns scrum push for the endzone as the ball came loose. D’Onta Foreman nearly scored on a third and long run play, but lost the ball at the Texas Tech goal line. Red Raiders cornerback Douglas Coleman scooped it up…and went the rest of the way.


In a cemetery in Huelva, in Spain, is the grave of Major William Martin, of the British Royal Marines. Or rather, it’s the grave of a man called Glyndwr Michael, who served his country during World War 2 in a very unexpected way… after his death.