Hidden cameras capture the reactions of unsuspecting customers when Samara comes out of a TV and tries to catch them. We’re going to need 20 pairs of fresh underwear in the electronics department!


Robert Bobroczky is not your average freshman. He’s 7’7″ at just 16 years old and he just made his debut as a member of the varsity basketball team at the Spire Institute as a freshman. Look out Manute Bol (7’7″)! If this kid keeps growing and improves his basketball skill set, he could be the tallest in NBA history. “I’m mostly trying to get my body stronger and better,” Bobroczky said. “I’m eating 4,000 calories per day and want to weigh between 220-230 pounds by the end of the season. I’m also working on my speed, mobility, and every part of my game.”


“I was riding my motorcycle downtown with my group, Chicago United Riders, and then a police officer threw his HOT cup of coffee straight at my face. My helmet lid was up.”


The family of a South Australian woman killed in a head-on collision feels disgusted and insulted by the truck driver convicted over the crash and “his attempts” to avoid prosecution, the District Court has heard. Pillar claims he had a coughing fit and blacked out multiple times during the trial. Prosecutors say he was distracted by his girlfriend at the time of the crash. Maria Dowdell, 61, known as Mary, was killed when the semi-trailer Pillar was driving veered onto the wrong side of the road colliding with her car head-on.


This is a fine example of the internet delivering a concept so clever that it goes viral as f*ck. Skaters need to start wearing kevlar vests!


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“As my snowboarding career evolves and video parts come and go, my personal life changes, but snowboarding remains constant. This re-edit with this particular song helps tell my story of the new challenges faced as a professional snowboarder where there is love and passion for the sport, mixed with the constant travel of chasing snow for days and weeks on end as my little boy grows. These words in this song inspire me to bring family and filming together whenever possible.” – @danbrisse.


A lot of people in this compilation are dead lucky to get home without injury, and the rest are just Aussie larrikins having a good old time!


It’s been 10 years since Brian Anderson released a full part. In that time, he’s changed board sponsors twice, released a shoe, and become the first major pro skater to discuss his homosexuality openly.


Developed by seasoned studio Cyanide, Call of Cthulhu for consoles and PC is an RPG-Investigation game blending psychological horror and stealth mechanics, in a deeply immersive world with an oppressive atmosphere. Today ushers in a new trailer, depicting protagonist Pierce’s submersion into the depths of madness, as he investigates a mysterious death on Darkwater Island, Boston.


It won’t take you long to figure out why this babe burst onto the DJ scene and got booked for every club and birthday party. You’ll see a whole lot of fake DJ’ing, but who cares!


A long limbed mother-of-two is challenging the current Guinness world record holder to claim the title of the world’s longest legs. Caroline Arthur, a former model who lives in Melbourne, has legs that measure a whopping 51.5 inches from hip to heel. Incredibly, Caroline’s legs account for 69% of her height and she is now seeking an official measurement to see if she can claim the world record.


Spencer, a leader of the alt-right movement, was speaking about the protests in Washington DC when a masked man in a hoodie punched him directly in the face. ‘I was just physically assaulted twice by antifas. No serious damage. I can take a punch,’ Spencer tweeted. Clearly the gentleman with the hood up and face covered (due to the weather elements) lost his footing and luckily managed to rebalance himself off the other guys face. Case closed.


“This was an experimental film put together simply as an opportunity to have a play in-between projects. After much deliberation we set ourselves a brief to create a collection of scenarios subverting the physical properties of…anything.”


Getting a Honda Grom just went from a want to a need for me. Out of the box, they are an absolute blast. If customisation is your thing, there is a sh*tload of aftermarket parts available. Tons from major manufacturers as well as a lot of small time operations. Go and follow @jackfield1 for more. Footage via @matty_mac.


U.S. military officials have announced that they’ve carried out their largest ever test of a drone swarm released from fighter jets in flight. In the trials, three F/A-18 Super Hornets released 103 Perdix drones, which then communicated with each other and went about performing a series of formation flying exercises that mimic a surveillance mission. The Perdix drone are able to withstand speeds of Mach 0.6 and temperatures of -10 °C during release.


So here’s a play by play breakdown: Man punches woman in the face. Woman defends man. Woman tells woman to calm down. All the while they are at a woman’s rally. Makes perfect sense…


Somebody at the University of North Carolina should slap a uniform on this kid stat. At halftime of the Tar Heels’ 107-56 beatdown of the North Carolina State Wolfpack, a young kid named Asher Lucas buried three straight half-court shots. The crowd grew more raucous each time the little fella found the bottom of the net. Awesome.