Camera movement is an assured laugh for me. I asked my pizza guy to draw his favourite superhero eating pizza, he told me that this wasn’t amateur drawing night. Then I asked me to just tell me his favourite superhero and I got nothing. I’m not sure how much longer I can keep him alive, I’ve gone through all the classic torture tactics and I’m keeping him fed well. How do all these people get their delivery people to do stuff for them?


Thibaut Nogues is an absolute monster on the bike. Watch him kill a set, going sideways around the track and blowing more smoke than a stoner. Cheers to Mathieu for this awesome submission!


What happens when you put 3 wakeboarders, 1 wakeskater and 1 surfer on a houseboat for a week with the only requirement to have fun and get creative?


For months, UFC president Dana White shot down the idea that lightweight champion Conor McGregor would ever face Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match. Well it appears White has changed his mind. During his interview, White said without hesitation that he believes a deal will get done to pit McGregor against Mayweather in one of the most lucrative super fights in combat sports history.


Diamondback Bicycle’s Mike Hopkins takes you on another adventure where the trails never end. This video has to be seen to be believed!


This tells the epic story of an extraordinary troop of chimpanzees, as they brutally fought other colonies and each other to be the largest known to man.


The expansion includes four new maps, two Operations constructed from those maps, and a handful of weapons. One map in particular sees to stand out, “Verdun Heights,” is awe-inspiring. Taking place in the immediate aftermath of the Verdun shelling, the forest in and around the battlefield is engulfed in flames. There’s also a Howitzer in one of the bases, so expect artillery to pound down around you as you helplessly sprint through trenches. It’s the grimmest portrayal of war I think Battlefield’s ever attained, and I’d love to see more like it in the future.


Never has the world seen a game of Capture the Flag like this one. Shia LaBeouf thought he’d evaded the world’s trolls when he placed his anti-Trump protest ‘HE WILL NOT DIVIDE US’ in the middle of nowhere. But, as most people already know, you should never underestimate the power of the internet. Here’s how they found it!


The footage was uploaded onto Facebook and has since attracted more hundreds of thousands of views. The video has been met with anger, with many describing the attack as ‘horrible’, ‘absolutely disgusting’, ‘cruel’ and ‘heartbreaking’. One woman said: ‘I’m in absolute shock and fury!! I thought it was going to be a trick. This is disgusting! Ashamed we are a part of the human race. Makes me sick!’ However, some questioned the authenticity of the video, with many claiming the footage could be fake.


Ice, driftwood, foamy waves and … skateboards? Four skaters head north to the cold Norwegian coast, applying their urban skills to a wild canvas of beach flotsam, frozen sand and pastel skies. The result is a beautiful mashup — biting winds and short days, ollies and one ephemeral miniramp.


After being served with a narcotics search warrant and later fleeing a traffic stop, this guy with a sweet meximullet took off on a 30-minute long police chase, streaming his attempted escape on Facebook Live. He is now facing charges of felon in possession of a weapon and evading arrest.

Processed with VSCO with a5 preset


Money Kicks is still young, but he is already bigger in the sneaker game then maybe everyone. Even DJ Khaled needs to step his game up to match this kid. He loves sneakers so much he owns a car wrapped in Yeezy Boost print!


The Starz network’s highly anticipated original series American Gods, based on best selling Neil Gaiman’s 2001 novel of the same name, has a spectacular new trailer ahead of its April 30 debut. Check it out.


A white priest putting a cross on a black gay atheist’s forehead with ash from a joint, probably the coolest sh*t I’ll see all week. I wish the whole world could kick it and be chill with each other like these guys.


This train hit a massive bank of fresh snow that had built up over the tracks, causing a huge wave of snow to go flying as it pulled up!


Three mates were roaming the streets in Zurich, Switzerland looking for something to do while their parents were grabbing dinner. So they thought it would be funny for one of them to climb inside a bin – as you do. But when they opened the compactor again, they found nothing. Their friend Harry had been swallowed into the belly of rubbish under the street. Lucky kid, Dutch bins have built in compacters.