He’s owned many exotic and amazing cars which have eventually been sold on, but this is one car Andrew Bagnall will never part with. The entrepreneur and amateur racing driver from Auckland, New Zealand has owned his McLaren F1 – chassis #18 – for more than ten years. It’s no museum piece – he takes it out for a drive once a month.


Joseph Nehm was destroyed by the speed and power of Ryse Brink when the America opened with a devastating kick. A knee follow up and barrage of punches prompted the referee to step in, but the fight was not over for Nehm. As Brink peeled off in celebration, the camera catches Nehm coming to and attacking the referee!


How do you control something going 400mph? I can’t even control the mouse on my computer screen. The landing was graceful too. The pilot obviously has a lot of experience leading up to this. The manoeuvres he used could not be done on a first try. Years of experience here boys.

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Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas made a hilarious blunder in what is being called ‘the greatest man of the match speech of all time.’ After bagging the man of the match award with a standout two-goal display, Anas began his obligatory post-match interview with a revealing slip of the tongue.


A lot of people in this compilation are dead lucky to get home without injury, and the rest are just Aussie larrikins having a good old time!


“He denies he’s done anything wrong.” “Haters gonna hate.” Attaboy. F**ken lost it when his response to how much alcohol he had was “10 cups of goon.” Wrestled a crocodile after getting pissed on goon to impress a British backpacker, you don’t get much more bogan than that. I love this country.


No single tricks, just mind-melting lines executed with the kind of precision only he commands. Hell yeah! The Skate Gods must be pleased.


You might recognise her from rocking the runway in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or steaming up the pages of magazines, but there is more to Vita than meets the eye. The blue-eyed beauty grew up in Khabarovsk, a small town in Russia that’s just two hours from China by boat. She hasn’t been home in nearly five years, due partly to the frigid climate — the temperatures there can sink to nearly -30 degrees Fahrenheit! Not ideal weather for a Swimsuit model.

Mick Fanning

With the high technology and natural phenomena side of things taken care of, Mick just wanted a good old fashioned surf trip, and with plenty of swell, some wild accommodation, and Kleiner and photographer Trevor Moran on-hand to record the results in a country that is incredibly new to surfing, that’s exactly what he had. And for our ever-evolving Chasing The Shot series, this just might be our favourite release yet. Click play and see how Fanning and Co. got the shot.



Owen defeated Matt Wilkinson in a tight battle at Snapper Rocks and won the third CT event of his career. Wright, who spent the last 12 months recovering from a serious injury, tastes his best result ever on the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. “At the start of February, I was sitting in the doctor’s office, and there were question marks on the year. So to be sitting here right now, we just pushed hard and went hard. There were a lot of fears I needed to push through to get back into the sport and back into what pretty much took me out and could have taken me out forever. I kept going and kept doing it. I am just so stoked.”


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“Aaron was so lit we tried to go on a walk and he was like “dude everyone’s going to know I did a huge dab. If anyone talks to me I’m just going to run away” – @h4ley20.


If you catch someone stealing a bike, you have a free pass to do whatever you want to them for your youtube channel and no one will care. Burn their buns, spray them with fire extinguisher, and watch the views skyrocket!



Is it just me or are these world records only limited by the length of the hill? They appear to be flying at roughly the same slope as the hill, and it almost seems like they could keep flying indefinitely until they reach the inflection point of the bottom of the hill. Props though. That was awesome.


Moral of the story? Don’t go starting sh*t with chicks from Boston during Spring Break unless you’re ready to eat sand and have your bell rung. Everything about these two videos scream chaotic sh*t show. Gotta love the ending there when her friend, or more likely — some random beach combing vagrant — tries to rally her with a quick hit of nicotine. Pure madness.