She shouldn’t have said “Sh*t” after pulling the trigger. On her bodycam video, Stumler can be heard shouting, ‘Show me your hands,’ and firing one shot seconds later. Warrick was still behind mattress when he was shot in the abdomen. Warrick was taken to University Hospital, where he had surgery and is still hospitalised. Stumler has been relieved of her police powers, pending the outcome of the investigation.


The 22-year-old prisoner in Tampa, Florida’s Falkenburg Road Jail was initially locked up for burglary, but will now have the serious charge of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer piled on after he attacked a guard and tried to strangle him with a towel.


Larry Enticer might be the second coming of Jesus. In face I’m making larry look bad by comparing him to someone who only performed a few miricles. Watch larry hit a massive 54 foot jump, probably moments after fueling up on 10 budweisers.


Over the past year, there has been a lot of hype and hysteria over “rolling coal,” a redneck motorsport trend that involves tricking out diesel pickup trucks to emit giant plumes of black smoke. Mostly, this is done for fun or performance enhancement, but nowadays it seems the kids are “rolling coal” to piss off cops, Prius drivers, and anyone else who happens to get in the way of their big-ass trucks. Naturally, this has driven the left into a panic.


1988 called, and they want their video camera back. Guy going to work: “Can someone hold this crazy woman for me while I escape?” Onlookers: “Nah, we’re good. we don’t want hepatitis!” Buy her a beer and pour it in a bowl for her to lick. Works every time.


It probably won’t be online for long, but the secret teaser trailer for an upcoming Marvel movie which is playing in front of Logan has leaked online today.


Keeping track of every original film and series coming to Netflix was already a challenging and mind-melting task before the streaming giant decided to start directly producing content outside of the United States. Sure, they’ve acquired projects that were created around the world before, but their new move into Europe suggests an even grander plan…and even more shows you need to find time to watch.


During last carnival a few riders confronted one of the last truths in the world: big ocean exploting. This new vid of Portugal’s always photogenic, mushy yet horrifyingly tall big wave gives you a non-neon perspective of a place that has no doubt been horrifying sailors since there were boats.


It’s important to keep the box, and your receipt when you buy a Rolex! This gentleman did just that when he bought a rare GMT Master Model Rolex from 1960. The investment paid off!



This is how I caught my girlfriend. With a GoPro camera strapped to an eagle, we get a bird’s eye view as she goes in search of a fox. If you’ve ever wondered how an eagle can capture such an animal, look no further than this clip, which features some spectacular views of eastern Mongolia as well.


Police are urging businesses to be extra vigilant during work hours following the brazen theft of a motor vehicle at Windsor. At around 9.15 a man entered a Newmarket Road business, and while employees were conducting their daily work, stole a car from inside the premises. Police have released vision of the incident in the hope of locating the stolen car. Anyone who may have seen the car or recognise the man in the footage is urged to contact Crime Stoppers.


An online game that encourages players to follow a sinister set of instructions over 50 days has been linked with more than 130 suicides in Russia in the last six months. The game, known as the ‘blue whale’, hit the headlines once again after two teenage girls plunged to their deaths from a 14 storey building in the city of Krasnoyarsk, Siberia on Sunday.


The people of Costa Rica sure did enjoy this free show as a woman’s pants slipped down while on a carnival ride. No matter how secure you think your pants, are, you should always have that extra safety measure of underwear!


“Follow along with Leah Pritchett’s team as they prep her 11,000hp Top Fuel dragster for a record setting run. From the starting line to the finish line, Leah Pritchett and her team at Don Schumacher racing walk us through every step of a 3.6 second run.” – @thehoonigans.


Lesson of the day: If you are on the receiving end of pepper spray. Cover one eye with the palm of your hand and either attack or retreat from the aggressor. If that doesn’t work, buy a gun and point that sh*t at his testicles. People don’t seem to enjoy hot lead exploding through their genitals and it will make them stop and think before pursuing the issue.

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Shock Mansion teamed up with filmmaker Jackson O’Brien for this epic wrap up video of his wild trip to the gorgeous islands of Hawaii. Nothing but babes, the best surfers on the planet and the incredible scenery of these islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean!


71-year-old Alojz Abram blew up on the social media for donning Supreme caps, Stussy hoodies, and generally dressing like men 50 years his junior.