The design and creation process of the Lloyd Coat wallet has been a long one. Based upon the design of a 1950s wallet owned by the Creative Director’s Grandfather, the design was brought up to date, the original having been designed in a world before credit cards or other such things.


Whatever your relationship is with your father, and whether he was a good dad or not, it’s important to be as fully reconciled as possible with him before he dies. Whether it’s reaffirming what a wonderful father he was to you growing up, or forgiving him for his transgressions. Don’t wait. Don’t think, “I’ll have that conversation when he’s really old.” If it’s worth sharing, then it’s worth sharing now. Tomorrow is not promised. Featuring KINNE, Max Price, and Mitchell Orval from AngryDad.


Hafthor has become massively famous for good reason. He is a unique specimen, able to throw weight around better than the entire world, besides a few other men. Who else is keen for Game of Thrones to come back already!


A champion fighter has been charged after allegedly knocking a man unconscious and assaulting his daughter in a road-rage attack in Surfers Paradise. Police alleged two cars were involved in an incident at the corner of Surfers Paradise. The accused is said to have got out of the car and approached the other car and launched an attack on the man and his daughter. Check it out.



This scooter caused such a stir on the streets the cops were out scanning the city looking for him. He was calling out everybody, and no car or bike was safe!



It went about as you might expect. Huge waves crashed over the jetty’s walls from both sides, occasionally slamming into the truck and pushing it one way or the other. Still, the driver headed farther out. Eventually the truck become disabled and the driver exited his vehicle multiple times to size up his situation. A couple who’d been walking along the beach with their dog recognised the danger the driver was in and called 911. Coasties arrived 15 minutes later and determined that it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue by land.

madbul (2)madbul

More than a decade ago MADBUL was brought to life, it was ‘Mad’ Mike Whiddett’s first drift car and one that set his name in stone in the drift community. Now he is calling it Gen 7.3, because it’s half RX3, his favourite car of all time, and half RX7. Working with Rocket Bunny, they built this custom kit joining the 70’s era RX3 to the 90’s era RX7, it’s all themed back to old school Mazda racing.


This weird 65-year-old Aussie guy set his house on fire because his Thai wife left him alone in the house. His wife says he always beats her stepson so she made a decision to temporarily leave him.


“So grateful for all of the love I’ve gotten over the past few days, it’s the reason I kept going. I love all of you. I have something special planned for 5K will have details soon. Also I am now sponsored by @nerdyejuice all these are so damn dank!” – @iansaan.


Ah yes, the Australia Day Long Weekend. If you planned ahead and took work off on Friday, it was the long weekends of all long weekends. The Aussie flags were waving from cars, the bottle shops were out of control, and pretty much everyone was geared up for a snag, and a drink until you black out session with the boys. It’s Straya day mate, and we couldn’t be prouder. Here’s a couple examples of the shenanigans that went down inside some Australian backyards. I can only imagine the antics what wasn’t filmed.


“I built a bed shed, a small shelter with a sleeping platform built into it. It’s quicker to build than a large hut but can be extended later on when materials and time become available. It’s not far from the dome shaped grass hut I built earlier. The hut took about 2 weeks to make only because it’s difficult to find grass in the mountain (if built in a field it would be significantly faster).” – Primitive Technology


Flip your car? Turn that f**ker back over and keep hammering towards the finish line. Not only that, but try so hard that you end up winning the race. Now that’s a life lesson. Love this guy.


Blading isn’t that popular these days, but the world is big enough that there is always someone out there putting in work!


Amanda Cerny, Val Keil, Britt Linn, Gemma Lee Farrell, Crystal Hefner, Kennedy Summers, Shelby Chesnes, and Bryiana Noelle all share their best poses for the end of the week.


Red Bull’s latest project Generations of Freeskiing takes you from the sports origins, through it’s development of the past 50 years, until the freeskiing you all know and love today. Enjoy the full clip, without fillers, just pure action infused freesking history.


So I guess this means cyclists aren’t all bad then? This guy turned out to be a goddamn legend when offered to rehydrate with bourbon!