Iraqi forces have recently liberated the eastern of half Mosul, retaking half of what is the terrorist group’s last urban stronghold in Iraq. Fighting in the eastern half of the city culminated in mid-January, when Iraqi forces advanced on Mosul University, which is not only internationally known for its academics but is also strategically located in Mosul, with many of its buildings overlooking neighbourhoods along the Tigris River, which bisects the city.


If this is a simulation where is the big boob mod for it? This theory blew up the internet when Elon Musk started saying that the chances are almost certain we are.


Top real estate broker Fredrik Eklund of Bravo’s “Million Dollar Listing” gave ABC’s Kendis Gibson an exclusive look at one of New York City’s most luxurious high rise apartments.


A man with his clothing ablaze has surprised onlookers by calmly walking down the street without uttering a word. The man was filmed by a concerned witness on an unknown street in New York City with his pants, T-shirt and jacket consumed by flames. The onlooker approached the man and asked if he needed any assistance, but he did not respond and started walking back in the other direction, leaving a path of glowing embers in his wake.


“It is with great sadness and heavy hearts that we must announce that 2016 WWL China Grand Prix Bronze medalist Graham Dickson has passed away in, yet another tragic wingsuit accident. Graham represented the most cutting edge in proximity wingsuit flying and his name became synonymous for dangerous and challenging wingsuit lines. Graham was well known, not only as one of the world’s most popular, talented and active BASE-jumpers, but also, as a serious risk taker who was willing to put everything in the line to pursuit his dreams.” Shout out to Dave Sanderson for keeping his mate’s spirit alive by spreading this awesome footage around.


You need to watch this video to remind yourself you are on the internet, and you have to funnel other people’s weird thoughts through your own mind. This is pretty damn clever though.


A week ago Shurane Vijayaram decided to try his hand in a $135 AUD rebuy event at the Crown Casino and ended up winning a seat in the 2017 Aussie Millions $10,000 AUD no-limit hold’em main event. The Melbourne local made the most of his seat, defeating a field of 725 entrants to capture the title and the first-place prize of $1,600,000 AUD ($1,209,760 USD). The was Vijayaram’s first recorded live tournament cash, as the amateur poker enthusiast usually plays in low stakes cash games or pub poker tournaments. His lifetime live earning literally went for $0 to over $1.6 million overnight.


A bucking horse at the Stock Show rodeo died Sunday night after crashing into a wall and suffering a spinal cord injury. The footage shows the horse, a 9-year-old named Treasure of Patience, bucking straight toward a wall, crashing into it head-first as the eight-second buzzer sounds.



Bonnie-Lee Brown was getting ready for a night out with pals when she tried a “slut drop” – made popular by the TV show Geordie Shore. Disastrously, she didn’t realise a pointed shoe rack was behind as she nudged a friend before dropping down to a squat. She was left needing three stitches for a painful wound in her buttock and an injection to prevent infection.


The wait is finally over! Rookie Reveal Week has arrived. Throughout the week, SwimDaily will introduce our newest models. Today, we meet ​Myla Dalbesio. Myla was born in Pennsylvania but grew up in Racine, Wisconsin, where she cultivated a love for cheese and brandy. I googled her and found nude photos straight away because I’m a f**ken pervert to the highest degree. What are you waiting for?


How you distribute tow weight is paramount to safely arriving at your destination. When loading a trailer, make sure that 60% of your weight is loaded to the front of the trailer and 40% is loaded to the back for the safest towing experience.


Myron Fuller Steves succeeded through his work ethic and a willingness to take risks. He instilled these principles in his company, making Myron Steves what it is today. Just before he passed away at 103 years old, Myron left behind one final message.


In a war of wheels, choose your weapon wisely. The compilation features a bunch of people going too hard for their own skills, and getting mauled by the hard ground!


Maui locals enjoying a day at the Bay. Highlights from the swell on Wednesday January 25, 2017 featuring Kevin Sullivan, Ian Gentil, Ocean Macedo, Coconut Willy, Wes Larsen, Mark Andersen, Paige Alms, and others.


Some entertaining footage from the 11th running of the Côte de Holtz hillclimb which included a wide assortment of cool sports cars of all types, from formula racers, to rally racers, to muscle cars, to tractors, to the fabled Green Monsterchicken.


The underground garage had me sold within the first minute of this real estate video, if only it weren’t for that pesky $50 million price tag. This is one amazing piece of property and one of the most opulent homes I’ve ever laid eyes on.


Every year in Japan, the disturbing Taiji dolphin hunt brutally kills and captures thousands of the marine mammals for commercial purposes. Pods of dolphins are first encircled and forced into a cove where they are surrounded with a net. The youngest and most attractive are captured to be sold to aquariums, most of the rest are killed for their meat.