Fancy getting a stern massage from a barber dude who looks like a colombian mafia leader? Then Mumbai is the place for you to go!


For seals, turtles and other tasty marine life, this might be the last image they see before they get snaffled up by a great white. Nerve-jangling footage captured off the coast of South Africa shows a hungry shark breaching with its mouth open wide – offering a front row view down its throat. The close-up clip shows the large carnivorous fish flashing its razor-sharp teeth and pink undersides of its gills with its black eyes shining bright. Incredible stuff.


Russia’s space-bound humanoid robot FEDOR (Final Experimental Demonstration Object Research) is being trained to shoot guns from both of its hands. The activity will help improve the android’s motor skills and decision-making, according to its creators, who have also tried to address concerns that they’re developing a real-life Terminator. “Robot platform F.E.D.O.R. showed shooting skills with two hands,” wrote Russia’s deputy Prime Minister, Dmitry Rogozin, on Twitter. “We are not creating a Terminator, but artificial intelligence that will be of great practical significance in various fields.”


These girls were just playing around on the side of the street, little did they know their day was about to change. You can hear them start crying when they realise how serious the situation is. Hope the rider was okay!


This insane footage has emerged showing a life and death battle between a crocodile and a baby elephant. The elephant trumpeted with fright when the huge croc latched onto its trunk!


Zac Haynes-Love knew he was in for a beating when the wave broke a couple of metres in front of him. Getting into trouble in Nazare is no laughing matter. So he took a breath and braced himself. “I swam down and then it just caught me and I got picked up, thrown backwards and pushed really deep. I got rumbled and tumbled for a long time and when I pulled my safety vest, the next wave came over me. I was already out of breath and I just got absolutely rag dolled again. I’d never been under water for that long. All I could think was, Don’t pass out. If you pass out here you could die. When I got to the point where I was passing out, that’s when I broke the surface. I reckon there was a few seconds in it.” Photo via: @chris.whitey.


There’s no shame in tapping, especially if this is your other option. This guy got his arm cranked just a little too far, and now he’s going to need a while away from competing. Cringe!

kc2Boy fires machine gun at night shoot

The Knob Creek night shoot is the embodiment of American badassery. The gun range puts this event on twice a year, and they sure do put on one hell of a show!


Many people in this world will have to go through their lives bearing the shame of a hateful or dangerous message on their bodies because of poor decisions they made earlier in life. The Cutlips believe that “there is enough hate in this world,” and so made the decision to do what little part they could to make the world, and their community, better. It’s a generous service that pretty much everyone can appreciate. Donate to his Random Acts of Tattoo Project HERE.


This snake was probably drunk, out in the road trying to bite any man that passed by, and grope any woman in sight. Go home snake!


The Fate of the Furious, surpassed Star Wars: The Force Awakens to smash the record for global box office takings on its opening weekend, earning $US532.5 million ($AUD701.5 million). Dennis McCarthy, the man behind all of the cars from the Fast and the Furious franchise, gives us his insights on all of the iconic cars from the films.


Diary day 1: I’m lost here in the mountains with 10 pounds of cannabis-infused trail mix. God damn this sh*t is tasty. Diary day 2: I’ve eaten all of my provisions. It was suppose to last a week. I hope I’m found soon. Diary day 3: Eating bark off the trees to survive. Going to build a hut and settle down. This is my life now.


There is something beautiful about an ollie at high speed. This is how Zack Wallin loves to skate, faster than me running to the dunny after eating four extra spicy tacos.



Check out the size of this cat’s paws! This beautiful creatures was born in a zoo, and is breaking stereotypes by having a close bond with his owner, when usually in the wild these cats avoids humans as much as possible.


Most likely a spoilt college kid with no morals, attacking people in a cowardly manner. Anyone who thinks that sneaking through a crowd, hiding their face like a coward, and bashing someone over the head with a heavy piece of metal is an acceptable way of making a political point is f**ked in the head. Dude was just standing there, looked like he was trying to keep people separated and peaceful.


Fitness model Helmut Strebl is so shredded that photos of him went viral, with people questioning how they could be legitimate. Turns out he is not a product of photoshop, he really is that lean!


This guy’s beard is so damn majestic, only a trained professional old-timey barber is allowed to come anywhere near it with a pair of scissors!