After this classic Japanese car had its standard motor discarded, and was replaced with a 1GZFE V12, it put down a nice 367.5 horsepower! This car build has its own facebook page if you want to know more.


Fuzzy Hall found his perfect location on a secret mountain in Utah to build the perfect dirt jump overlooking his home state of Utah. Riders Mike “Hucker” Clark, Tj Ellis, Pat Casey and Cory Nastazio uncork all of their contest tricks at golden hour for the most epic dirt session ever recorded with a BMX flashback from Fuzzy himself to set the tone for this unique dirt jumping montage.


Now that portals exist I can do all sorts of clever things, none of which involve action sports. My first order of business? To somehow shoot a portal into Sommer Ray’s bathroom without her noticing. Once that’s been accomplished, I’ll need the gun again to shoot a portal in my new prison cell wall. After that? Things get blurry and out of control, and probably end in suicide by cop. #worthit.


A young schoolboy has become an internet sensation after he appeared on live American TV and declared “screw our President”. Hilarious footage of the cheeky f**ker who also bragged he’d started a fire at an anti-Trump rally – quickly went viral across the world. Some called him an American hero, while others said it was disgraceful. Kids are being raised by disrespectful parents with liberal diseased minds. Kids that will grow up brainwashed and diseased. Unlawfulness will not stand. Whatever the case may be, get ready freaks!


Mac Lethal is know for his incredible trickery using his extensive vocabulary when constructing rhymes. He is a viral hit maker, and this video is just another one to had to his resume of straight fire!


“Because videos are better than pictures.” I couldn’t have said it better myself baby. Can’t wait to see you tonight. Oh wait a second, she doesn’t know I exist. Time to slide into those DM’s and get rejected. Brb. While some people like to unwind after a tough week with a nice glass of wine, I prefer to gawk at Sommer’s majestic backside. Different strokes for different folks.


This guy feeds his alligators raw meat and treats them like they were a pair of lovable pet dogs.


Sage Northcutt is a man of many talents. The 20-year-old UFC lightweight is an exceptional fighter — with two finishes in his first five UFC fights –an athletic freak and has the uncanny ability to destroy fruit with his bare hands. Northcutt, a proficient apple ripper, was a guest on “FOX Sports Live” with Jay and Dan and the hosts challenged “Super” to repeat his feats, this time with different fruits.


Faced with his first real supervillain, an invincible superhero returns to his childhood home defeated — and is forced to reckon with his fear, his identity, and the people he hurt along the way.


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Don’t even trying to tell a joke unless you have something funny to say, but if you do have a funny idea, this is what Louis might do with it. “How Louis CK Tells A Joke” explores the 200-word Monopoly joke over the course of about eight minutes, revealing CK’s penchant for smart word choice, clear premise establishment, vividly drawn counterparts, emphatic pauses, and dramatization.


As the saying goes, “if you got it, flaunt it” but there’s plenty of women – and some men, if we’re honest – that will just purchase the body parts they’re lacking. The dawn of enhanced butt-cheeks and chest-pieces is upon us and many of today’s top social media figures and celebrities have gotten a little extra air put into their tyres.


A newly reunited young couple’s drive through the Pacific Northwest turns into a nightmare as they are forced to face nature, unsavoury locals, and a monstrous creature, known to the Native Americans as Oh-Mah.


Powerful muscle cars can lose traction easily on the tarmac, but on the snow you will definitely need some extra help. This guy fitted snow tracks on his Dodge Coronet because that’s what a true badass does!


Trae was one of five people shot outside a Houston strip club in 2012. The veteran MC was lucky to come out of the shooting alive as three of the victims died from the gunshot wounds.


No one suspects the old ladies as the vandals, but in Russia they old ladies are the first ones to tell the law to rack off, and take action against a nosey neighbor!


Grass, gravel, asphalt, dusty dirt paths, crunchy leaves, the weathered slats of a wooden bridge. These are the surfaces Thovex must master as he schusses at high speeds, tossing in occasional acrobatic spins and flips (at one point sailing high above a tractor) for good measure. Legendary.


Good god almighty, that killed him. As god is my witness, he’s broken in half. Stop the damn match. That man has a family. Absolutely cold blooded. Perfect delivery, too. Game over he’s in his head. Tito just lost the fight before it’s even begun.