Nothing beats a slow moving weekday like a properly executed video in which a thoroughbred race spec car kills its tyres around corner after corner leaving a streak of white smoke. And here we are with an exactly this sort of video for you to get some adrenaline pumping and grin inducing fun. The car in concern here is David Rawberts’ bright orange Porsche 911 GT3 RS and it’s a beauty.


Yes, the Pirates of the Caribbean series is still going. Sure, On Stranger Tides wasn’t exactly the critical success we’ve come to expect from the Johnny Depp-led films, but it made over $1 billion worldwide, so a sequel was always inevitable.



Memphis, Tennessee serves as the Southern headquarters for clicks in the United States. According to the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department, there are approximately 182 gangs with 84,000 gang members in the county. Major cliques like OTM Business, King Gate Mafia, Douglass MAAB, Young Mob, Murda Squad, Trulla Mafia, Hood Mob, O Gangboyz and Fast Cash Boys, Grape Street Crips, Bloods, Concrete Cartel Vice Lords, and the Folk Nation Gangster Disciples, with a growing presence of Latino gangs. In other words. Be careful what colours you wear.


A high-speed chase ended with a truck going airborne in a dramatic Webster Parish, Louisiana, crash that looked like something out of the movies.


A sumo wrestling match in Japan ended quickly after one fighter landed a brutal forearm to the face of another. He was knocked out and off in another world while his body kept trying to get up!


Back in classic form, Sean Malto kicks off the Nike SB Elite Squad video series. Featuring guest appearances from friends Guy Mariano and Antonio Durao, watch for Sean in his custom colorway of the all-new Dunk Low Elite.


By his own lofty standards, 2016 was a frustrating one for Julian Wilson. He made the final at Margaret River and threatened for the title at various stages, but couldn’t quite string together the wins needed to really challenge for the WSL crown. Most frustrating of all, as the clip attests, Wilson is in the best form of his life in the water as this footage shows. Via: Red Bull Surfing.


Billy Perry and his crew ride BMX all over scenic New York City, weaving through traffic, skitching cabs, jumping on trucks, as well as dodging cops, security guards, pedestrians and cars.


“Black power wedding in New Zealand back yard. This video is for educational purposes and not intended to shame or abuse anyone involved.”


Central Christian Academy and Arlington High School met up in the first round of sectionals in Edinburgh. It was a tight game that looked like Arlington was going to squeak out a win after they hit a free throw to take a one point lead with a second left. Josh Clanton had other plans. He grabbed the rebound then chucked a full-court heave that went in to give Central Christian a 64-62 win.


Check out this clip from A&E Live PD showing what law enforcement officers have to deal with on a daily basis. One man claimed to have no weapons on him, moments before he tried to run from the scene!


Steve-O wasn’t satisfied to just jump off a bridge, instead he earned some style points by throwing a trampoline into the mix, and he’s lucky to be alive. The former “Jackass” star was in Tampa pulling off the new stunt. Leaping off a high bridge into the Intracoastal Waterway from a trampoline mounted to the back of a pickup. Seconds after his leap, Steve’s friends shouted, he could be dead. As for why in the world he did this? He’s Steve-O.


You know when it’s time to get nervous? When Ross Clarke-Jones shows up ready to surf, that’s when. And there he was last Friday, roaming around Nazaré, staring out at the mountains rolling in off the Atlantic – with not even a glint of fear in his eyes.


Harry Mack is a damn good freestyle rapper. Nothing is pre-written, because it can’t be. He will rap about anything he sees in front of him, and people are loving it!


“I would say I’m sick 75 percent of the time I’m working here,” reserve deputy and jailer Drew Smith says. “I started working last April, and it’s fair to say I’ve had some kind of a respiratory illness for about seven or eight months of that time. They say when you first start working at the sheriff’s office you have to build up immunity. It’s because of the mold.” Good on the people who made this video and put it in view of the public. Bureaucracy is a bitch and the prison system is a nightmare before you even get to red tape. Exposure is key.

Torey PudwillTorey Pudwill

Here’s Torey Pudwill with all the pop, speed and power you’re used to, but this time with a twist. This is his “Flatbar Frenzy,” and it’s the full part from Pudwill that we’ve all been waiting for. The two-year project is finally live.