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In the third round of the 2017 World Golf Championships-Mexico Championship, Justin Thomas’ 225-yard tee shot takes a huge bounce and straight jars the cup for a hole in one on the par-3 13th hole.


Nigel Owens showed no hesitation in pulling out the yellow card for a ball boy in Saturday’s Pro12 match between Leinster and Scarlets. The ball boy had been trying to return the ball from the sidelines during a break in play, but landed the ball squarely in the middle of the Welsh referee’s back.


Lebanon is known around the world for its hashish. In the Beqaa Valley farmers grow it with impunity, making millions of dollars a year. Backed by armed militiamen, the country’s drug lords have became untouchable. Meet one of the biggest drug lords, and finds out how the civil war in neighbouring Syria means the farms have been able to flourish.


The man, identified as Kelvin Rafael Mejía, won $630 from the bet before he lost his life, Fox News reported. The medical examiner listed alcohol intoxication as his cause of death. The tragic incident took place in the city of La Romana. Mejía was first seen chugging the tequila straight from the bottle before he received a cash prize. Moments later, he struggled to stand, and two men rushed to hold him up. Mejía collapsed soon after and never regained consciousness. A nearby clinic declared him dead.

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This actually looks like a lot of fun, chasing the car while you are sitting in it. Unfortunately, there were a lot of tall trees around, but all’s well that ends well!


Police are searching for the suspects caught on camera opening fire in a drive-by shooting. Video shows a couple driving along 23rd Street with their personal dashcam rolling. As they came to stop at Topping Avenue, a vehicle with its windows rolled down pulled up on their right. The video captures a gunman firing at least a dozen bullets in a matter of seconds from the backseat before the suspects drive off. No one was hurt.

icon-smart-condomTree Hump

A British company called i.Con is accepting early-bird registrations for a sex wearable that’s being marketed as a “the world’s first smart condom.” It will retail for about $US74 when it launches later this year. It turns out the device is not a condom at all, but rather, a ring that fits over a boring, standard-issue condom and measures the quality of sex based on several metrics, including speed of thrusts, calories burned, and duration of session.


Tom Curren, Kanoa Igarashi and Yadin Nicol take on the beast of backwash, and California’s most notorious break wall, Sandspit.


1g dab is the same as smoking 9 joints with high quality weed in them. 0.2g dab that has 90% THC = 180mg THC in the dab. High grade weed has 20% THC in it, so a 1g joint has 200mg THC in it. Keep it mind a joint loses 50% of the THC since it’s burning, a lot doesn’t reach your lungs, this doesn’t not happen while dabbing. So you get 100mg THC from a 1g high grade weed joint. 0.2 x 5 = 1g dab = 900mg THC. So taking this 1g dab is the same as smoking about 9 joints with high grade sh*t. For more, follow her on Instagram @h4ley20.




“Looks like the industry has fallen behind. The key board warriors were out in full force. Where are you now #katsandrisleap #likeisaid #nolimits” – @kyle_katsandris.


She shouldn’t have said “Sh*t” after pulling the trigger. On her bodycam video, Stumler can be heard shouting, ‘Show me your hands,’ and firing one shot seconds later. Warrick was still behind mattress when he was shot in the abdomen. Warrick was taken to University Hospital, where he had surgery and is still hospitalised. Stumler has been relieved of her police powers, pending the outcome of the investigation.


The 22-year-old prisoner in Tampa, Florida’s Falkenburg Road Jail was initially locked up for burglary, but will now have the serious charge of aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer piled on after he attacked a guard and tried to strangle him with a towel.


Larry Enticer might be the second coming of Jesus. In face I’m making larry look bad by comparing him to someone who only performed a few miricles. Watch larry hit a massive 54 foot jump, probably moments after fueling up on 10 budweisers.


Over the past year, there has been a lot of hype and hysteria over “rolling coal,” a redneck motorsport trend that involves tricking out diesel pickup trucks to emit giant plumes of black smoke. Mostly, this is done for fun or performance enhancement, but nowadays it seems the kids are “rolling coal” to piss off cops, Prius drivers, and anyone else who happens to get in the way of their big-ass trucks. Naturally, this has driven the left into a panic.


1988 called, and they want their video camera back. Guy going to work: “Can someone hold this crazy woman for me while I escape?” Onlookers: “Nah, we’re good. we don’t want hepatitis!” Buy her a beer and pour it in a bowl for her to lick. Works every time.