Fred Watson is the owner of ‘FEAR‘ a 1000+ horsepower Monaro burnout car that has risen steadily up the ranks of fame on the Australian competition burnout circuit. With a supercharger pushing through the bonnet and sporting a methanol injection hat mounted on a smallblock 410 chev, FEAR has little problems mixing it with the best in the scene and making a place for itself in Australian burnout culture legend.


Watch as this guy gets the attention of a police chopper, then proceeds to escape the chopper thanks to the help of reckless speed and tunnels!


Investigators with the Alabama Department of Corrections are looking into a video that has gone viral from inside one of their facilities, showing a large group of inmates taking part in the Mannequin Challenge. One scene seems to be acting out a stabbing, and in another three men pretend to beat another inmate on the ground. The original post on Facebook, uploaded by an unofficial account, read: ‘Free us… prison reform… free my family!’ The post, which alludes to being the work of a prisoner, included the hashtags #ALLlivesMATTER, #GodLovesAll, and #ChaingangChallange.


The French rider isn’t averse to a bit of adventure, so for this awesome Raw 100 edit, he took on Whistler for his first-ever visit to the Canadian mountain biking mecca.


Master Sushi Chef Hiroyuki Terada combined a bunch of incredible foods to make an epic dessert sushi roll that you’d push your own grandmother over to get a taste of!


With massive El Niño powered swells building across the Pacific, Ian, Shaun, D.K. and Luke Walsh band together in a way that only brothers can to progress surfing to unimaginable heights. Coming December 2016. Big-wave surfing’s transition from Jet Ski assists to paddling-in raises the stakes, putting Walsh’s intense physical and mental training, the latest technology, swell modeling, safety team and his brothers to the ultimate test.


The Grand Tour is just days away from its release date, but only for a select few countries. To try and prevent a mass of illegal downloads, the show will be able to be streamed from over 200 countries and territories around the world in December, including Australia. Can you wait that long?


A nutcase in Norway demonstrates his love for winter by playing about in the snow with nothing more than his undies on, and a bottle of booze to warm his cockles of course. Obviously, this man has no fear of frostbite. The jumping from an ice bath directly into snow is what should’ve killed him. Pure madness.


“If you know about guns, you know he has some high dollar pieces. He has short barrels, and a suppressor so he’s registered with the ATF. 2 x P90’s/FN 5-7 pistols/Gold Desert Eagle/ 50 Cal Sniper and lots more. I’d take the P90 if I had 1 choice. A 50 round clip, no recoil, super small, perfect carry for vehicles, you don’t have to worry about the barrel hitting your steering wheel, and you can aim out of your vehicle with ease.”


Check out this awesome animated short by Vitaly Shushko! He’s been doing this film for two years with a help of a few other fellow animators.

Talk2UFC 196: McGregor v DiazTalk3

“Never compare Conor McGregor to me, it’s disrespect,” Mayweather said. “I’m an elephant, elephant don’t beef with ants. Elephant is so large, he don’t even see ants.” “I mean if you’re saying he’s the Floyd Mayweather of the MMA, I’m trying to find out. Have you ever made $300 million in one night? Have you ever made $100 million in one night? Have you ever made $70 million in one night?”


“Never thought I’d call a dog my best friend, but over the past 2 years, that’s what Bentley has become. My little 40lb adventure buddy. Checkout his big helicopter adventure in the mountains of Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Bentley is a 4 year old, English Bulldog who loves beaches, car rides and flying in helicopters.” – @bradleyfriesen.


This lady has gone viral just with a quick video of her flexing, because the state of her body is so unbelievably ripped! I am now regretting eating donuts for breakfast.


Hopefully the Hawk just rescued the mouse because it saw that the mouse was being forcibly handled by an obnoxious drunk guy.


Russia is a cool place for snowboarding, it’s consistently cold so the snow sticks around, and it’s an ominous place, so when filming, you come out with this cool, dark, even spooky look to it. Check out the Russian adidas snowboarding crew as they slide and grind through the streets of St. Petersburg.


Toni Bou makes trial riding look all too easy. He is so good at balancing he barely even needs a front wheel!


Elijah and Conan explore the world of Eos and join a fellowship that Conan likens to Middle Earth “Entourage.”


Zhang Ze is a master of the zipper sound, and puts down a crazy beat that will make you think there is a stereo playing off camera!