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Before the start of the 2017 season, it was announced that Roczen would move from Fox to Shift (yes, Fox owns Shift) for this season and beyond. The companies held a launch party last week to unveil their new Moto-X Lab as well as Shift’s new Blue Label. So what exactly is the Moto-X Lab? It’s Fox’s push to continue to innovative and lead the industry in technology and style.


In the new 10 episode series, we get a new gang of hustlers and a new group of villains, and is inspired by a real life heist in London.


Technology has reached the point that if I saw an actual alien flying saucer, I would probably ignore it. I bet every military general out there is getting wet seeing this kinda stuff. Just imagine a thousand of these drones, equipped with an explosive charge, a camera and an onboard auto-pilot, going full speed at enemy lines!


“In a world where just about anyone can call themselves a “trainer,” Louie Simmons reigns as the “Godfather” of strength training. As a world-class powerlifter, Louie made a name for himself breaking numerous records and innovating strength through his Eastern-bloc training methodology. His “invite-only” gym in Columbus, Ohio (Westside Barbell) has has become the mecca for elite athletes looking to become the best in the world.” – @gritmedia.


1320 Video spotted probably the coolest VW bus in the world! Coming out standard with just 36hp, Mike ‘Hotrod’ Rowe built this car in 6 weeks and now it has 587hp not including the nitrous!


Andreas Athanasiou’s game-winning goal is the talk of the NHL today. The speedy Detroit Red Wings forward went end to end with the puck, split two defenders and flipped a fluttering puck into the net against the Stanley Cup champion Pittsburgh Penguins. That spectacular third-period goal gave the Red Wings their first lead and they pulled away to beat Pittsburgh 6-3 on Saturday night at Joe Louis Arena. “It’s definitely a feel-good moment,” Athanasiou said.


Jason McDonald, who works at the Colorado Gators Reptile Park, disguised himself as the dinosaur to taunt the 500lb Morris with fish. The 35-year-old even admitted he couldn’t really see in the costume and joked he’d be having a ‘bad day’ if the predator came out of the water.



Former UFC light heavyweight title holder Tito Ortiz will step inside the Bellator cage for the fourth time in his career. He also says it’ll be the last time. Sharing the cage with him will be former UFC middleweight contender Chael Sonnen, who is making his Bellator debut.

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“Here’s all the best shenanigans from 2016 piled into a big shouty riot of a video. Please enjoy the madness responsibly. Track – Lower The Line – Comeback Kid.” – @CaldwellVisuals.


Featuring Mick Fanning and Jamie O’Brien, Anthony Walsh and Mason Ho. Of course, great surfers need to team up with great filmers, and this year, we tapped some of the best, including Jacob Wooden, Matt Kleiner, Alex Laurel, and Maui Media Cartel. Take one last look at the year that was, and then buckle up for an epic 2017.


If a 12-gauge shotgun wasn’t already dangerous enough for you, try added glass bullets! The guy who made these glass slugs did a very good job.


The tattooed men gave up to 20 security guards the run around when they interrupted the Big Bash League match at Sydney Cricket Ground. A 27-year-old man from Wamberal and a 23-year-old man from Pitt Town have been issued a court attendance notice for entering the playing field without authorisation. The charge comes after the two men were restrained by security guards after they ran naked onto the field before being arrested by police.



25-year-old Hayat consumes 10,000 calories a day, including at least 36 eggs for breakfast, 5 litres of milk and around 3kg of meat, claiming he faces no health issues because of his phenomenal weight. His dream is to become world champion strongman!


If he isn’t one of your favorites yet, make room on the list. This guy is an absolute beast and no spot is safe when he rides into town. Give a big round of a applause for the newest member of the Deathwish family.




The description of the video comically reads “Cleaning gum out of the street”. The R3 guys love to be different and do what others won’t, they want to break boundaries so others can follow, and you have to admit it helps them snap necks and promote their business. Love it or hate it, you have to respect this build whole-heartedly for thinking outside of the box.