Like a bunch of insane pizza deliverers, these scooter racers in the Philippines go hell for leather in this tight sandbag track, causing many collisions. This of course leads to devious tactics to get back at fellow racers who passed too aggressively!


Brandon Biebel has been putting in some serious work at his practise park, so much so that he has enough footage for a second full video part!

Atomic Blonde (2017)r

A highly-trained assassin with killer looks bludgeons some goons to death while admitting that her life as a secret agent will eventually kill her. James McAvoy stars as a chipper agent embedded in Germany, who quickly becomes infatuated with the her, but she’s way more interested in the ladies.


The New York State Athletic Commission was the centre of attention at UFC 210, between towel gate, breast implant gate and hands-on-the-ground gate. Aside from questions about Rumble not listening to his corner and implementing a mind-boggling game plan of trying to beat Cormier in a wrestling match, the most talked about thing was the weird ending of the Gegard Mousasi vs. Chris Weidman co-main event. All and all, it was a bit of a circus sh*t show.


A small town family is torn apart by a brutal crime. As they deal with the fallout, an eerie mist rolls in, suddenly cutting them off from the rest of the world and, in some cases, each other. Family, friends and adversaries become strange bedfellows, battling the mysterious mist and its threats, fighting to maintain morality and sanity as the rules of society break down.


The security camera video is amazing. Just after 2 a.m, a blue Toyota Tundra barrelled through the front of Sunshine State Armory. As the driver backs out, three men wearing hoodies dash in. They load up on guns and ammo. One man runs out with an armful of long guns. The thieves ditched the stolen truck along some railroad tracks and set it on fire. No arrests have been made.


Hangovers: the older we get, the more unbearable they become. But how to beat them? Well if you find yourself in Korea with a splitting headache after too many rounds of soju, we recommend haejangguk (aka hangover soup). At Seoul’s Cheong Jin Ok restaurant, home of the original haejangguk, third-generation owner Joon-Yong Choi makes the stew the same way his family has since 1937. Congealed cow’s blood, beef intestines, rice and cabbage: this soup does a body good.


Before the 19th century, most jaw fractures were treated with external wraps and healing was poor, infections were frequent, and realignment of the jawbone to facilitate normal positions of the teeth was infrequently accomplished. The normal stresses on the jawbone generated by chewing food did not aid fracture healing and many people died from poor or no adequate treatment. In the late 1880s, stabilisation of the jawbone with bars, plates, and screws was begun saving many people’s lives.


Surveillance video captured the moment when the robber’s wad of cash spilled out all over the sidewalk, forcing him to stop his getaway bicycle to pick it up. Police are on the lookout for a bumbling bank robber who accidentally made it rain on an already-rainy day.


This bike jacker attempted to knock a guy off his bike, then jumped on a bus and got off as the next stop to try again. That’s where this video starts. Thankfully the rider saw it coming, and was heading to a ride meet just down the road!


Project Cars is known for its commitment to circuit racing, but it looks like Project Cars 2 will let players take part in slightly more rugged conditions. Released today, a new trailer and screenshots show brand new Rallycross content in Project Cars 2, and it marks a huge departure from the previous game.


Smoking is super dangerous for your body, but your lungs aren’t the only thing that will get rolled. This dude will be having flashbacks like he was went to Vietnam.


The most glorious noise I’ve ever heard. If there’s a fine line between genius and insanity, when it comes to building cars, New Zealander Carl Thompson walks that line. Need proof? Then look at his latest creation, because this built-to-drift Lexus GS300, is both brilliant and at the same time borderline crazy.


During summer in his hometown of Åre, Sweden, Jesper Tjäder builds out an old bike track through the forest. See what happens as he returns to the forest during the following winter to shoot through some trees on his skis.



After weeks of coaching opposite each other as arch rivals on the latest season of The Ultimate Fighter, ex-teammates Cody Garbrandt and T.J. Dillashaw will square off at UFC 213 on July 8. UFC president Dana White announced the news at the UFC 210 post-fight press conference, which saw Daniel Cormier retain his light heavyweight title against the now-retired Anthony ‘Rumble’ Johnson in the main event. Photo via: Mike Wrobel/ShootItMMA


The great white shark caught in the shallow surf off Santa Cruz’s Pleasure Point, died overnight. After the tide receded, the shark washed up onto the beach. California Fish and Wildlife was able to drive a flat bed truck down to the beach to retrieve it. The Pelagic Shark Research Foundation was first on scene. A team of veterinarians is on their way up from Southern California to perform the necropsy. There are no external signs of trauma to the shark so crews believe it most likely died from an infection of some kind.