Netflix has released the first official full-length trailer for Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events, giving fans of the book franchise and newcomers the best look yet at Neil Patrick Harris as Count Olaf and his numerous disguises.


Mario lovers rejoice. You can soon play with the mustachioed plumber no matter where you go. Users will be able to access a small portion of the game for free but to access to the entire game, you’ll need to drop $9.99USD ($12.99AUD). The game will come to other platforms at some point, but only iOS has been confirmed at this point.


Unless you live at the North Pole, you probably don’t have the advantage of year-round snow upon which to practice snowboarding. You may think that the offseason is only good for building anticipation for next year’s snowboarding opportunities and not the time for practice. But you don’t have to let lack of snow stand in your way of conditioning your body and mastering skills you need for shredding the slopes and tearing up the fresh powder.


Follow snowboarder Ralph Backstrom and skiers Hadley Hammer and Sam Anthamatten in their new film by Sherpas Cinema, Tsirku, as they set out to tackle the fabled corrugated spine lines of the Tsirku Glacier.


British adrenaline junkie has given new meaning to the phrase “high tea” – writing his name into the record books in the process. Simon Berry, 24, from Sheffield, has become a Guinness World Record holder after completing the highest bungee dunk, combining his passions for biscuits and bungees. Armed with a chocolate Hobnob and a head for heights, the ponytailed tea drinker leapt from a platform around 75m (246ft) above the ground to plant his biscuit into a tea-filled Union flag mug below.


There’s a little more than a month to go until the sci-fi adventure Passengers arrives in theaters, but Sony Pictures has offered up an early peek at the much-anticipated film with a new clip. In the brief scene, Jennifer Lawrence decides to go for a swim, only to have the gravity cut off in the spaceship on which she and Chris Pratt’s character are traveling. The result is a dangerous — but visually impressive sequence!


A slow moped should never be able to escape two cops on motorbikes, but that is exactly what this cheeky fella did. One little bit of off-roading and the cops were out of luck!


If you live in a silencer-friendly state/country and you don’t have a can on your home defence gun, that should be your next purchase. Think about the standard home defence scenario. You’re in an enclosed space, facing an unknown number of a**holes, and all you have on your side is stealth and surprise. Firing a gun in that situation immediately makes the situation worse. Now you’re now deaf. Not permanently, but enough that it’s painful and disorienting. Where are the bad guys? You need to hear if they are still moving, where they are, etc. Movie’s aren’t real.


There is not going to be an official Game of Thrones spin-off about the Mountain (Hafþór Júlíus Björnsson) and the ‘Shame’ Nun (Hannah Waddingham) falling in love. The last time we saw them, the Mountain was torturing her while she screamed bloody murder, so I think any chance of love died there.


I’ve watched The Prestige enough times to know what magic really is—a combination of illusion, salesmanship, mystery, spectacle and, in this modern era, expert video editing. David Blaine does all these things well and also happens to be a con artist, braver and more bizarre than most of his peers. The one thing he excels at the most, though, is continuously getting people to wonder what the hell is wrong with him and how he’s going to die from this.


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The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon - Season 41280_jimmy_fallon_metallica_roots_tonight_show

For the millions of you that have been fans of Metallica for decades, and who see the band as the epitome of what heavy metal music really means, you probably never imagined a day when they would be joined by Jimmy Fallon and The Roots for a rendition of one of their most famous, iconic, and revered songs, performed entirely with classroom instruments.


A “Moist Maker” consists of turkey, stuffing, gravy, and “an extra slice of gravy-soaked bread in the middle.” This third piece — the so-called “moist maker” — gives Ross so much satisfaction that he goes “mental” at work after the sandwich gets stolen. Let’s watch one getting made!


Instead of Trey Parker or Matt Stone trying to sound like a toddler, they just enlist the help of an actual toddler, Trey Parker’s daughter. Classic voice acting debut!


Google Earth VR lets the world see the world. With Earth VR, you can fly over a city, stand at the edge of a mountain, and even soar into space. Google Earth VR is available now on Steam for the HTC Vive.


History was made last weekend. Not only did Ultimate Fighting Championship hold the first-ever mixed martial arts event inside New York’s Madison Square Garden, it also crowned Conor McGregor lightweight champion, which makes “Notorious” the first UFC fighter to simultaneously hold titles in two separate weight classes. Madness.


Video from the frontlines of the battle against the Islamic State in its Syrian stronghold of Raqqa has shown the moment the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF), possibly with the help of French elite troops, successfully destroy an Isis car bomb as the vehicle heads straight towards them.


After Dave Chappelle drew a frog, David Blaine promptly picked up a champagne flute and spit a small frog into the glass. He then asked Curry to check to make sure his mouth was empty before spitting out yet another frog.