Smoke Bomb: To vanish without detection from a big night out on the booze with mates. Can happen for various reasons including but not limited too picking up sluts, having a spew etc. “Ever been at a party that you just wanted to bail? This is one our spots we directed for V Energy, buy their cans to see our other clip.” – @therackaracka.


Australia is very diverse, with all shades of people considering themselves to be true blue Aussies. This guy explains what his life is like as an Asian living in the land down under.


Only two tricks done in this video was regular, everything else was switch/nollie. Let that sink in. Cody McEntire for president!

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Conor McGregor says he wants to own a piece of the UFC — and Mark Wahlberg says he’s willing to give it to him. Remember, Wahlberg was one of the celebrity investors who purchased a small stake in the UFC earlier this year. So, when TMZ saw Mark leaving E Baldi in Bev Hills, they asked him about Conor’s demand at UFC 205. At first, Wahlberg says Conor needs to “cut the check” like everyone else — but then changed his mind and offered McGregor a share for free because “he deserves it.”


Someone gave this historical fighting moment the Super Saiyan treatment, showing us what MMA would be like if we lived in the world of Dragon Ball Z!


“When the weights are just too far away at the other end of the gym so I just lift whatever’s near me. Big love. The Beast.” – Eddie Hall.


Element has aligned with the dark forces of Blood Wizard and their video offering has just been sacrificed to the Skate Gods. Watch it now!


James Franco famously played a Riff Raff-inspired character in Spring Breakers and, while Raff wasn’t happy at the time, it seems things have come full circle as Franco has a starring role in the new video for “Only In America,” a track off the rapper’s Peach Panther album from earlier this year. Franco once again plays a Riff Raff facsimile and is surrounded by girls and American flags. Check it out!


Two Russian teenagers livestreamed themselves in hiding, gleefully shooting objects and engaging in a shootout with the police. The teen couple fled after the boy shot the girl’s mother in the leg. With the cops closing in, the two reportedly committed suicide, not being able to bear the thought of separation.


“We are pleased to share a sample of the visual effects work created for Warcraft. ILM studios in San Francisco, Singapore and Vancouver each contributed to the film effects as did our partners Hybride, Base FX, El Ranchito, FX3X, Rodeo and Virtuos. We hope you enjoy the reel.” – ILMVisualFX.


LOST BOY is an ambitious sci-fi concept heavily influenced by the American action classics and Japanese samurai films. LOST BOY is sure to instantly capture viewers with its highly visual and unparalleled sci-fi world.


This is the astonishing moment an enormous humpback whale nearly crashed straight into a diver. Patrick Dykstra, an American wildlife photographer currently based in Dubai, was filming his underwater excursion in the Norwegian ocean when he saw the 35,000lb beast swimming directly towards him. Letting out an audible gasp, he carried on filming as the whale swerved to avoid him just seconds before they would have collided.


This polar bear wasn’t patting that dog, he was tenderising the meat. Remember this heartwarming video from a few days ago showing a dog as it was being petted by a giant polar bear? In a twist that comes as a surprise to no one, a polar bear had to be immobilised last week after it killed and ate a dog from the same sled pack.


“Appreciate all the cage experts telling me I didn’t brake or swerve and everything else under the sun I could have done like riding on the pavement cheers c*nts you’re a real benefit to society. But thanks to all the people that actually know how situations like that arise it’s not all that simple thank you for your support and subs!” – Mischift


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Conan visits the YouTube Space in New York City and is presented with some of the most high-tech, cutting edge virtual reality technology in the world, but he mostly wants to know about porn.