You really shouldn’t put liquids in unconscious people’s mouths. That said, who the f**k is carrying a tiny jug of milk around the hood? Good on these guys for helping him though. What’s even better is their reasoning behind it: “You gotta get outta here before the police come!”


The photo is eerie enough, with the landowners brought it to the Cambridge-Greenwich Police and simply posted the photo on social media to identify who the child was. But because a few weeks passed and nobody came forward, the whispers about a possible haunting commenced.


Scott Stevens and Phil Jacques take a jib pilgrimage in the fifth installment of our “STRONGER Sessions” series. While most snowboarders fantasize about slashing their way down a perfectly formed Alaskan spine or snorkelling through bottomless pow in Hokkaido, there are others whose shred dreams are of an entirely different nature — to slide down, up and around on man-made obstacles that were never intended to be slid upon. They are the jibbers.


Is this guy Liam Neeson’s son or something? When you threaten a man who really knows how to fight, you are only putting yourself in danger.



This trailer shows pinned-down British troops under various stages of duress from the approaching German forces. The young soldiers are shown under heavy fire on the beaches, resorting to futilely shooting rifles at the German planes as a ticking clock dramatically winds down.


Watch this brutal demonstration of the correct way to kill a rattlesnake or any venomous snake. Neal Hunt uses the correct, easy, and ethical way to do so.


Mashd N Kutcher are up to their old tricks, messing with crowds by not giving them the satisfying drops they expect. This prank took it to a whole new level though!


When Clay Marzo releases a new edit, it’s best to take a break at the office and watch, especially when it features Ice Cube’s dope “You Know How We Do It”.


The game is set in a nondescript modern America, where an income disparity between the classes have become unsustainable and the country has been plunged into havoc. Bring order to chaos with up to 8 players in cooperative play, battle enemy squads in a close player-vs-player environment, or command AI in a striking single-player mode.


“It’s the most acrobatic two seater glider ever!” according to GliderFX pilot Guy Westgate. The glider has a top speed of 175mph, and can reach G-forces of +9 to negative 6. Skydiving from a glider is definitely a unique type of exit. You don’t even have to jump, the glider pilot will ‘eject’ you and you’ll actually begin a freefall ascent (yes, upwards) at about 100mph before gravity takes over. As the freefall ascent slows, you’ll experience a stasis, momentarily suspended in the air, before beginning your descent. Insane.


The Toyota Chaser is a mid-size 4 door sedan produced by the Toyota Motor Company, Japan. This Chaser found itself deep in the mountains of Russia, flying sideways around long swooping corners like it was back in its homeland!

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UFC star Ronda Rousey has shown off her fighting moves in a guest appearance on TV drama Blindspot. The athlete is seen throwing inmates about in a bust-up behind bars. Ronda, 30, plays tough gunrunner Devon Penberthy who proves to be a particularly violent prisoner. In an episode which aired last in the US last night, she was seen wrestling behind bars and showing off some of her signature judo moves. Check it out.


Damon Smith, a student from Devon has been found guilty of planting a homemade bomb filled with ball bearings on the underground tube after a jury rejected his claim that it was meant to be a prank. Smith has Asperger syndrome and took a keen interest in weapons, which might have been connected to his condition.


This wedding looks so lit. If this happened during the ceremony, I can only imagine what went down during the reception.


Disturbing phone video has been released of a fight inside a Montgomery County high school that sent a teacher to the hospital. The fight was just one of two violent episodes at the Cheltenham High School recently. Four female students were arrested following the violent incident. Police are calling it an active investigation. The four students have not yet been charged. The teacher’s condition is not known.


Hooper! Tie another buoy on! In a video uploaded online by Craig Hudson, the monster shark slowly drifts through the water and comes terrifyingly close to their small vessel 15km off the coast of Australia. After realising the shark was as big as the 16ft boat they were in, Mr Hudson said he quickly cut all of his fishing lines and instructed his son to sit in the bottom of the boat. ‘I was going to get out of there ASAP but thought I would get some footage as it is a once in a lifetime chance,’ he said.


Russell Howard met a young lad who was dying of cancer, but still had an incredibly strong sense of humour. He was planning his own funeral, and it was going to be a special dress-up event, and he had the perfect costume picked out for Russell.