This guy decided to go surfing for the first time ever on probably the worst day ever. Extra points if you noticed the creepy sound of a dog sleeping in the background!


In today’s world, a person could get HD video of a ghost twerking and no one would believe them. Technology makes any video suspect. That said, if this a hoax, it was done well enough to creep me the f**k out.




The Winnipeg Jets didn’t have much going for them versus the Calgary Flames. Down two goals and with less than two minutes remaining in the second period, Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba dropped the gloves with Sam Bennett in front of the Winnipeg net. Both players landed some heavy punches, still trying to throw them after the linesmen intervened. Easily visible following the fight was the blood from an apparent cut to Trouba’s forehead and a bleeding nose for Bennett.


This is pretty much how I envision my own funeral going. Except after all the ladies are too tired to twerk on my dead body, I will be buried underneath a 50ft statue of myself doing a front double biceps pose.


Lewis Nickell, 17, is having a chat with the Police, and has tourettes and tics that make for a slightly awkward and hilarious situation!


Axell Hodges possesses some unbelievable skill on his bike, which will surely lead to multiple motocross and supercross championships in the future. Check out this compilation of him practising on the track, throwing huge whips and just fooling around!


He was initially spotted lifeless in the surf by 13-year-old, Abby, who screamed for help. “I yelled for help and a guy came and flipped (him) over,” she told 9NEWS. Paramedics treated Mr Lynch at the scene, shocking his heart five times to stabilise him. Mr Lynch, now out of hospital, said he has “no recollection” of his near-death experience. “I have no recollection of paddling out. I have no recollection of who was out there.”


The Italian exotic still lives and even though it needs some major cosmetic surgery, the vehicle’s owner from Daily Driven Exotics thought it’d be appropriate to bring it onto the streets of Florida with some drifting!


There’s absolutely nothing about this reaction that’s acceptable unless the hospital staff purposefully killed his mother, which I very much doubt is the case. I understand being emotional at such a tough time, but this reaction is not warranted in the slightest. Just imagine everyone that lost someone in hospital did this. It would be nothing but a hole in the ground after a month.


Canadian directors Laurence “Baz” Morais and Sebastien Landry’s Game of Death takes board game horror to an entirely new level. Game of Death takes place in the middle of small-town nowhere where seven friends are forced to kill or be killed when they play the “Game of Death”. When faced with their own mortality, will they turn on each other to survive?​


“During a termite inspection for a client, I noticed a large huntsman spider, which isn’t all that unusual for these parts. What was unusual was that it didn’t scurry away because it was standing guard over a recently hatched egg case with a large number of hatchlings around the nest. For the record, these spiders are beneficial in keeping down the numbers of other pests and venomous spiders, so this spider and her babies are still living, helping me by removing other unwanted pests from my clients home.”


Eight years in the making and with over seventy cast and crew interviews Cleanin’ Up The Town: Remembering Ghostbusters is the definitive documentary that charts how Ghostbusters and Ghostbusters 2 came to fruition and how these films were made by the people that made them. Interviews include actors in the film Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis, Ernie Hudson, Sigourney Weaver Annie Potts, David Margulies, William Atherton, Kurt Fuller and Jason Reitman, Director Ivan Reitman, Producer Michael C. Gross, Visual Effects crew including Richard Edlund, Terry Windell, Dennis Muren and Steve Johnson, musicians Ray Parker Jr and The Bus Boys.


Crowds in Ha Nam, Vietnam can be heard screaming in shock as he rips his bloodied cheek from the reptile’s grasp. He gets free just as the croc winds up to perform a notorious death roll, which sees it drag its prey to the ground and twist violently.


“The record breaking team at AAP is back, and this time with a Patrol?! Can you imagine taking this SUV 205mph in a HALF MILE?! Holy sh*t! Any faster and this thing might have taken flight! Congrats to the team on another impressive record – we can’t wait to see whats next!” – 1320Video.


Bengal cats are a breed that were developed from breeding domestic cats with asian leopard cats. The first American bengal breeder is a woman named Jean Mill, but her work has continued through other breeders. We meet one of those breeders, Anthony Hutcherson, at the Westminster Dog Show. Besides bengals, there is another hybrid breed: savannahs. Instead of asian leopard cats, savannahs were developed by breeding house cats with servals. Unlike the other two breeds, the last breed we met, toygers, are not hybrid cats. Breeder Judy Sugden created the breed by carefully breeding domestic cats with qualities that resemble wild tigers.


It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen Bam Margera on a skateboard. After a long hiatus due to bone spurs in his feet, he’s picked it up again. And he’s not just cruising around! He just released a new mini ramp clip that shows that he’s still got it. On top of that, Element has already reached out to Bam about releasing a new model or re-issuing an old one and extended an offer to him to travel with the team. Check out his recent interview over at Jenkemmag now.