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In the first of an online-only series Rory takes to the Furka Pass in Switzerland, in an Aston Martin Rapide S. In between filming for the new series of Top Gear, Rory snuck off to sample some of the greatest driving roads on earth, welcome to Rory Reid’s Road Trips.


Riding in the dark greasy line of the lane where trucks and cars drip oil, and not being not fully alert are killer habits for inexperienced motorcyclists. Unlikely he will do either again. New pair of undies and an incredibly lucky escape for this kid.


Byron Bay doesn’t look much like the North Shore of Oahu, yet Soli Bailey somehow still seemed right at home. Start-to-finish in the 2017 Volcom Pipe Pro, Bailey advanced through every heat without making too much noise, a silent assassin. He was consistent and smart in the lineup throughout the event, yet not many on the beach recognised his name as he paddled out for the Final. After his performance today, that’ll no longer be a problem around these parts. Photos via: @brianbielmann and @tomcarey.


This one goes out to all the courier drivers who put their life, and others lives on the line to deliver sex toys to customers on the same day they were ordered.


Wait, does this mean Donald Trump has Hepatitis B? Somebody alert the authorities. I wanna give a major shoutout to vaccines. You’re the real MVP.


Every time that a major snow storm like this wallops the East Coast, local news reporters are given the unenviable task of heading out into the inclement weather to provide commentary on the storm. The storm pelting Boston, New York City, and Philadelphia is no different; and during a live segment this morning on Fox 29 in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, one bus driver got caught up giving sneaky passengers the business.


If you don’t have a house to party at, why not use a fake living room setup in Ikea? @whitespyderdabs got more partying done in this short video than you lightweights get done in a year!


“Here is one of the videos we’ve been wanting to put together for our 1320Video fans for a LONG time – a twin turbo Lamborghini montage of some of the CRAZIEST Lambos we’ve seen throughout the years! The TT Lambos are at the top of our list for favourite street cars due to their high horsepower AND street-a-bilitiy! Some say the twin turbo Lamborghinis can’t be beat on the highway, but many have tried! GT-R’s, Supras, bikes…these high horsepower Lamborghinis have lined up against anything and everything and still just can’t seem to be beat!” – 1320video.


A drugs cartel leader known as ‘H2’ was dramatically machine-gunned to death by a Mexican Air Force helicopter in a bloody firefight. Juan Francisco Patron was one of eight criminals slaughtered in a spectacular operation when he was cornered at a house. Incredible footage showed the chopper hovering over the property before releasing a torrent of gunfire.


Alice Racine (Rapace), a female CIA interrogator with a troubled childhood but now settled in present day London, is working as an undercover agent. Alice becomes unwittingly involved in a devastating biological attack on London after being tricked into divulging critical information to a terrorist. A deadly game of cat and mouse ensues with Alice unsure whom she can trust in a desperate fight for survival.



Danny Davis filmed this awesome edit at his own house with filmer, Scott Barber. Sit back and enjoy Danny Davis hitting a literal home run.


Love the guy in his bed reading a tablet while everything in his cabin is going to sh*t. This is what it’s like to have small children. Clean the room. Wait 20 minutes. Clean the room again. Bolt everything down. Wait 20 minutes. Clean the room again.


Snowboarders have been getting harassed on ski mountains across the world since the very first day snowboarding came into being. Skiers have long hated snowboarders for crowding up the mountains and trashing the fresh powder. But this is the first instance we’ve seen of the wildlife rebelling against the sport of snowboarding.


“I can’t even begin to tell you people how much pain and suffering I went through to film this video, it turned out exactly how I wanted and I couldn’t be more stoked. I really hope you guys like it as much as I do.” – Dylan Morrison


A touch of the Gilded Age is coming back to Westchester, NY. Just 13 miles from New York City, 21 multi-million dollar mansions are being built along the foothills of the Hudson River with views of the Tappan Zee Bridge and Lyndhurst Castle.


Buttery Films just posted a raw edit of his homie Axell Hodges with clips from the days in the St. Anthony Sand Dunes, void of music but heavy on the big hits. Check it out.


How low can you go? Likely not as low as limbo world-record holder Shemika Charles. Check out video from a recent stunt at a New York car dealership. Shemika limbos under an SUV while holding two trays of drinks. And she didn’t spill a single drop!