All I was thinking is that there was broken glass on the floor and someone might get sent to the hospital. She may or may not have deserved that beating, but her opponents fought without honour. I was about to say the cameraman is the voice of reason here, trying to diffuse the situation, but then again, his priority seemed to be recording on his phone, and he wasn’t exactly lifting a finger to intervene.


Tom Cruise is the star of the Mummy, but he might as well be credited with official stuntman as well. He isn’t off in his air-conditioned trailer, he’s standing next to explosion and jumping into moving buses!


There aren’t a lot of people that go skiing on Maui. There’s something about the lack of snow that hampers it from becoming Maui’s biggest tourist attraction. Chuck Patterson, however, ain’t got time for that.


“We cannot help them and kill them at the same time,” says Brad Pitt’s super confident general in this new trailer for Netflix’s fact-based, absurdist War Machine. “It just ain’t humanly possible.” Inspired by the book The Operators: The Wild & Terrifying Inside Story of America’s War in Afghanistan by the late journalist Michael Hastings, the Netflix original movie stars Pitt as General Glen McMahon, described by Netflix as “a man caught up in a modern-day war machine that keeps on churning, seemingly to no end.”


Bust or Bail went to Atlanta’s infamous 5 block, and as any event held by Thrasher, destruction and carnage ensued. Watch these guys put their fears aside and throw themselves off this monster.

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The ultra-fast and ultra-rare McLaren P1 LM set a new record time for a road-legal car to negotiate the world-famous hillclimb at the Goodwood Festival of Speed in England. A road-going version of the track-only McLaren P1 GTR, the Lanzante-developed P1 LM reached the top of the 1.86-kilometre-long hillclimb in 47.07 seconds, with 50-year-old Swedish racing driver Kenny Brack at the wheel.


Sparks is a legitimate business owner by day and a stolen car chop shop kingpin by night. Operating out of Oakland CA, he takes orders from customers for any type of car, then sends his workers out to steal whatever they need!


Steak can be a bit daunting to tackle when it comes to cooking but whether it’s a cheap cut or an expensive cut, it’s all about how you treat it. I usually soak my steak in peanut butter for 87 hours, then I blend it. After blending, I place the meat in little trays. I then place paddle pop sticks in them, freeze for 6 – 12 months, then eat them like an icy pole.


In a world driven by social media and radically publicised bouts of excess, there is no shortage of token millionaire ballers. Dan Bilzerian pioneered it with his overzealous showboating of assault rifles, naked women and private jets and today he’s getting some classier competition. Say hello to the 49-year-old Italian business tycoon with abs known as Gianluca Vacchi.


The dumbest thing a person could ever do is try to start a fight with Joe Rogan, Eddie Bravo and Tait Fletcher. This guy was lucky to escape with only a hurt pride. Cheers to Dave for this submission!

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A cause of death has not yet been reported. Boykin was skateboarder and entrepreneur Rob Dyrdek’s best friend and bodyguard, starring alongside him in “Rob & Big” for three seasons. The fan-favorite reality series showed the two in their day-to-day lives, filming such adventures as adopting a mini-horse and breaking Guinness world records. He would go on to appear in many episodes of Dyrdek’s follow-up to “Rob & Big,” “Fantasy Factory,” as well as three episodes of Dyrdek’s other MTV show, “Ridiculousness.” He will be greatly missed.


This guy can really rap. He has some hilarious lines in there that make you chuckle, and his flow is on point!


“We got bored on the way to the Las Vegas SX so I rode a wheelie from California to Nevada haha! Shot on GoPro Hero5 in 4K by Dave Dawes.” – @twitchthis8.


In this instant classic film, a video game addict goes inside the game to get his girlfriend back after STRAFE abducted her into its cyber world. The game then spills out into the real world and that’s when sh*t gets really real!


The scariest thing about falling into a crevasse is if you know how they kill people. They’re generally wider at the top and taper down so falling in doesn’t kill you most of the time. You get wedged in when it’s not wide enough for you anymore and your body heat slowly melts the ice and you slip millimetre by millimetre deeper into the gap. Every breath let’s you slip a little further until you can’t expand your lungs enough to breathe and you suffocate. Whole process takes hours and hours.


Tracy Morgan is making his comedy comeback on a grand scale as he’s teamed up with Netflix to deliver his own comedy special, Tracy Morgan: Staying Alive. Take a look at the trailer, which starts out with a joke detailing the aftermath of the accident, right out the gate.