Edson Barboza gives us a quick master class in how to figure out your opponent. If you try the same combo on him too many times, he will drag you to hell and skin you alive!


Be mesmerised by this awesome steady footage chasing Kevin Kowalski around a huge concrete park. The footage has been stabilised, making it so buttery on the eyes you’ll think you’re a piece of toast!


Authorities in Philadelphia are looking to arrest eight teenagers who were involved in a major subway station brawl. In the released video, the teens are seen attacking a defenceless man, kicking him and punching him as he lies on the ground. No arrests have been made, but police released photos of the teens involved in the violent attacks.




Hopsin chose a random fan out of the crowd to perform ‘Ill Mind 5’ with him at the Village Underground in London. This guy absaloutly killed it!


These guys have killed many tyres to master the skill of the reverse entry. Watch as they swing the car the wrong way, smile at the camera, wink at a hot girl, put sunglasses on, the pull the car back around at the last second!


Jessica Wilde is known for her highly popular work as a cam girl, and her YouTube channel has over 25,000 subscribers. In this video she is here to tell us a bit about what goes on behind the scenes for anyone thinking of getting into the business.


Fully extended, the roof of the car stands at 9 feet tall, offering enough clearance over the roof of a standard car. To make sure the Hum Rider doesn’t sheer off a mirror or scrape a roof, there are four cameras and an integrated quad-split video screen in the vehicle. The car features over 300 feet of hydraulic lines, and weighs 8,500 lbs, almost double the weight of a standard Jeep Grand Cherokee.


Hats off to Joe for addressing this. In the wake of incidents involving immensely popular YouTubers PewDiePie and Jon “Jontron” Jafari, yet another gaming personality has faced what at first appeared to be fallout from offensive or politically incorrect remarks. This sh*t is ridiculous to say the very least.


“I’m charged with carrying a concealed weapon, felony resisting, and breach of peace. On Feb 5th 2017, I and Liberty Is For Everyone were arrested for exercising our 1st & 2nd amendment right’s. We now face felony charges. Here is the lobby footage of that day. This is from my camera that was mounted on the tripod. I finally got the footage from our discovery request just three days before the probable cause hearing. All of our guns have been confiscated, along with my car, laptop, cell phone, camera’s, hard drive, and work keys.”


This guy has a serious passion for delicious burgers. His reaction to this particular burger would have made one Burger King employee’s day!


He’s owned many exotic and amazing cars which have eventually been sold on, but this is one car Andrew Bagnall will never part with. The entrepreneur and amateur racing driver from Auckland, New Zealand has owned his McLaren F1 – chassis #18 – for more than ten years. It’s no museum piece – he takes it out for a drive once a month.


Joseph Nehm was destroyed by the speed and power of Ryse Brink when the America opened with a devastating kick. A knee follow up and barrage of punches prompted the referee to step in, but the fight was not over for Nehm. As Brink peeled off in celebration, the camera catches Nehm coming to and attacking the referee!


How do you control something going 400mph? I can’t even control the mouse on my computer screen. The landing was graceful too. The pilot obviously has a lot of experience leading up to this. The manoeuvres he used could not be done on a first try. Years of experience here boys.

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Ghanaian footballer Mohammed Anas made a hilarious blunder in what is being called ‘the greatest man of the match speech of all time.’ After bagging the man of the match award with a standout two-goal display, Anas began his obligatory post-match interview with a revealing slip of the tongue.


A lot of people in this compilation are dead lucky to get home without injury, and the rest are just Aussie larrikins having a good old time!


“He denies he’s done anything wrong.” “Haters gonna hate.” Attaboy. F**ken lost it when his response to how much alcohol he had was “10 cups of goon.” Wrestled a crocodile after getting pissed on goon to impress a British backpacker, you don’t get much more bogan than that. I love this country.


No single tricks, just mind-melting lines executed with the kind of precision only he commands. Hell yeah! The Skate Gods must be pleased.