What if you have an Audi R8 Spyder and its that time of the year when the mountain passes are too frozen for cyclists and bikers, not to mention most cars? You engage Quattro and go for it, hoping the authorities haven’t blocked the roads.


This incident happened in Australia near Melbourne where a so-called “rail trespasser” was apparently trying to move his bike from the tracks, yet once he realised he didn’t have time, he jumped out of the way.


In order to provide customers with a more convenient means of indulging in their new Chocolate Shamrock Shake, McDonald’s presents a newly redesigned straw. This specially engineered J-shaped snorkel design lets you suck in two layers of flavours simultaneously.


Channel 7 tonight ran a story about an Australian GTA V mod created by “underground computer geeks” that brings Australian emergency services such as police vehicles, police officers and fire engines into the PC version of the game. Troy Grant, the NSW Police Minister claimed that this mod was offensive due to the fact that games like this desensitise people against what police officers actually face on a day to day basis. It was also stated in the report that NSW Police plan to take action on the creators of the mod.


Today is the Weeknd’s 27th birthday. To celebrate, he’s shared a new star-studded video for his Starboy track “Reminder.” It features appearances by Drake, Travis Scott, A$AP Rocky, YG, French Montana, and others. In it, the Weeknd and Rocky drive around in a convertible. He also hangs out in front of a jet with French Montana and more. There’s also plenty of fire, including a burning tree.


Ghost Recon Wildlands, aka the new open world Tom Clancy adventure, will get an open beta starting February 23. Available to everyone (as long as your system can handle it), the beta will run until February 27, leaving plenty of time to shoot at drug cartels.


“I live in Canberra, but I’m no politician. I am not politically correct, never was, never will be. And that’s why you love me. I stand out in a world full of rules. I’m loud. I’m in your face. For some I’m a pilgrimage, a rite of passage, or a bucket list item. I’m a 4 day festival, a party with your mates, a weekend away with the missus, a day spent with Dad. I am Summernats!”


Never steal a man’s food, or prepare to meet the animal that lives inside him. This tall snake stole the other guy’s Pop-Tarts while he was visiting his house, and didn’t get away with his crime easily!


After Scott and Kate Johansen (Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler) lose their daughter Alex’s college fund, they become desperate to earn it back so she can pursue her dream of attending a university. With the help of their neighbour Frank (Jason Mantzoukas), they decide to start an illegal casino in the basement of his house.


This solicitor approached the door and attempted to leave a flyer on the door. The family’s german shepherd inside became very protective and jumped through the glass part of the door shattering it.



“A House in Oakland is an independent project engaged in the struggles of the homeless through direct action. We are a Do-it-yourself collective and we have been using our own funds and resources to make this project happen. With your donations, the collective will continue to utilise time and resources to shelter the homeless in Oakland. We will provide a care package for the homeless which includes: a tent, a sleeping bag, a blanket, socks, hoodie, toothpaste, flashlight and cleaning wipes.” – A House in Oakland.


Sebastian Castella, who just weeks ago angered campaigners against the sport when he said animals “do not have rights”, was performing at the Bullring of La Santamaria in Bogota. The bull took out his legs with a swooping horn, then turned around and attacked him, tossing him up into the air like a ragdoll.


“Having found an awesome new rope swing to hang out at on those hot Aussie days, I found out that I’m not the only one swimming in those waters… I then hunt down the infamous bull shark that’s know to survive and thrive in both fresh and salt waters with a hand reel, and cook it up right at the rope swing for lunch the next morning.”


For his GQ Style cover story, the ever-controversial Conor McGregor lets loose about everything: Donald Trump, $27,000 shopping sprees, Money Mayweather, and his wild path to becoming the don of the octagon. Watch the video after the jump, and then go and visit GQ Style HERE for the full interview. Warning: McGregor’s tongue is as dangerous as his left fist.


It is a production that is everything Tim Bonython lives for when it comes to documenting surfing. Big wave surfing has evolved so much over the past 10 years and his relationship with this genre of the sport that has grown more than any other. The Big Wave Project is about just that. It’s everything from where its come from to where it is now.


Would you put your life in the hands of another to achieve a few thousand likes on Instagram? It seems the quest for the perfect social media photograph has reached death-defying heights as a Russian model recently illustrated in a daring, and some may say stupid, photo shoot. Viki Odintcova, who has more than 3.1 million followers on Instagram, shared videos and photos of her dangling off a 300-metre skyscraper in Dubai, holding on to an unidentified man. Check it out.


Watch as this red octopus faces off with a swimmer crab. There is a lot of ducking a weaving from the crab, until a seal comes in and turns the tide!