Man I love the future we live in. And the best part is that we still have about 30 years before we get killed by machines. I wonder if it will be able to x-ray through clothing? Recognise the shape of someone’s figure, my neighbour’s wife for example, and let the computer generated intelligence do the rest.


A look at Destiny 2’s first mission can be seen in the new gameplay trailer below. The action begins just moments after a Cabal attack on Destiny 1’s Tower hub, blowing it to smithereens.


Looks like it’s time for a new dog. Even Ricky, Julian and Bubbles would shake their heads at this level of criminal incompetence.


LaBeouf is in need of some positive press following the poor reviews and box-office performance of his 2016 movie Man Down, though before that most critics praised his performance in American Honey. Of course, it’s hard to judge the quality of a film from a vague 60-second teaser trailer, but if the cinematography and hair are any indication, this should be good.


This is a story of Bamboo the Baboon, and how she lived with me for 7 days after buying her from a few abusive children. She is now at Abu Dhabi Wildlife Centre in the U.A.E. with another young Olive Baboon.


A Chinese electric performance car manufacturer has torn the previous Nordschleife record for a production car apart after its EP9 set a lap time of 6:45.9. The car, with separate electric motors for each wheel (making it AWD), boasts a hefty megawatt of power, or 1000kW. Because of this, and its 1480Nm of torque being available at all times, the EP9 has a claimed 0-200km/h of 7.1 seconds, and a top speed of 313km/h. Insane.


A baby goat born with a single huge eye, one ear, and no nose has left villagers baffled in India. The terrifying goat was born on May 10th in a village in northeastern Indian state of Assam. It has a rare condition called Cyclopia and vets believed that it will die within few days. Unbelievably it is still alive and kicking!


What a wonderful time to be alive, but has science gone too far? I can’t see incredible intricate pieces like this without thinking about trying to clean those insanely hard to reach spots.


Non-stop rapid fire challenges with some extra-hard options, Double Sammy packs about as many difficult challenges as possible into a relatively short distance. The views from the trail are beautiful, but the drivers are honed in on the trail 10 feet ahead of them anytime they are in motion. Lots of off camber and max steep climbs and descents.


You can tell the student in the purple hoodie feels bad for him after he cracks him with that dizzying slap. While he’s trying to get up and he comes over to give him a hand but everybody starts pushing him away.


Employees at Germany’s Hanover Adventure Zoo were caught using whips, bullhooks, and, in one instance, even a fist to force elephants to perform circus-style tricks to entertain visitors.


Trying to define a Prodigy gig is trying to analyse an explosion. Hard-hitting UK electronica act, They have been wowing audiences with their incendiary live performance since 1990, with their punishing mishmash of rave, hardcore techno, jungle, breakbeat and rock/punk influences. The Prodigy have sold over 25 million records worldwide, becoming known as ‘the premiere dance act for the alternative masses.’ If they ever come through your town. Don’t miss it.


In the black of the night, Loic Bruni is spotted by a ghostly, glowing craft intent on following him. Follow Loic Bruni down some epic New Zealand single track as he charges down the trail, with a drone beaming light down on him from above!


For 10 idyllic years, a young girl has been the caretaker and constant companion to Okja, a massive animal, and an even bigger friend at her home in the mountains of South Korea. But that changes when a family-owned multinational conglomerate takes Okja for themselves and transports her to New York.



Perfect tuning does not happen by chance, and conquering it forces a path of dedication that is necessarily rooted in obsession. The final result translates into authentic artistic moments, and that is why living without aiming for this harmony is a “spiritual suicide”. Filmed and produced by White Flag Productions.


The capabilities of these new wingsuits by Squirrel are almost hard to comprehend. With the new Squirrel Flare Power, wingsuiters are now able to gain altitude while in free fall. Calculations are estimates based on multiple camera angles and, in some cases, GPS track logs.


Fearing for his life the officer fired, striking the suspect in the arm. “He was essentially attacked and felt his life was in danger and responded the way he was trained to do,” said Cooper. The suspect, identified as Deyon Marcus Rivas-Maestas, remains hospitalised and will be charged.