I wish all fights end like this without retaliation. You win some you lose some, but you live to fight another day. I hate when somebody is down and they keep relentlessly hitting them. This is a proper scrap. Fighting back in the day was to gain respect, not to end up in jail for accidental, fractured skull, bleed on the brain murder.


Calvin Kosovich takes you on a raw street tour putting his pegs on anything in his way. From Australia to California and Arizona, Calvin unleashes a grip of powerhouse rail moves for his Vans Illustrated section. Dive into some of the heaviest grinds you’ll see all day.


Dave Mull looks at the world differently. He is able to find skate spots in the weirdest places, and he gets gnarly while he’s at it!


The suspect posted video to Facebook as he fired. “I’m sorry guys,” he said, as deputies were heard shouting orders. The suspect then barricaded himself in a home. In another video two hours later, he is seen talking by phone with a negotiator. He puts the handgun to his head and threatens suicide before offering to surrender. Officials say 20-year-old Sean Vasquez will face charges including assault with a deadly weapon.


“We were following the leopard as it was just walking along when my friend spotted the 2 porcupines walking towards the leopard. As soon as the leopard saw them it changed into stalking mode and we knew something was going to happen.”


Thousands of people gathered on the oval at Upper Coomera State College to watch the chopper drop the eggs on Good Friday. But the event quickly erupted into chaos when the thousands of tiny Easter treats rained from the sky. The enormous crowd, which was held back from the drop zone, broke boundary ropes and rushed towards the centre of the oval, resulting in a crushing stampede. Many children were crying, screaming and gasping for air in the shocking footage as they are trampled by other kids, teenagers and in some cases, adults! Shout out to Craig Scott for the submission.


Watch this excellent teaser, one that will no doubt be endlessly dissected for the next eight months. It hints at, among other things, some Rey Jedi training action, some Finn healing, some space battles, more Kylo Ren moping, and a darker side of Luke Skywalker.


It’s back baby! In what has become a yearly tradition. A sh*tload of Aussie lads get dressed up and ride their bikes to several different houses around Ellenbrook in Western Australia, and then consume over 1,000 beers over the course of the day. This ladies and gentlemen, is what they call the ‘Le Tour De Fridge’. Shout out to Cole Peppiatt for the hook ups every year. It’s rowdy as f**k and full of absolute shenanigans, cops, lake jumping, shots, roof jumping, spewing, and more. Put your f**ken drinking hat on mates and watch it now!




It was the first time Lucid had brought the car out for a high-speed run, and according to the company’s chief technical officer, Peter Rawlinson, the test was a success. “We’re really thrilled about the stability,” said Rawlinson at a press conference in New York. “The car is rock solid, was running consistently. Absolutely solid as a rock.” Rawlinson said he believes that if Lucid wants to be a true competitor to German luxury brands like BMW, Mercedes-Benz, and Audi, the Air will have to be able to keep up with those automaker’s top-line sedans when hustling down unrestricted sections of the German autobahn.


Clearly not scared by any gap or rail, Zac Hutera put together this 3 and a half minute video filled with some seriously solid moves out in the streets!


These drivers have balls bigger than their tyres. I’m not sure why they call this a long jump, when the lip of the jump has more kick than a slapped donkey!


An urban explorer has shared haunting images of the abandoned Fukushima earthquake ‘exclusion zone’ after sneaking in to the highly irradiated region. Wearing a gas mask but no other protective clothing, Keow Wee Loong visited four of the evacuated towns in Fukushima with friends. Lying completely untouched since March 2011, the city of Fukushima was evacuated suddenly after the east coast of Japan was devastated by a massive earthquake followed by a huge tsunami.


Stuntman Damien Walters showcases just why he is a Hollywood favourite; world-renowned skydiver and base jumper Noah Bahnson astonishingly taunts gravity; and Nick Jacobsen, kiteboarding and kitesurfing champion, shows the true meaning of adventure with a record-breaking and world-first feat from the Burj Al Arab’s iconic helipad. Shout out to Pepe Pesado for the submission.


Customers who legally changed their surname to the name of a Russian supermarket (Veniy) were promised to receive 50,000 RUB (A $1165.65) per month. The Russian man claims he and his wife have been going through a rough patch in their marriage and that the name change was the final straw.


“Here at Rip Curl we believe innovation is key, and over the years we’ve continued to lead the world in quality and technology. Our wetsuits are a product of that belief, and here, our team of the world’s best surfers put them to the test. Filmed by Nick Pollet, Laurent Pujol, Rory Pringle, Justin Jung, Andrew Buckley, Taylor Paul, Henrique and Tony Harrington.” – Rip Curl Australia


To help visualise the dramatic final chapter in Cassini’s remarkable story, NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory produced this short film that features beautiful computer-generated animation, thoughtful narration and a rousing score.


The US military says it has dropped the most destructive non-nuclear bomb ever used in combat on an Islamic State group tunnel complex in Afghanistan. The GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb (MOAB), known as “the mother of all bombs”, was first tested in 2003, but had not been used before. The Pentagon said it was dropped from a US aircraft in Nangarhar province.