Every time I see these guys doing this stuff it blows my mind. You wouldn’t get me on something with that much power and so little everything else, let alone doing 120mph through a hairpin while dragging knees and elbows on the ground, that’s just a whole nother level of crazy!


Watch ice cream rolls get made and try not to considering getting in the car right now and go on a mission to try and find a shop that will sell you some.


Before becoming a worldwide hip-hop sensation and fashion muse, rapper A$AP Rocky was a younger brother, growing up in Harlem, who experienced tragedy before finding his calling. For Mercedes-Benz’s “Get a Job” spot, the rapper remembers his older brother, who was killed in a shooting at 20 years old, and his impact on his career path.


Torstein Horgmo came through with the goods whilst filming for the Union Binding Company movie “Stronger” last season. Peep that Raw Cut from his time in the streets!


Florida golf courses are known all over the world as being home to wildlife, specifically alligators. A family were teeing off at Seven Springs Golf Club in Florida when they spotted one walking across the ground, with its huge lunch.


The San Antonio Police Department has made an arrest in the case of a deadly convenience store shooting that led to the death of Renard Smith. On Friday, SAPD arrested Savawn Kyle and charged him with capital murder. “I ain’t worry about nothin’. S***. Y’all need to go get that mixtape,” Kyle said as SAPD walked him in front of cameras.


Keyjonta Foster, 23, was wearing a hockey mask straight out of “Friday the 13th” when he approached ABC 7’s CeFaan Kim and put his arm around the reporter’s neck before pointing at the camera and announcing his stage name — Majesty Da Rebel, footage shows. The camera pans away from the action, then returns to the two scuffling on the sidewalk before Foster shoves Kim to the ground. “I didn’t attack you,” Foster is seen shouting at Kim after the incident. “You attacked me!”


Luis Guillorme, one of the Mets’ top defensive prospects, coolly barehanded a bat that flew out of the hands of Marlins hitter Adeiny Hechavarria and toward the New York dugout. While his teammates ducked for cover, the 22-year-old infielder tracked the lumber into his non-catching hand without any hesitation, and then flipped the bat back to Hechavarria all in one fluid motion.


“This time on TRC we go for a ride in Gordon’s BAD ASS Mitsubishi Evo X. This car is as close as you can get to the Ultimate Factory long block street Evo X, making a healthy 512WHP with pretty much all the bolt on modifications installed and an FP Red upgraded turbo. The car is also roughly 250lbs lighter than its stock form and you can really feel it! Gordon was going for a well balanced street setup that wouldn’t break the bank, goal achieved!” – That Racing Channel.


Security footage from the a hotel in Nebraska, shows a masked man lurking in the lobby. The victim, a female front desk employee, can be seen on camera walking down a hallway when the masked attacker peers around the corner and follows her down the same hallway. Authorities say they were able to identify the suspect as 29-year-old Zachary Lee Person because of the woman’s action. Person is a registered sex offender wanted for multiple assaults in multiple states, according to authorities.


Dramatic footage has emerged from Chile of two tourists having a very close call with a massive avalanche in Torres del Paine national park in Patagonia. The video, captured by one of the tourists in August last year, shows the avalanche charging through the valley, very nearly reaching the two men. Cheers to Rodrigo for this submission!


Many Switch users are experiencing problems from day one. Reports are submitted everyday with new pictures and videos. Loud crashes, errors, bricked blue/orange screens, dead pixels, ingame artifacts, unrecognized cartridges, loose/woobly joycons, scratches and design flaws.


Well there’s a surprise. The internet was awash with rumours that Aston Martin and Red Bull’s forthcoming hypercar, codenamed AM-RB 001, would be badged Nebula. But the internet has egg on its face. At the Geneva Motor Show, Aston has announced it will, in fact, be know as the Valkyrie – continuing Aston’s fascination with names beginning in ‘V’.


Officers recognize a man shot on a lawn as a known gangster named Little Robbie. Shout out to the police officer for putting in solid work on the streets.



Italy’s best porchetta is made by a man named Vitaliano “Vito” Bernabei in Marino, a small town about twenty kilometers south of Rome. The gorgeous porchetta features puffy, crunchy skin (of course), and juicy inner meat that’s seasoned with wild fennel flowers, wildly expensive pepper, and a secret ingredient (watch the video to find out).


In this historic city by the sea in northeast Brazil, burn patients look as if they’ve emerged from the waves. They are covered in fish skin — specifically strips of sterilised tilapia. Doctors here are testing the skin of the popular fish as a bandage for second- and third-degree burns. The innovation arose from an unmet need. Animal skin has long been used in the treatment of burns in developed countries. But Brazil lacks the human skin, pig skin, and artificial alternatives that are widely available in the US.


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