Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

For most people, watching a trailer is a straightforward activity, as you’re simply looking at footage from a movie cut together in an appealing manner, be it in a theatrical setting, on home media or somewhere online, and then contemplating if you intend to watch said movie. But some people aren’t content to let certain trailers simply unfold in front of their eyes; they also want put their own spin on the preview. Lego recreations are among the popular ways of doing so, and one of the trailers for the upcoming Top Gun: Maverick has now been given such treatment.

In the suburbs of Cleveland Ohio you can find the world’s longest indoor mountain bike trail inside of the world’s first indoor mountain bike park. Ray’s Indoor MTB park is a legendary place in mountain bike history and in this video we take you for a full lap on the worlds longest continuous indoor trail!

The Kepler Telescope was built for one purpose; to look at a certain patch in the Milky Way in search of exoplanets. The exoplanet hunter observed over hundreds of thousands of stars and discovered thousands of exoplanets during its lifetime.

“Regball” — a radical alternative to basketball practiced in Russia — went viral on Twitter. According to the Russian Regball Federation, “Rules are very simple: everything is allowed, except for foot pegs, shocks in the back and a clear provocation to the collision.”

In the clip, which comes from an undisclosed location in Russia, you can hear the new fighter make an unusual high-pitched ringing noise as it approaches. The sound reaches an eerie crescendo just as the planes enter the field of view.

Directed by Andrew Donoho, the accompanying visual follows the album’s horrorcore theme and sees the two on a mission to eliminate a zombie-like character. 21 and Metro Boomin are joined by Honorable C.N.O.T.E., and they find themselves searching a creepy and abandoned structure before being confronted by the horrifyingly bloody creature. Metro Boomin and C.N.O.T.E. pull out a pair of guns each and begin shooting down the thing that’s walking towards them. When the job is done, 21 takes one last look at the creature and they walk away in victory.

We have all seen council workers, this is 100% true. 😝

Shinichi Morohoshi is Tokyo’s self-made Lamborghini king, a man who built an empire on the back of repeated tragedies. His heavily customized supercars capture the over-the-top style of Kabukichō, winning him fans and detractors worldwide.

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

YouTuber Joshua Weissman thought that the Chick-fil-A chicken sandwich was a tad overrated, so he set out to prove that he could make a better one.

NOVITEC sub-label SPOFEC got its hands on the Rolls-Royce Cullinan this time last year, updating the luxurious SUV with its exclusive OVERDOSE treatment. Now, SPOFEC has put its name to the Rolls-Royce Cullinan Black Badge edition, which takes the already leveled-up SUV and gives it even more power and prowess.

In some ways this is sorta like a Star Wars run through the death star or a fighter jet flying thru the canyons of the mountains.

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2019 was a career-defining year for Billy Kemper. From coveted magazine covers to Big Wave contest wins to a memorable run in the Pipe Masters, Billy was riding an incredible wave of momentum into 2020. That all changed in an instant with a life-threatening fall in big, barreling surf at Morocco’s Safi Point.

Alvarez made it look easy on Saturday night in Miami when he forced Yildirim to quit on his stool after Round 3