A white woman claiming she wanted to spread awareness of how Asians are portrayed in Hollywood decided to kiss some random Japanese men she found on the street without their consent. Riiiiiight. I’d be tripping if some strange woman came up and stuck her mouth on me. I don’t know what diseases she might have. Can you even imagine if a dude did this? Cops would be called immediately. It would be called attempted rape, especially in today’s culture.


Cheetahs are majestic as f*ck, but best observed from a distance. To wild animals, I always imagine that humans in cars would look like canned food.


Senators defenceman Marc Methot suffered a gruesome injury to a finger on his left hand in a game against the Pittsburgh Penguins. With 5:22 left in the first period and both teams playing 4-on-4, Methot skated up ice with the puck and was slashed on the hands by Penguins captain Sidney Crosby before shooting the puck into the corner. Methot removed his glove following the slash to reveal a bloody finger and skated off the ice straight to the dressing room. The tip of Methot’s finger was hanging by a thread.


“This was a passion project for me for a number of reasons, and I think you guys are really going to enjoy it. I got myself into trouble as a teen and know first hand how easy it can be to walk down the wrong path. These are stories of redemption. Powerful.” – Dwayne Johnson


Need a new pipe? You could get yourself one of these that can withstand the weight of a massive cinder block. Is this legit, or an attempt at going viral?


Newly released body camera footage shows the violent altercation with a loud-mouthed teenager that led to an Illinois police officer being charged with a felony. Investigators released the video showing Springfield Police Officer Samuel Rosario, 32, arguing with and finally punching a 19-year-old male. Rosario, who is on unpaid administrative leave from the department, has been charged with two counts of battery and felony official misconduct.


We’ve long proved that if you’re good in a video game, those same skills will translate well in real life racing. Nissan has done it before with their Gran Turismo Academy with great success placing top finishers in online gameplay in real life race cars with competitive results. Watch pro-rally driver (Will Orders) doing the exact opposite, driving a video game. From initial first impressions and comments on the video, Orders has left the entire internet was left with mouths agape.


“I built this pottery kiln and some pottery from termite mound clay to test an alternative clay source to my usual one from the creek bank. I started by making a large grate from ordinary clay.”


You might remember him as the precocious 18-year-old who won Cape Fear in 2016. The son of Hawaiian big wave surfer Kirk Bierke, Russell never had a choice, from a young age it was always charge hard or charge home, and that’s just what he’s done. Growing up on Australia’s South Coast meant growing up on a diet of raw ocean energy, the Pacific endlessly broadsiding his hometown of Ulladulla and its plethora of shallow reef slabs and deep water bombies with swell…and it doesn’t get much gnarlier than a big ‘ol day at his local shallow reef slab Shipstern Bluff.


Remember how you owned a skateboard when you were nine, and now you kind of still feel like after a few warm-up ollies you’d be ripping again? A local barney takes a couple hits before @ishodwair steps in and shows us how it’s done!




BASE jumping is widely regarded as the most dangerous sport in the world. When a jumper adds a little creativity to danger, you get the phenomenon we call “blade running”. Once the jumper got to the top of this 200ft wind turbine, he made the walk of his life. After getting his bearings, he calmly yet gingerly stepped onto the stalled, but still movable blade.


Renee Morgan, a single mom who lives with her twelve-year-old son Evan in a quiet suburban home, is terrified of spiders. Unbeknownst to both, their every move is being observed. While running her daily errands her car breaks down and she is violently kidnapped by a group of strangers. About 24 hours later, in an anonymous laboratory, she is tied up and questioned about her medical history, including her great fear of spiders. Soon her captors explain to her that her genetic abnormality can potentially allow her to “Rupture”, revealing her own true alien nature.


“This is the day I’ve been waiting for! I have been drifting for 13 years and I finally got a ride in a winning team in a winning car. I will have a lot more content to share with you guys as I make the transition into a professional driver from privateer like I was before. There will be some big changes, but overall I will be able to concentrate on my driving and make more content for you dudes and dudettes.” – @chelseadenofa.


The base in Balakliya, near Kharkiv, is around 100km (60 miles) from fighting against Russian-backed separatists. The dump is used to store thousands of tonnes of ammunition including missiles and artillery weapons. Rescue teams are overseeing a huge evacuation effort for people living in the city and nearby villages. The total area of the dump spans more than 350 hectares, the military says. Everyone within a 10km (6 miles) radius of the dump is being evacuated.

Scotty James - ActionScotty James - Action

Technical features over technical tricks is the mandate for McMorris and Toutant’s new project, ‘Uncorked’. Mark McMorris and Sebastien Toutant are two of the best in the business of slopestyle snowboarding. They can go bigger and flip faster than us mere mortals will ever be able to, and they each have a bag o’ tricks that go deep enough to keep them at the top of podiums around the world.


This awesome video for Kawehi’s song “(Not Another Lame) Fight Song” is shot on a random street filled with pedestrians as Kawehi takes her solo act on a walk. She beat boxes, loops sounds and plays the keyboards attached to her body!


In the middle of rural Kansas, armed security patrol the entrance to a doomsday bunker that’s reserved for the wealthy elite and sales are booming. Inside Edition headed deep below the surface of the Earth and into an underground bunker like no other. Larry Hall, the owner of the Survival Condo Project says, “Since the election of Donald Trump we have seen a whole new demographic of people calling in. People we didn’t know they existed before.”