If you’re a glutton for punishment, get ready; Koenigsegg and APEX ONE have released a video on how the hypercars go through “crash testing” before the purchaser receives them.

Jump on board with @markwallacebike & @troybrosnan as they give us a look at the course at @worldcup_maribor!

Nobody on the planet skates like this dude. He operates on his own mind-melting wavelength. Talk about PRO AF!! Congrats, Jaakko!

Seven gray metal rectangles create a stacked array of straight lines on a quiet street in New Orleans. These shipping containers once traveled along the Mississippi River. Now stationary, they make up the extraordinary home of Kicker Kalozdi, founder of premium bag company DamnDog, and his wife Anne Kalozdi, who is a biomedical engineer. They designed and built this house made out of shipping containers… despite having had no real experience building a house before!

Superstar British grime MC Stormzy is back with his first new music since his 2017 debut album Gang Signs & Prayer. Inspired by a viral dance created by NL Vossi in 2015, new single “Vossi Bop” finds Stormzy rapping over a tingly beat from producer Chris Andoh. At one point, he takes some shots at British politician Boris Johnson: “Rule number 2 don’t make the promise/ If you can’t keep the deal then just be honest/ I can never die I’m Chuck Norris/ Fuck the government and fuck Boris.”

Howdy, well fuck me what a week its been! Tonights post is put together from a number of shoots I’ve done with Amy Kuhne over the last couple years. I met Amy threw her husband Josh they are the owners of Phresh Ink Tattoo and Barber shop here on the Gold Coast. I first shot Amy in the shop and pretty much straight away after that first shoot started working together a heap. We definitely push each other with ideas and looks but I think that’s a crucial aspect if your gonna shoot with someone a lot. Im not here to bore you with my chit chat so enjoy the gallery and I’m stoked to be in the planning stages once again with Amy on some work for their Barber shop and also some more of this fiery goodness!
Andy Jackman

YG has released the music video for “Stop Snitchin,” a diss track aimed at Tekashi 6ix9ine. In the harrowing clip, YG portrays an enslaved man attempting to escape. The video includes depictions of whipping, lynching, and other violence.

We are powerless against mother nature when she turns on.

Ink addicts is a gallery in which we celebrate the art of tattooing. We are sharing images from across the internet that we have stumbled across or that have been submitted via email. We love the tattoo community and our intentions are to shine more light and acceptance on tattoos. Check out these amazing pieces.

The first official trailer for Swamp Thing has arrived. The visuals give off a distinct horror vibe, as expected from executive producer James Wan (Aquaman), who is more prominently known for his The Conjuring universe.

Here hold my beer, oh wait its ok ill hold it.

LA rapper Schoolboy Q runs us through his golfing essentials, from his grills to his golf club, and why he always brings money to the course.

We hope they got all of the Instagram likes they came for.

An incredibly clever chimpanzee at the Zoological Wildlife Foundation in Miami used a smartphone to watch a video on Instagram from several days prior during which they and their caretaker Mike Holston were horsing around with each other. The chimp not only watched that specific clip but also exited out of the video, scrolled and clicked through to other images, finding the process so fascinating that they repeated the same remarkable routine several times.

Howdy, Sorry for the delay in posting but I was busy having to much fun at the Day For Dystonia ride and fundraiser! What a fucking day!

If Russell Brand’s mind works like he speaks, I can see how he wants to escape that.