This was, without a doubt, the scariest moment of Kyle’s life. He was trapped in this 1100HP Audi RS3 for over 3 minutes while it was being consumed by fire. The entire time they had no brakes or any other way of stopping because the race ended around 150mph as they approached a very high overpass with over a mile of down hill pavement to travel before upward highway…

On August 6, President Trump issued an executive order prohibiting transactions with the video-sharing app TikTok. His order said that because TikTok is owned by the Beijing-based company ByteDance, the app could pose national security and privacy risks to users in the US.

Day Sulan is his latest signee to YG’s 4HUNNID label. She last teamed up with YG on “Her Story” from his last record 4Real 4Real, released back in May 2019. On “Equinox,” she easily steals the show with rapid-fire bars and a video that borders on NSFW territory. The track samples “Back That Thang Up” by Juvenile, Mannie Fresh and Lil Wayne with contributions from Fatman Scoop.

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

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A member of the U.S. Coast Guard opened fire on a shark as it swam toward some 40 crew members enjoying a leisurely swim in the Pacific Ocean.

A little girl in Taiwan suffered only minor injuries after being caught in a kite.

Richard Browning and his company Gravity Industries are known for creating one of the world’s only working jet suits. Not long ago, they headed to Iceland to take a flight over the country, offering a truly unique perspective on the nation’s beautiful and unspoiled landscape. Would have love to hear what this sounded like without the music.

Joseph Grisamore of Park Rapids, Minnesota set the hair-raising record of the World’s Tallest Mohawk that stands at an astonishing 108.2 centimeters/42.5 inches/3.6 feet according to Guinness World Records. Grisamore had attempted to break the very same record in 2006 but was not successful. With the help of his wife and his mother and hairstylist at Family Hair Affair, Grisamore was able to reach his goal.

During a Black Panther cast Town Hall interview with Sirius XM, the late greatly missed Chadwick Boseman opened up about what the film meant to him and to the community. While doing so, he shared an incredibly touching story about two young boys named Ian and Taylor, both of whom had terminal cancer. Their respective parents had told Boseman that their boys were trying to hold on long enough to see the film because they both saw themselves reflected in it.

Let’s take a minute silence to appreciate the fine form of a women in particular todays fine assed insta babe @lindsaycapuano Here’s just a small collection of her god damn sexy pics. Enjoy!

Elon Musk showed off Neuralink’s new implantable brain chip and demonstrated it working in real time on a pig.

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Deep in tropical jungles lie floating kingdoms ruled by beautiful and deadly masters: They are sort of the high elves of the ant kingdoms: Talented architects that create castles and city states. But they are also fierce and expansionist warriors and their kingdoms are ensnared in a never ending war for survival. Oecophylla weaver ants.

Random Radness is a collection of epic images we have stumbled upon on the internet or have been submitted to us. We think they are both rad and random.

Be grateful for what you have. Someone else is praying just to have it once!

Every night I would get an alert from my driveway security camera, and at first I was a bit annoyed, but then I found myself looking forward to the evening alert. And then inspiration struck, in the form of my wife giving me this great idea. What transpired has turned into the best part of an otherwise dreary pandemic summer.

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