This is an excerpt taken from ‘Under Construction 2: A Journey Into the Dark Side of Bodybuilding’. Denmark has cracked down on steroid users, even making it illegal for gyms to sell protein mixed with creatine. flew from New York all the way to Melbourne to surprise Declan and his family with a $100,000 cheque after he transformed his body, and it couldn’t have happened to a better guy!

I love how the guy in the white shirt forces a traffic cone in front of her car as if it’d stop her at that point. The incident sparked outrage online, with runners condemning the woman’s actions on Twitter. Plymouth’s GB Sprint Hurdler David King was left in shock upon seeing the footage, describing it as “disgusting behaviour”.

If he kicked you, your wafer thin body would be send into orbit. Robert Förstemann has incredible gifted genetics for cycling, with thighs so massive he can probably win races just buy putting fear into his opponents hearts and forcing them to drop out.

Saenchai ran a private seminar in Los Angeles for Wiz Khalifa and his friends. They each had to chance for a light spare with Saenchai, a massive honour to stand in front of a man who has made so many fall!

Muay Thai fighter, monk, and myth. There is little to debate over when it comes to Buakaw’s contribution to the world of fight sports. This is a man who almost single-handedly raised Muay Thai’s status as arguably the most effective striking arts on the planet. Even at the age of 35, he continues to smash his away across a trail of opponents and amassing even more fans along the way. With Buakaw, the word “legend” can feel like an understatement.

Not only has Brian Shaw won 4 Worlds Strongest Man titles, but he also has many world records in just about ever lift category imaginable. In order to perform the seemingly inhuman feats of strength that Shaw does on a regular basis, it takes a village. A village of both gym equipment and food. Most, if not all of this takes place at his home.

Bicyclists have a serious image problem. The perception among non-cyclists is that cyclists simply think the “rules of the road” don’t apply to them. “I don’t seek out confrontation but this guy stopped and looked like he wanted to have a conversation so I was happy to oblige. I wish > hadn’t raised my voice but something to different next time.” – Dashcam Driver.

Born in Texas, Jose Luis Sanchez joined the U.S Marine Corps in 2003. He was stationed around the world, with his last duty in Afghanistan. It was there that SSGT Sanchez stepped on an IED resulting in the amputation of his left leg below the knee and a severely injured right leg. Most recently, Sanchez founded the non-profit Rise Above Hardship to give back and motivate other Veterans and people of all ages through fitness.

Stefanie Cohen, arguably the strongest woman on the planet, pulls a deadlift PR in the Cage at The Arnold in Columbus, Ohio. As she continues to set new personal records, it begs the question: What are the limits of this woman?!