A college student in Mexico survived after reportedly falling 80 feet from a sixth-floor balcony while performing a yoga pose over a railing last weekend. In a still shot spread widely on social media, the young woman, identified by the Mexican newspaper El Universal as 23-year-old Alexa Terrazas, is seen hanging upside down on the outside of the balcony rail while supporting herself with her waist and the weight of her legs, which are bent. According to a tweet, the woman was practicing “extreme” yoga.

Gotta love how Thors dad just casually walks up and lifts it with either hand.. what a monster

The Hold Fast Project – You’re not alone, we are all fighting our own demons so fuck the stigma and lets get our stories out there.
Chris came into the studio with a mutual friend (Dave) to get his mug shot taken, Id never meet Chris before but this dudes got some good energy to him and just an all round good vibe. To sit in front of a dudes camera that you don’t even know and then to open up and be 100% raw about such a gnarly subject I knew Chris was all about spreading the same message as I was. My mate Dave Rollinson had talked to me previously about the work him and Dicky had been doing with mental health awareness and the 300 challenge they had done, and to have both of these legends back me with the Hold Fast Project was rad! There is a real push at the moment with mental health awareness and its fucking unreal to see all the smaller projects kicking off in their own areas and styles, and at the end of the day this is what its all about… helping each other.

Join Chris Heria as he shows you what to do Every Morning To Get Shredded. Doing This Routine Every Morning will have you building muscle and burning fat with only your body weight no need for weights or a gym.

Some will say he is the real king of bodybuilding πŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ’ͺπŸ§‘πŸ’―πŸ”₯ either way this is some motivation for your Monday.

In this vlog, we meet up with my good friend Julian Smith aka “The Quad Guy” We go over some workouts to combat DadBod efficiently.

Bro Science #133: Do you really lift arms every day of the week?

If You Bench 80 you can get a kiss, if you bench a 100 you can have all of thissssss……

How Wiz Khalifa Started Training Martial Arts and Gained 40 lbs!! Listen as Joe and Wiz chat

Choose The Right Gym Partner! No I don’t mean pick someone who enjoys the same types of movies, books and coffee shops as you. Rather, you want to find someone whose gym goals and abilities match closely to yours. This not only makes both of your lives easier when lifting together in the gym, but will further help motivate one another to achieve goals.