Rob McElhenney star of the new Apple TV+ series Mythic Quest, a.k.a. ‘Mac’ from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, walks us through the “actually quite simple” way he got totally jacked. Anybody can do it.

If you’ve ever considered naming your kid Brock, Rog, Jeep Grand Cherokee Skyler, Deegan, Lars… Congrats. You just earned yourself the right to sign up for a Tough Mudder.

Bro Science #138: Best leg exercises for looking alpha in the gym.

VICE follows two men getting cosmetic surgery. One man is getting liposuction on his abdominal area to get the six pack he always wanted. The other visits The Club House, a “man-cave” in Manhattan dedicated to male plastic surgery.

Josh Bridges is more than an athlete. He’s a warrior, someone who relentlessly tackles every challenge put before him. Here’s an in-depth look at Navy SEAL and CrossFit Games legend Josh Bridges.

A UFC fighter learns everything he’d been taught about protein was a lie. The Game Changers hits digital worldwide for all to watch.

Crazy Conor Mcgregor has fallen on hard times. His only hope? Joe Rogan.

BAR BROTHERS is a worldwide Family! Brothers and sisters helping each other to become the best that they can be! Calisthenics is the Workout. Street Workout is the Sport. And Bar Brothers is the Lifestyle! We are here to motivate you reach all your goals in life! All day every day!

“WHO’S GONNA CARRY THE BOATS AND THE LOGS?!”…Taken from JRE #1365 w/Cameron Hanes

Bro Science #135: the life stages of the female lifter.