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Keep Your Tips Up is an engaging and honest depiction of Sean Pettit’s life as a skier at home and around the world. His ability to blend huge, jaw-dropping lines with innovative new-school style has set him apart as the torch bearer for the future of big mountain skiing.


Geoff Rowley has had a career filled with the gnarliest tricks ever done. You’d think a mini-ramp part would be tame considering, but he still goes so hard.


“There isn’t much clutter in Mick’s home. It’s open, white, and sits on the sand just a few kilometers down the road from Snapper Rocks, where he surfed waves so exceptionally that he has his very own giant surf shop adjacent to it: Mick Fanning’s Rip Curl Store. After a marathon year in 2016 filled with personal trauma of epic proportions (think: separation, shark attack, family death, almost winning a 4th World Title), Mick is taking a break. Like actually pressing pause. Something that doesn’t come easy for him.” – @theinertia.


On Episode 2 of UFC 205 Embedded, lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and featherweight Frankie Edgar get some motivation in the form of a custom Conor throwing dummy. Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley reveals that he’s earned a second belt during his latest training camp; his opponent Stephen Thompson puts in an appearance at a first birthday party.


“The battle started four years ago: a varial heelflip into a Hoover Dam-sized ditch. Braydon Szafranski put it down gracefully in his part. This “Process” will give you some idea of his intense preparation and mental focus.” – The Berrics.


Chris Van Dine, Antoine Bizet and Wil White guide us through a course preview of the 2016 urban downhill mountain bike track in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.


There are fumbles, and then there are really, really costly fumbles. This one by Texas was effectively a 14-point swing, wasting an insane Longhorns scrum push for the endzone as the ball came loose. D’Onta Foreman nearly scored on a third and long run play, but lost the ball at the Texas Tech goal line. Red Raiders cornerback Douglas Coleman scooped it up…and went the rest of the way.


There is no place like home, and Ryan Hipwood’s adventures over the last 12 months, travelling remote areas of his home country of Australia backs that up!


You might have thought that after the monumental big-wave season the Northern Hemisphere had last winter, the ocean would get off to a sleepy start this winter. Not so. We refer you to Exhibit A: Nazaré featured in the video after the jump.


An Argentine football player has landed himself in hot water after launching an Eric Cantona-style kick on a rival team supporter. Former Manchester United star Cantona shocked the football world back in 1995 with a kung-fu lunge on Crystal Palace fan Matthew Simmons which earned him an eight-month ban. And now Audax Italiano striker Sebastian Pol could be handed a similar suspension – and prosecution – after incredibly assaulting a rival supporter after a league match in Chile.


Whether it’s the fountain of youth or unrivaled drive, Andrew Reynolds is still at the top of his game. We all know what he’s accomplished over the years, but seeing these high speed ledges lines in the B-Sides is so damn rad.


Jump in the van… the Volcom van! Last season the Volcom fleet roamed around North America, making stops from Alaska to Lake Tahoe, some re-fuelling in the Midwest, making time for some rope-tow hi jinx, then escaping into the B.C. abyss at Baldface Lodge. No plans, just shred!


“Our latest episode in the IM Alive Series – Blue & Green. Featuring IM Affiliates Benji Brand, Brent Bielmann, and Tereva David in Tahiti.” – @imperialmotion.


Brandon Semenuk is a god damn surgeon on a bike, there isn’t anybody out there more precise and stylish. And Rupert Walker slays behind the lens, every project he’s involved in should be on your must watch list and added to your favourites. Need some stoke to start your day right? Watch this over a hot coffee before your ride, you won’t regret it.


“This is a remix. We didn’t shoot any of this. We just ripped the footage from the internet and have humbly reinterpreted the brilliant original edit(s).” – Never Better.


Braydon Szafranski disappeared for a little while from the skate scene, but at this rate he will be back doing his thing in no time!


Actor Idris Elba has won his first professional kickboxing fight after months of training around the world for a new documentary. The 44-year-old actor has been filming and travelling in the UK as he attempts to become a professional kickboxer for Idris Elba: Fighter. On Friday night, he was in York Hall in London, taking on a kickboxer in a no holds barred fight for the last part of the show. He was cheered on by friend Madonna, who appeared to have front row seats. Check it out!

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Having spent all his cash to construct his gigantic shipping container roll-in to generate enough speed to clear a 60-foot gap, Jed Mildon then had to battle the Kiwi weather to finish construction of his dream dirt jumps. With a little sunshine and some finishing touches to his 60 foot booter, it was time to break world records.