Shaky video is dead! Get ready to experience #HyperSmooth. The best in-camera stabilization, ever. Feel the adrenaline surge as you watch Geoff Gulevich, Reece Wallace, and KC Deane send it down the trails of Whistler, BC.

A hard and fast, hastily-spliced edit by Dan Scott of our homie and border dwelling fly boy Coby.

This is one rad edit and the rawness of the clip just makes you wanna jump on a bike and get one with the environment and send it over some dirt jumps and slide it into some berms. Oh and Commencal if you see this hook a bike up for us these things are epic!

Hawaiian goofyfoot Noa Mizuno pulled the trigger early, after seeing a massive purple blob pop up suddenly, with a proper swell headed straight for Kandui.

10 Barrel’s Pray for Snow rollout continues with Eric Jackson’s heater of a full part. It’s a banger and well worth a watch.

The third installment of CULT OF FREEDOM takes us to the North Island of New Zealand with Creed McTaggart, Dion Agius, and Nate Tyler. The boys spent a good portion of the trip dodging wind and rain and shooting a slingshot, but ended up stumbling upon a few out of the way spots that delivered really fun surf in a dreamlike location.

Eithan’s approach to surfing could some might say is aggressive and punk rock, whatever, it sure as hell gets you amped to go out and shred.

Evan is from another planet, shredding to the beat of his own drum while doing things on the stuntwood that mere mortals can only dream about.

With the Wedge season coming to an end lets take a look back at some of the best Wipeouts captured in 2018. The Wedge is the best place to see surfers, bodyboarders, body surfers, etc all push it to the limits and test their bravado in crazy situations! Hope you enjoy and thanks to all the chargers for the entertainment!

Asher Wales, Jake and Jaleesa Vincent, George Henderson and Nick Riley prove that thrills can be had in the user-friendly range. The points that line Sri Lanka’s east coast are so long and neatly shaped that jagging one waist high ride is equal to at least several sessions at your typical unorganised beach break. Especially when you’re in good company and equipped with volume and novelty under your feet.

The Sheehan family farm in Australia is giving Pastranaland a run for its money, if not in the sheer volume of gas-powered trouble to get into, then at least in terms of how they throw a party. Pastranaland regulars Trevor Piranha and Gregg Duffy are blown away by the setup, and Travis Pastrana himself is giddy at the sheer volume of shenanigans per square kilometer.

German competitive kayaker Adrian Mattern impressively took a ride down a 110 foot waterfall at Alexandra Falls in the Northwest Territories of Canada. This fall is so challenging that only two other people have accomplished this same feat in the past, Ed Lucero and Tyler Bradt. Mattera was able to arrange for a drone to capture aerial footage and attached a GoPro camera to himself in order to capture every aspect of this amazing ride, which had been a dream of Mattera’s for four years.

The Duffman sacrifices his body to the skate Gods every session, pouring heart and soul into the joy of riding the stuntwood. We couldn’t be more stoked to put out another Corey part. Happy Halloween!

Jump onboard with Ethan Nell as he secures 3rd place at Red Bull Rampage for the 2nd year in a row – this Sophomore is on fire!

The S&M Pro squad came through with bangers all along the way of the Skeletons & Muscles Tour! With a heavy cast consisting of, Mike Hoder, Charlie Crumlish, Clint Reynolds, Craig Passero, Mike “Hucker” Clark and their newest pro, Hobie Doan, you already know this video goes! Watch the boys trek from Buffalo, New York, to Clint’s incredible backyard bowl and then to Catty Woods.

Three-hundred-sixty degrees of swell hitting five bi-directional peaks every six seconds will surely be the future of wavepool surfing.

Image By @andyjackman_

X Games goes down under for the first time ever. Watch all the insane action from the 2018 Sydney X Games.

This is a certified face-melter from start to finish. Great work, Mason. You absolutely killed it. Element’s “Peace” video is available now.