“Here’s a recap of this past season! It was an amazing year. Thanks to everyone who made it happen! I am definitely super excited to get after it this year, so stay tuned for a lot more videos these next few months!” – Toby Miller.


From the most tech flip trip combinations, to just plain gnarly gaps, 2016 progressed the sport of skateboarding to new heights!


Different to be better. Born out of a desire for a higher level of comfort and feel, we designed the new Invert Glove with external seams for that “no-glove” feel. Gloves rethought…for a reason. Featuring 3 time X-Games Gold medalist, Jarryd McNeil. Shout out to @defyfocusphotography for the quality shots.


To pedal about the greater San Francisco area in search of the spots less travelled in an unsystematic, but thorough way. And, if you’re Monster Energy’s Dakota Roche, you blast through every piece of spot gold with confidence, power, and speed…the way it should be done. Follow the one and only Dak as he cuts into the streets of SF in his newest edit, Bay Roam.


“Traveling solo around the world is one of the most valuable experiences I’ve had. Words can’t begin to describe the feeling, so I’ve put together a video from my six month journey. Here’s where a one way ticket lead me during my Summer away from my usual routine.” – Alex Smith and Sam Potter.


Rider Fabio Wibmer rode his bike along a railing not much wider than its tires. But that’s not the impressive part – it’s that he did it along the guard rail overlooking Austria’s Kölnbreinsperre – a dam that rises about to a height of about 200 meters (~656 feet).


With more sick turn-down whips per minute than any other movie ever filmed we give you the Tyler Bereman segment of Moto 8: The Movie. Following Bereman’s segment is a sunset session at a private Pala Raceway featuring none other than Monster Energy’s Josh Hill and Axel Hodges. Sit back, relax and enjoy as these three give you a schooling in style. Shout out to John Sanders for the shot.


You didn’t think Jaws was gonna mellow out on this whole roof thing, did you? Hell no! The Criddler is back, soaring from outta the sky more than ever. You gotta see this to believe it. Homoki is the 8th Wonder of the World.


When autumn arrives on the US East Coast, surfers go on red alert for hurricane swells. For pros like Balaram Stack, who’s from New York, that means dropping everything and sprinting to the airport for a last-minute flight to the Caribbean for some warm, blue tubes with locals like Brian Toth. The fire drill came late last month. When a hurricane moved up the East Coast, filmer Jacob Vanderwork jumped on a plane to meet Stack, Toth, Marley Pugliell, and other rippers in Puerto Rico. He was not disappointed.


Monster Energy Supercross tracks are man-made inside the stadium. Some of the sport’s marquee names include Ryan Dungey, Ken Roczen, Eli Tomac, Trey Canard, Jason Anderson, Chad Reed, David Millsaps and former supercross greats Jeremy McGrath and Ricky Carmichael. Regarded as the king of action sports, supercross has been described as one of the most physically demanding sports.


Vasyl Lomachenko has perfect rhythm and flow as well as excellent depth perception. As you will see, this makes him deadly in the ring!


“Just another weekday at Fitz’s house haha. I thought I’d practice a few tricks since it’s been so long! Riders – Twitch, Tyler Bereman, Jimmy Fitzpatrick, Destin Cantrell, Cal Vallone & Jason Springfield.” – @twitchthis8.


Trials mountain bikers, Kenny Belaey and Tom Oehler, set out to ride an out of this world collection of statue molds in Sparta, Wisconsin – the self proclaimed “Bicycle Capital of America”. The town, which welcomed the first rails to trails project in America, offers over 30 miles of trail riding and is home to a fiberglass manufacturing company known as FAST Corporation.


Nobody puts up a fight like Figgy. He takes the big hits, refuses to give in and won’t stop ’til four wheels hit the ‘crete and he’s riding away. Nothing good comes easy.

SoundBerne Beaudry,Linval Joseph,Brian Robison

The biggest hit of Week 11 happened before the Vikings and Cardinals even kicked off. FOX audio technician Bernie Beaudry made the ill-fated decision to dart in front of a conspicuous Vikings ship at the exact moment the home team raced onto the field. The result was similar to when a Kia Sorrento tries to gun it through a railroad crossing.


A unique concept that began five years ago when Danny Davis envisioned an opportunity to enhance the creative and stylistic culture of snowboarding by evolving the traditional halfpipe build, expanding beyond its original competition-style layout to include fun, park-like features that are inspired by both skateboarding and surfing. Each year, Danny works with Mountain Dew and SPT to help design PEACE PARK, a course like no other in the world, inviting elite riders handpicked by Danny to showcase their unique styles on the mountain.


Since the release of “Ride United” the Movie, the folks at FourOhFour Films have been releasing segments from the movie to give people a taste of what the full feature is like. This week, have a look at Thomas Pages’ part from the movie as he trains on the quarterpipe at his home compound in Minerve, France. You can watch the full movie on iTunes HERE.


People are calling it a backside 540, although if it were on a snowboard, it would be a 720. But who cares. He spun around a whole bunch. About a month ago, Albee Layer become the first ever to land the 540 on a surfboard, after more than a year of turmoil trying to get the trick!