Billy Perry and his crew ride BMX all over scenic New York City, weaving through traffic, skitching cabs, jumping on trucks, as well as dodging cops, security guards, pedestrians and cars.


Central Christian Academy and Arlington High School met up in the first round of sectionals in Edinburgh. It was a tight game that looked like Arlington was going to squeak out a win after they hit a free throw to take a one point lead with a second left. Josh Clanton had other plans. He grabbed the rebound then chucked a full-court heave that went in to give Central Christian a 64-62 win.


You know when it’s time to get nervous? When Ross Clarke-Jones shows up ready to surf, that’s when. And there he was last Friday, roaming around Nazaré, staring out at the mountains rolling in off the Atlantic – with not even a glint of fear in his eyes.

Torey PudwillTorey Pudwill

Here’s Torey Pudwill with all the pop, speed and power you’re used to, but this time with a twist. This is his “Flatbar Frenzy,” and it’s the full part from Pudwill that we’ve all been waiting for. The two-year project is finally live.


26-year-old Kone plies his trade in the Czech first league with Slovacko. Over the weekend, his team took on the Bohemians. In the 29th minute, Bohemians goalkeeper Martin Borkovec collided with a teammate and lay motionless on the ground. Kone reacted quickly and was able to stop the goalkeeper from swallowing his tongue, allowing him to breathe freely. The league called Kone the “hero” of the match.


Moscow has the largest number of billionaires per capita in the world, over 2700 restaurants, a metro system that services over 9 million passengers daily, people that wear full adidas track suits unironically, and a mess of good looking street spots. Catch up with the adidas Snowboarding Russia crew. Featuring Mikhail Ilyin, Artem Smolin, Philip Ananyin, Egor Mamaev, and Alexander “ST” Stepanov.


Dunn and Gabriel fought Saturday during an AHL game between the Chicago Wolves and the Iowa Wild. Few will forget their extended brawl, which started on the ice after but ended near the locker rooms after security guards and several other players intervened. The referees already had ejected both players for their on-ice fight. But Gabriel wanted more, and Dunn obliged.


Khabib Nurmagomedov is surprised after training by some fans, and promises them he will soon be the UFC’s first Muslim champion. Stephen Thompson pushes his cardio in preparation for his title rematch, then unsuccessfully tries to resist a slice of pizza. And welterweight champion Tyron Woodley watches his son carry out the family tradition of winning big.


Take a cruise through the neighbourhood streets with Axell Hodges. Directed and edited by James Hughes. For more follow them both on Instagram @axellhodges and @defconhughes.


Sometimes a boxer gets knocked out by an ice bucket after winning a match, and sometimes a crazed fan tries to take a swing at a boxer when the results aren’t going his way. Which is exactly what happened here. That body shot was brutal.


Being one of the most exciting riders in the world, Kyle never disappoints when it comes to pushing the boundaries of BMX and inventing new and unique ways to tackle obstacles. Just watch the way he rides this park and you’ll see!


Luis “Sapo” Santos and Alfredo “Tsunami” Morales were evenly matched heading into the final round at their XFC International 3 fight. An esteemed striker held in high regard among the mixed martial arts elite, Santos spies a gap in Morales’ guard. As his Mexican rivals hands begin to drop, Santos cracks the devastating front kick at lightning fast speed.


Until arriving at the competition this week, Adrian Solano, a Venezuelan, had never set foot on, nor even seen snow. Until his debut, Solano, 22, carried out all his training for the championships on wheels under the blazing South American sun.


The Kelly Slater Wave Company combines cutting edge science, engineering and design to create the longest, rideable open-barrel man made wave in the world.


A Russian snowboarders helmet camera was rolling when his downhill run was brought to an end by an unexpected collision with a wandering sheep. He appears to notice too late that he is headed straight toward the sheep, which sends him crashing to the ground.


He’s from Spain, so you know he was born with incredible board control powers, but Fran packs plentiful pop and an effortless style into his arsenal for something altogether special.


Soccer is known worldwide for its passionate fans, and every soccer-mad country has its hooligans who get sloppy and start brawls. But in Russia, these hooligans are trained, organised, and brutally violent.


Island Born is the latest project from Icelandic snowboarder: Eiki Helgason. The project is split into three sections: Zine, Full part, and Documentary. In align with trying to keep each season different and fresh, Eiki decided to film his entire part in his home country of Iceland. Traveling throughout the country, finding spots that have never been ridden before. The Documentary will be released on 12/12.