Directed by Davonte Jolly, the video features pro skaters Robert Neal, Theotis Beasley, Ishod Wair and Kyle Wilson showing off their skills around Houston. Hitting some of the city’s skate spots, the group of riders perform tricks wearing Travis’ upcoming collaboration with Nike SB. Set to an instrumental of “WHAT TO DO?” off of the recent JACKBOYS compilation, the video looks to bolster the release in Houston’s skate scene.

Michael Jordan pays tribute to Kobe Bryant and gives us an intimate look at their relationship at his memorial with a touching, heartbreaking, and beautiful speech.

In honor of Mick Fanning’s return to the brine, redbull commissioned one of their favorite cinematographers, Lachlan McKinnon, to pull together a highlight reel from this time last year, when the Gold Coast was lighting up with endless summer swells, and the man they call White Lightning was in career best form.

An all-star cast of the world’s best freeriders gathered in Stellenbosch, South Africa again in 2020 to shred the biggest jumps in the world and change the game yet again. Faster, bigger and longer!

Images captured by @joshbystrom on instagram

By break of dawn dreams had turned into reality as cyclone Uesi began sending relentless rows of choc coloured drainpipes past the superbank straight into the open arms off kirra, which turned on an all time barrel fest. Kick back and enjoy 10 minutes of non-stop ripping ronny’s hustling & burning each other for their piece of the action.

Filmer Tanner Carney was able to catch up with the jet-setting Mr. Igarashi for the month of January to put this little clip together. Just in case anyone was having their doubts that the guy wouldn’t show up with guns blazing this year at Snapper.

I’m suprised he can go that fast. I figured those balls of steel would way him down more.

20-year old Armand ‘Mondo’ Duplantis recently set the new pole vault world record with a very impressive vault of 6.17 meters, beating Renaud Lavillenie’s 2014 record of 6.16 meters by *counting on fingers* 0.01 meters.

GoPro athletes Nico Porteous, Sven Thorgren, Tom Wallisch, and Jesper Tjäder shut it down at Mammoth Mountain Park with a GoPro snow team takeover.

Big Wave Surfer Alex Botelho was involved in a very serious incident during the Nazaré Tow Surfing Challenge. He was rushed to the hospital and we now have an update on his condition. Currently, he is stable and conscious. He will stay at the hospital for further evaluation.

That new track in Ciudad Bolivar, in Bogota Colombia is no joke! Fast, gnarly and sketchy but it’s a tone of fun to ride! So many people, cars, dogs and cats to avoid to make it more interesting.

Relive every finish via slam in UFC history. The first slam finish occured at UFC 16 in 1998 thanks to Frank Shamrock and most recently at UFC 237 last year by Jessica Andrade to become UFC champion.

Storror is a collection of seven guys who share a passion for adventure, athleticism and trespassing. Join these lads for a wild run across the roofs of England!

After five years of planning, kayaker Dane Jackson successfully took on the Salto Del Maule, a Chilean waterfall that stands at 134 feet.

The short is equally, if not more impressive than his previous output. It also includes the best Puerto tube we’ve seen in some time, meaning it’s the best tube you’ll (probably) see today.

In the video, we see two men looking at the back of a camera, one of whom is shirtless and has blood in his beard. As the iphone moves closer, we see that the shirtless man’s nose has a medieval gash on its right side. He then wiggles the distended flesh like a child’s loose tooth and proclaims, gruffly, “Good day.”

The blade world had lost its collective mind last month with the photo release of the highly anticipated return of the white and black Roces Fifth Element skate, this time released as a Nils Jansons signature model.

A racer spends their entire season with one singular focus – get from A to B as fast as possible. Always pushing to drop seconds from the clock. They build a resume of speed. Their work summed up by a few numbers on a results sheet. But there is so much more to riding a bike than solely how fast you can go.