Owen defeated Matt Wilkinson in a tight battle at Snapper Rocks and won the third CT event of his career. Wright, who spent the last 12 months recovering from a serious injury, tastes his best result ever on the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast. “At the start of February, I was sitting in the doctor’s office, and there were question marks on the year. So to be sitting here right now, we just pushed hard and went hard. There were a lot of fears I needed to push through to get back into the sport and back into what pretty much took me out and could have taken me out forever. I kept going and kept doing it. I am just so stoked.”


The behind-the-scenes stories on the making of these Real Snow videos will be broadcast in an hourlong “World of X Games” show on ABC. Fan Favourite voting ends Sunday, March 26. The X Games medal winners will be announced on Saturday’s “WOX” show, and the Fan Favourite will be announced on on March 27. Place your vote HERE.


Is it just me or are these world records only limited by the length of the hill? They appear to be flying at roughly the same slope as the hill, and it almost seems like they could keep flying indefinitely until they reach the inflection point of the bottom of the hill. Props though. That was awesome.


Louie Lopez has been in the skateboarding spotlight since before there was any grass around the wicket. Now he’s a man, and he is showing his early success was no fluke!


Diamondback Bicycle’s Mike Hopkins takes you on another adventure where the trails never end. This video has to be seen to be believed!


Ice, driftwood, foamy waves and … skateboards? Four skaters head north to the cold Norwegian coast, applying their urban skills to a wild canvas of beach flotsam, frozen sand and pastel skies. The result is a beautiful mashup — biting winds and short days, ollies and one ephemeral miniramp.


Watch Kilian Zehnder kill it in his new video part, hitting some awesome looking spots with an awesome array of tricks!


Featuring the biggest names in motocross today, The Golden Era takes you through their journey to the top, how they dedicated their lives, overlooked the pain and strived for greatness to be the best. All focused on making it to the big show yet wanted nothing more than to do what they love and live to do. Shout out to @ryanwaltersfilms for the hookups. Photo featuring @adamcianciarulo grown and ripping.


A match in Brazil between Gama and Brasiliense had to be halted after a fight broke out between both sets of players, with the violence spilling over into the stands. Referee Almir Camargo was forced to end the game and police had to intervene with pepper gas.


The Winnipeg Jets didn’t have much going for them versus the Calgary Flames. Down two goals and with less than two minutes remaining in the second period, Jets defenseman Jacob Trouba dropped the gloves with Sam Bennett in front of the Winnipeg net. Both players landed some heavy punches, still trying to throw them after the linesmen intervened. Easily visible following the fight was the blood from an apparent cut to Trouba’s forehead and a bleeding nose for Bennett.


Axell Hodges possesses some unbelievable skill on his bike, which will surely lead to multiple motocross and supercross championships in the future. Check out this compilation of him practising on the track, throwing huge whips and just fooling around!


He was initially spotted lifeless in the surf by 13-year-old, Abby, who screamed for help. “I yelled for help and a guy came and flipped (him) over,” she told 9NEWS. Paramedics treated Mr Lynch at the scene, shocking his heart five times to stabilise him. Mr Lynch, now out of hospital, said he has “no recollection” of his near-death experience. “I have no recollection of paddling out. I have no recollection of who was out there.”


It’s been quite awhile since we’ve seen Bam Margera on a skateboard. After a long hiatus due to bone spurs in his feet, he’s picked it up again. And he’s not just cruising around! He just released a new mini ramp clip that shows that he’s still got it. On top of that, Element has already reached out to Bam about releasing a new model or re-issuing an old one and extended an offer to him to travel with the team. Check out his recent interview over at Jenkemmag now.


In a fight between Axel Cazares and Alan Vasquez, both fighters planted to throw right hands at the same time. Both connected flush. And both fell. Yet it was Vasquez who was deemed the winner because he was the first to get up and clear the cobwebs.


The drum beats grow louder for a massive-money showdown between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor. Mayweather announced in England, where he’s been on a publicity tour, that he’s “coming out of retirement just to fight Conor McGregor.” “I don’t want to hear no more excuses about the money, about the UFC,” Mayweather, 40, said in a video posted by “Sign the paper with the UFC so you can fight me in June. Simple and plain, let’s fight in June.


Edson Barboza can add another highlight to his reel after landing a spectacular flying knee to finish Beneil Dariush in the second round at UFC Fight Night in Brazil on Sunday. Barboza has made it his business to put on some of the most jaw-dropping performances in the UFC, and his latest knockout is no exception.


The Minnesota state high school hockey tournament gets underway this week and, if you’ve paid attention over the years, you’ll know that’s exciting news for hockey fans in that area of the country. Every year the tournament sells out the Xcel Energy Center and brings thrilling action to one of the best hockey states in America. More importantly, though, it also brings those amazing “All-Hockey Hair” videos that have gone viral on YouTube in recent years.


There was some unfinished business from the last time the Pittsburgh Penguins and Winnipeg Jets met, so they decided to get it dealt with early when Evgeni Malkin and Blake Wheeler tussled, and Tom Sestito took on Chris Thorburn.