“Back at it again this year for the 5th instalment of the Surfline GoPro of the World contest. Surfers from all over the world submitted their best waves for the chance to claim the title in these 3 categories: Best Wave, Capture Different and Best Photo. Thank you to everyone who submitted their awesome content and congratulations to our winners this year.” – @GoPro

UFC 210: Cormier v Johnson 2e

Anthony Johnson shocked the MMA community by announcing his retirement in the prime of his lucrative career. The unusual fight saw him lose to UFC light heavyweight champion Daniel Cormier in the second round. Rumours swirled regarding why his coaches didn’t enter the cage after the fight. According to corner audio from the event, Johnson’s cornermen pleaded with him when he elected to wrestle Cormier, rather than engage in striking. They begged him to disengage and keep his distance, and expressed anger when he didn’t.


Sunrisers Hyderabad on Sunday humiliated Gujarat Lions by nine wicket as they chased down target of 135 with plenty of balls in hand. David Warner was the star man with the bat scoring unbeaten 76 off 45 deliveries. During the match there was a light moment in the middle – debutant Basil Thampi somehow managed to lose his shoe after bowling a delivery to Moises Henriques. Check it out!


Trials star Fabio Wibmer is at his creative best for his latest video release. Set in Salzburg, the popular Austrian shows off his freeride mountain bike skills with a fast-paced edit that sees him effortlessly go from dirt to street riding with no small amount of style.


This video would suggest that Daniel Cormier was able to lose 1.2 pounds in less than two minutes on his second attempt at the UFC 210 weigh-ins. How did he do it? Watch the footage for yourself!


Erik Elstran is undoubtedly one of the most creative riders BMX has ever known. Check out his red new video, edited by Erik himself.


Alexander Gustafsson has learned plenty of toughness from coach Andreas Michael. The UFC light-heavyweight contender proved it during a recent sparring session, when he blasted the longtime coach with an accidental spinning kick to the face. Catching him with the bottom of the foot instead of the heel was definitely a bit of luck. I’m sure that sucked, but it could have been worse for sure. Gus looks so worried after the shot, he thought he needed a new coach.


To understand the power of Paige Spiranac’s beauty, you need to take a trip with her to Scottsdale Top Golf on a bustling Saturday evening. Dressed in skin-tight jeans, a snug white top and high heels. Men nudge each other and stare, turning the ogling into a communal event. One dude, about to take a swig of beer, is frozen by the sight of Spiranac, his glass a couple of inches from his lips. Women inspect her from head to toe. In a culture that worships beauty, Spiranac has hit the genetic lottery. God bless her.


Sean Greene has broken the C2 vertebrae in his neck while bombing hills. He is a hardman and lives for the speed. This compilation features some of his craziest hill bombs. What an animal!


Nascar is one of America’s great creations. Sure, auto racing might have its origins in Europe, but they took a sport full of winding tracks and funny looking cars and made it better with Chevy Impalas and hundreds of left turns. And then perfected it with beer. Check it out.

YesKolohe Andino, Belgas

In this How-To episode, Kolohe talks us through what’s becoming one of surfing’s most preferred ways to fly: the alley oop. It’s functional, it can clear sections and — when timed correctly in the right wind — can push you higher than you’ve ever gone above the lip.


Naiyaravoro used all of his 130 kilograms to score a spectacular try against the Crusaders, coming off the bench in the second half to run straight over the top of rival George Bridge with a brutal finish reminiscent of Jonah Lomu is his prime.


“Either u get blown out and u feel so rad and proud and stoked, or u get an elevator drop to the reef and bruise your tailbone and crack a vertebrae, such a fine line that defines your future when you take a wave at pipe! I got absolutely dominated last week.” Back injuries suck for surfers, as the torquing motions are vital to surfing. Recovery time for a cracked vertebrae can be anywhere from a few weeks to a few months depending on the severity. Heal up fast brother.


Snoop Dogg offers his commentary on the highlights of Anthony “Rumble” Johnson before he challenges Daniel Cormier for the UFC light heavyweight championship at UFC 210.


“Here is the biggest skull I’ve ever painted (for now) I’ve just put up a video telling the story of how and why it came to be. Shout outs to @willlly for helping film and @flagz_yeh for connecting me with the Darling St ramp house. Make stuff with your friends!” – @callumpreston.

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This wild sport is called Fierljeppen (there are several spelling variations) and it involves a pole, 8-13 metres long, with a flat plate at the bottom. Jumpers sprint to the pole, grab it, climb to the top while trying to control its movement, and try to land on the bed of sand across the water. If they don’t think they’ll make it, they bail into the water.


Proper execution, wild front flips, and bike control for days. Alex kills it! Watch some serious fire from the Russian destroyer.


Two years of stacking clips, injuries, pain, recovery, and life in between have all led to this. Tyler Fernengel is a beast. Watch this now, then watch it again.