“It’s called Peahi, or “Jaws,” and every year it attracts dozens of elite surfers from around the world to attempt the lethal wave. More and more, however, it’s the local crew that steals the show. An eclectic group childhood friends that followed each other into the Jaws lineup as teenagers, and through peer pressure and rivalries, pushed each other to unprecedented performances in the ensuing years. Follow the crew for an inside look at a season rife with nerves, injury, triumph and friendship.” – @takeshelterprod.


“So many people apparently suggesting a GoFundMe for him so after a French one here is the English version. Baboo needs your help to create himself a collection of prosthesis to keep embracing life to the fullest! He needs one really quick to start rehabilitation on two legs after his return to France and one later for competition to be able to ski, surf, ect. We are counting on you and your generosity. Thank you for all your support from across the planet, we truly appreciate that! – Go Fund Me.


Eric Porter has spent 15 years traveling the world in search of beautiful trails. His favorite spot? Alaska. And after six years, Porter has made his return to The Last Frontier. This time to ride a remote ridgeline that has been cached in his mind since his last visit.


Zach Werenski got nailed in the face with a flying puck and immediately hit the ice, grabbing his face, writhing in pain as play continued. After getting a huge gash in his cheek sewn up, he basically couldn’t see out of his right eye, but he went back into the game anyway!


“A short video featuring some of my favourite moments during this year’s Big Wave season in Nazaré, Portugal. 2016/17 was a special Winter in Nazaré, with so many swells and consistent big wave action taking place. Barriers have been broken in so many levels most prominently on the paddling front. Having the opportunity to witness and document what went down on this past few months was just incredible.” – Nuno Dias


Zac Haynes-Love knew he was in for a beating when the wave broke a couple of metres in front of him. Getting into trouble in Nazare is no laughing matter. So he took a breath and braced himself. “I swam down and then it just caught me and I got picked up, thrown backwards and pushed really deep. I got rumbled and tumbled for a long time and when I pulled my safety vest, the next wave came over me. I was already out of breath and I just got absolutely rag dolled again. I’d never been under water for that long. All I could think was, Don’t pass out. If you pass out here you could die. When I got to the point where I was passing out, that’s when I broke the surface. I reckon there was a few seconds in it.” Photo via: @chris.whitey.


There’s no shame in tapping, especially if this is your other option. This guy got his arm cranked just a little too far, and now he’s going to need a while away from competing. Cringe!


There is something beautiful about an ollie at high speed. This is how Zack Wallin loves to skate, faster than me running to the dunny after eating four extra spicy tacos.


Calvin Kosovich takes you on a raw street tour putting his pegs on anything in his way. From Australia to California and Arizona, Calvin unleashes a grip of powerhouse rail moves for his Vans Illustrated section. Dive into some of the heaviest grinds you’ll see all day.


Clearly not scared by any gap or rail, Zac Hutera put together this 3 and a half minute video filled with some seriously solid moves out in the streets!


“Here at Rip Curl we believe innovation is key, and over the years we’ve continued to lead the world in quality and technology. Our wetsuits are a product of that belief, and here, our team of the world’s best surfers put them to the test. Filmed by Nick Pollet, Laurent Pujol, Rory Pringle, Justin Jung, Andrew Buckley, Taylor Paul, Henrique and Tony Harrington.” – Rip Curl Australia


Before he decided to get into coaching, San Jose State running backs coach Alonzo Carter had perhaps the most interesting prior job in major college football. A look at coach Carter’s resume will show that in his younger days, he was a backup dance for MC Hammer during his prime. Carter accompanied MC Hammer on all of his tours, including stops on Oprah, The Grammys, Arsenio Hall, and of course, the MC Hammer World Tour.


“An important message from the Octopus: Listen to DEATH! BG rips and Chuck Schuldiner is one of the most significant figures in the history of metal. The combination of the two should get you pretty psyched to go surfing.” – Octopus


Brandon Biebel has been putting in some serious work at his practise park, so much so that he has enough footage for a second full video part!


The New York State Athletic Commission was the centre of attention at UFC 210, between towel gate, breast implant gate and hands-on-the-ground gate. Aside from questions about Rumble not listening to his corner and implementing a mind-boggling game plan of trying to beat Cormier in a wrestling match, the most talked about thing was the weird ending of the Gegard Mousasi vs. Chris Weidman co-main event. All and all, it was a bit of a circus sh*t show.


During summer in his hometown of Åre, Sweden, Jesper Tjäder builds out an old bike track through the forest. See what happens as he returns to the forest during the following winter to shoot through some trees on his skis.


If an electric trials bike rips through the forest, does it make a sound? Not really, those bikes are quiet as a mouse. Fabio Wibmer has some fun in the wild on a trials bike made by Gabatech!


It looked like Russell Henley couldn’t believe his eyes. His second shot at the par-4 5th hole, from 185 yards, dunked straight into the hole for eagle at the Masters, and either he couldn’t tell what happened or was in shock. Henley’s shot actually damaged the cup, which had to be quickly repaired.