Jarrod White spends most of the year living on Tavarua Island Fiji as a boat boy, pretty much surfs cloud break every single day and lives the dream. Jackson O’Brien has put together a bunch of clips his been collecting over the past year and this is Cloudbreak!


There’s nobody like Jerry. He puts in the work, he pays the piper, but the end result is always so damn sweet. His video parts are a gift to the skateboarding world and these B-Sides give you an idea of what he goes through to make them.


If you’re a loyal Shock Mansion visitor, you’ve most likely heard the name Ryan Walters before. An American beast behind the lens, his name reaches far and wide throughout the action sports industry. And when you pump out content like this, are you even surprised? Strap in for a high octane, fast paced ride through some of Ryan’s epic high definition projects. Follow him on Instagram @ryanwaltersfilms now!


So majestic, like a fighter jet turning on its afterburners. Fire extinguisher turbo installed on a bike is the best idea ever.


In a somewhat controversial unanimous decision in the main event of Cage Warriors: Unplugged, 21-year-old sensation Paddy Pimblett successfully kept his featherweight belt against Julian Erosa at tonight’s headlining affair. Following the end of his first title defence, an exhausted Pimblett (13-1) said he needed to fix his diet, stop being such a fatty – alluding to the tough weight cut – and threw up blood onto the canvas.


“After the @wsl #PeahiChallenge finished up yesterday I decided to go back out at Peahi for one last session. The contrast between paddling and towing are so different but so epic in their own ways. I enjoy both equally!” – Kai Lenny. Video by the talented: @johnnydpbp@poorboyzproductions.


Eddie Alvarez had no answer to his opponent’s strike power. McGregor managed three takedowns in the first round before flooring the defending lightweight champion in the second with a devastating left hook to secure the win. Unbelievable. Santa Clause is real. Mcgregor’s performance was deadly yet graceful. Eddie never had a chance. McGregor completely nullified him. His most impressive win yet!


Tucked in the hills of Virgin, Utah stands the mecca of freeride mountainbike events, Red Bull Rampage. Riders spend 8 daunting days building an entire run down a brand new venue, with only the rider and 2 builders for a team to make it all happen. Watch as these athletes take on the beast and compete for the coveted prize of first place.


There’s no need to travel all over the world to build a good video part. Buesnitz just proved you can film something awesome in just the one magnificent city!


The rules for each video are simple: 100 seconds in length, no slow motion footage, and no music. By having to work within these limitations, filmmakers have to get creative and think outside the box. In this Raw 100 video, filmmaker Rupert Walker comes through with a deceptively simple yet powerful video of Brandon Semenuk. This will make you want to hit the trails.


When most people look at the swiss alps, they think about skiing, hiking and mountaineering, generally activities that involve being fastened to the earth in one way or another. Jamie Lee sees these majestic mountains as a playground and an opportunity to progress the sport of speedflying to places it has yet to go.

Skisean pettit in valdez alaska for superproof

Keep Your Tips Up is an engaging and honest depiction of Sean Pettit’s life as a skier at home and around the world. His ability to blend huge, jaw-dropping lines with innovative new-school style has set him apart as the torch bearer for the future of big mountain skiing.


Geoff Rowley has had a career filled with the gnarliest tricks ever done. You’d think a mini-ramp part would be tame considering, but he still goes so hard.


“There isn’t much clutter in Mick’s home. It’s open, white, and sits on the sand just a few kilometers down the road from Snapper Rocks, where he surfed waves so exceptionally that he has his very own giant surf shop adjacent to it: Mick Fanning’s Rip Curl Store. After a marathon year in 2016 filled with personal trauma of epic proportions (think: separation, shark attack, family death, almost winning a 4th World Title), Mick is taking a break. Like actually pressing pause. Something that doesn’t come easy for him.” – @theinertia.


On Episode 2 of UFC 205 Embedded, lightweight champion Eddie Alvarez and featherweight Frankie Edgar get some motivation in the form of a custom Conor throwing dummy. Welterweight champion Tyron Woodley reveals that he’s earned a second belt during his latest training camp; his opponent Stephen Thompson puts in an appearance at a first birthday party.


“The battle started four years ago: a varial heelflip into a Hoover Dam-sized ditch. Braydon Szafranski put it down gracefully in his part. This “Process” will give you some idea of his intense preparation and mental focus.” – The Berrics.


Chris Van Dine, Antoine Bizet and Wil White guide us through a course preview of the 2016 urban downhill mountain bike track in Taxco, Guerrero, Mexico.


There are fumbles, and then there are really, really costly fumbles. This one by Texas was effectively a 14-point swing, wasting an insane Longhorns scrum push for the endzone as the ball came loose. D’Onta Foreman nearly scored on a third and long run play, but lost the ball at the Texas Tech goal line. Red Raiders cornerback Douglas Coleman scooped it up…and went the rest of the way.