This film is essentially the Albee Layer documentary, directed by Dan Norkunas of Take Shelter Productions and produced by JuneShine Hard Kombucha. As they state, Opinionated Passion is “a glimpse into the pragmatic and polarizing persona that is Albee Layer.”

A highlight reel from a sub-par run through the Gold Coast, with Snapper and Kirra uncooperative, a lot of the footage comes from down Fingal way. Most of the first half of the edit is spent logging tube time—something that seems all too easy for Filipe—before he finally clicks into that Toledo groove and goes, well, tail high. Air after air, rotation after rotation

Deedz deploys his arsenal throughout the streets of Barcelona. From lengthy boardslides to properly-wrapped impossibles, his approach is one-of-kind. Enjoi…

There are lots of different Morning Routines out there. And all are meant to push your creativity, make you more productive or simply relaxed.
Reading. Stretching. Meditation. Healthy Breakfast. This is my type of Soy-Milk-Protein-Pancake. Organic and RAW!

As round one of the NBA playoffs creeps up on us this week, we invite you to take a look back at the best dunks of the 2018-2019 regular season. Including highlights such as LeBron James’ first dunk for the Lakers, we can’t think of a better way to waste 15-minutes.

Well it was damn lucky he ended up in the foam bit 👀🤦🏻‍♂️

At Pipeline there is flora, fauna, ocean and stone. Volcom Stone. At this point, the Volcom house is practically part of the reef at Pipeline. Between the team, the house, the family, the legacy, the legends, the peanut gallery, the respect, the parties, the Pipe Pro and the barbecues, you’d be hard pressed not to acknowledge the presence the Volcom Stone has on the North Shore, particularly at Pipe.

Feast ya eyes on some of the worlds best moto athletes!

Even with a torn MCL, the CT sophomore is thirsty for a World Title in 2019.

A highlight reel from Nathans winter we give you “FINE, THANK YOU” created and produced by @cesinhafeliciano @paulo_barcellos and @badmonkeyfilms

Come along and run some ridges with Kilian Jornet around the dramatic mountains of Åndalsnes, Norway. Shot over the course of 24 hours, get a glimpse into the passion and mindset that sets Kilian calmly in tune with nature where others are not.

The Frenchman has dedicated his life not just to inhabiting the liquid cathedral, but also to capturing it from every possible angle – straight in, straight on, from the front, from behind, etc.

Independent Truck Company has spotlighted the life and times of the late Jake Phelps in an 18-minute movie titled Scabs for Slabs. The film captures the Independent skate crew tearing up Australia’s streets and following their life down under. There’s also a number of moments with Phelps himself as he discusses the skate scene.

A concept Stale has had in his head for a few years now. Watch as Gimbal God and Stale take you on an endless follow cam through Switzerland, New Zealand, Norway, Austria and more.”

Four-time X Games Freestyle Motocross gold medalist, Jackson “Jacko” Strong, showcases the world’s top FMX riders pushing the sports progression in New South Wales, Australia. Along with “Jacko,” the 2018 edition of Moto X Dirt features riders Jake Smith, Lewis Woods, Taka Higashino, Colby Raha, Clinton Moore, Josh Sheehan and Ben Richards.

Carlos has it all dialed in—a limitless bag of tricks, effortless style and powerful POP. This part is a masterpiece. Enjoy the show…

Some of our favourite Gym Dad fails!! 😂😂😂

Just when we thought we’ve seen it all… GoPro Athlete, Travis Rice, sends it down a fully stacked pillow line in the backcountry of British Columbia with his #HERO7Black and #HyperSmooth.