The day of a World Title win is one of the most important days in an athlete’s life. Every aspect of the day, from the moment the athlete opens his eyes, through to the training, the warm-up, the focus and the celebration, is unique. It’s special. It’s these moments that culminate in the greatest victory an athlete can achieve – holding that World Title trophy up in the air, and knowing it’s theirs to keep.

This raw footage shows Brazilian Big Wave Surfer, Thiago Jacaré (35 ys old), charging into the first wave of a big set in Nazaré during yesterday’s monster swell. Thiago manages to ride the wave until a bump makes him fall of his board and he gets immediately swallowed by a wall of white water, suffering an extensive hold down before resurfacing just in time to catch a quick breath, just before the next wave impact.

It’s here, 6 months in the making.. Meet Rob Welch, a classic skate park rider who turned to riding downhill bikes in a bid to stave off a long term knee injury. Needless to say, he didn’t hold back.

Tim Knoll’s incredible style of street riding has turned heads since he hit the consciousness of the BMX community at the start of this decade. The Milwaukee native has since gone on to develop his riding to new levels and has evolved a style that mixes up BMX street and Flatland skills with acrobatics and gymnastics moves.

It’s called ‘Reptilian Vapeshifters’. A short investigation into the shape and craft-shifting folk who are addicted to the flaccid ways of Drag.

Ryan Patterson spent the majority of his winter submerged in pow or above it, two places we all like to be. Check out his 2018 full part.

Champion. Family Man. Style Master. The quotes above say it all: Parko is just simply one of the best to ever do it.

Axell Hodges, Colby Raha & Vinnie Carbone land backflips to dirt! If you’ve ever wanted to see how these guys learn new tricks, this is the one to watch! Featuring Jeremy “Twitch” Stenberg, Axell, Colby, Carbone, Demelo, PH, Taka, Maddo & more!

Nigel Sylvester, professional BMX athlete, is at it again with another remarkable ride. This time watch him take on the vibrant streets and beach of Miami in the 6th installment of ‘GO’, the global adventure series.

Richard Permin’s everyday life for instance is definitely out of the ordinary. In Good Morning, his latest video project, Richard endlessly repeats his morning routine. Right after getting out of bed, he clicks into his skis and rides down the snow-covered rooftops of Avoriaz.

In case you haven’t heard, Ryan Callinan’s back on the 2019 Championship Tour roster. After slumping in his rookie year, the screwfooted novocastrian is returning with some competitive prowess.

Jeff Won Song and friends reveal the dirty secrets of how skate videos are REALLY made…

These guys are so good, they make the idiots always playing table tennis in your open office seem like… well, even bigger idiots.

The NB Numeric team is deep, diverse, and dynamic and they devoured these appetizing Croatian spots without hesitation. Well done, dudes.

North Shore filmer Connor Trimble captures many of these highlight moments from the water and sky. Connor swam for eight hours on Wednesday between two sessions at Waimea and Pipe. What a heroic fucking effort.

Today, Cam further solidified his Pipeline legacy with one laughably stupid tube. It might just be the wave of the winter. Here’s what happened….

Vans Asia rented a “Shikumen”, an old Shanghai lane house, for a month and invited the Vans team from all over the world to explore the city. Staying in week-long shifts, the team from the USA, France, Malaysia, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, South Korea, and Japan cruised around with the Vans China team as they skated the city of marble, devouring xiaolongbaos and dodging scooters along the way. Featuring Chima Ferguson, Jesse Noonan, Jackson Pilz, Juwon Eun, Chris Bradley, Piet Guilfoyle, Azreen Azman, Dustin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Victor Pellegrin, Jeremy Hu, CK, Xiao Jun, Fifa Tintarn, Jerm Sothichai, Shogo Zama, Mario Palandeng, Zhenya Buzukin, Mike Lee, Justin Henry, and Pedro Delfino. Filmed and edited by Tommy Zhao and Liu Maomao.

GoPro Athlete Sam Pilgrim and Nicholi Rogatkin show us what it is like to ride the Downhill Challenge Medellín with #HyperSmooth, the world’s longest urban downhill race.