What better way to close out the weekend than a no holds barred, no frills, surf action edit from the North Shore? With a few proper swells in the bag, we figured it was about time to show you what Team O’Neill has been up to the last few weeks. Jordy Smith, Eli Olson, Brett Barley, Soli Bailey, Ian Crane, Jake Kelley, Timmy Reyes and Dwight Pastrana haven’t missed an opportunity to get under the hood of Oahu’s finest breaks.

Dele Alli pulled Tottenham level with Manchester United with this audacious flick and finish.

Left Brain, Right Brain is the follow-up to Chippa’s last opus Video Number No. 4, released in conjunction with his handsome new signature Epøkhe frame, ‘Wilson.’ The surfing, as one has come to expect from Chippa, defies description.

Urban Freeride is back! Lyon to Paris, Let’s Go!

When elements of nature combine, the results can be stunning and, at times, almost unfathomable. The way the wind, swell and tides combine to create ridable waves is one example. But how the bathymetry of the Zambezi River creates the only barreling River Wave in the world (that we know of) is something truly inspired.

The fourth of seven parts to hit the web from our Nora Cup winning full length video FTS. James Cunningham has been riding for Federal for the last 7 years and hasn’t stopped progressing. Impeccable style and arguably the best switch whip in the current game. Let’s go!

How did they not et a side angle of that switch flip!?? wtf

A crew of RVCA Advocates including Jay Davies, Asher Pacey, Ari Browne, Raf Browne & McKenzie Bowden from Australia made the long journey out to the Mentawais off the western coast of Sumatra in quest of pumping waves and perfect conditions.

There are those who can not, or will not fit in. Determined to leave this dried up and cowed society on land and strike off into, well, deep water. A place where a man can get lost, or get found. Where there is room for the soul. It is supposed to be inhospitable, dangerous, a place to be cautious of. And that is what draws us to it. It is a place to test oneself. To see if you are worth your salt. When your feet no longer touch the bottom. Will you sink or will you swim?

Inside the Bluff is a film aimed at taking the viewer deeper inside Shipsterns Bluff. A short piece directed by Film maker Cameron Staunton starring Kipp Caddy. The film documents three mates hiking 9km though remote Tasmanian bush to camp under Shipsterns Bluff.

A couple of days after the SOURCE Battle Of Hastings 2019, Éclat and Snap Distro sent a crew compiled of Jordan Okane, Jordan Godwin, Stuart Chisholm, Sam Chamberlain, Harry Mills-Wakley and DIG’s Peter Adam out onto the streets of the Big Smoke (aka London, UK) and incredibly collected all this wild footage in just four days… yeah, you read that right. No ends untouched! New wrists for Mr Okane please…

Clay Marzo catching barrels at the Mexpipe Warriors 2019 event in Puerto, Mexico. The event honors the life of Oscar Moncada.

The madman from Mar del Plata, Argentina blazes at full throttle no matter the spot. This part is gonna put you on the edge of your seat, from the opening montage to the kickflip into you-know-what. Skate and Destroy!

Filmmaker Ryan Moss takes us inside the firing lines during the first proper Pipe swell of the season. The Northern Hemisphere winter is without doubt the most exiting time on the surfing calendar. Whether it’s crazy swells broadsiding Nazaré in Portugal, the twin world title showdowns taking place on Maui and Oahu, or the sheer lunacy of the Big Wave World Tour event at Jaws, one thing that’s never lacking is powerful surf and the most prestigious wave on the planet is still Pipeline on the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Creative spots and barely enough snow to scrape by. That is exactly what we like to see. It is that time of year again. It is time to Pay the Rent. Mike Gray drops his some clips he gathered featuring Aaron Tufts while filming for Pay The Rent III set to drop next year.

Go behind the scenes with Candide and crew for the epic Ski The World video and watch how they tackled the Great Wall Of China.

The pool was way better than expected. This place is the real deal and so is Wavegarden’s Cove tech. This pool has got so much range. At the push of a button, it can spit out 18 different waves, with slight tweaks for offshore and onshore conditions, and you can surf both lefts and rights at the same time – that’s a big tick!

While the zounds of Lamb of God rattle your brain, SOTY 2012 throttles down the highway of destruction. David G can’t be stopped.