OBJ used to dream about having a signature Nike cleat and this year that came true with the Nike Vapor Untouchable Pro 3 OBJ Uptempo Cleat. In this episode, OBJ shows off his favorite sneakers of all time and visits the Nike HQ to meet the next generation of football stars hoping to get their own signature shoe.

21-year-old Sheldon Simkus goes for broke in huge, hollow fare with total aplomb. The young Gold Coast native filmed the entire thing in Indo and along his home coastline at the beginning of this year before he turned 21–hence the apt title, “Twenty”.

Get outside and live. Buy a mountain bike you mediocre sack of garbage.

Graduation featuring James & Thomas Woods as well as special guest Luke Barrett surfing around the Gold Coast. @jameswoods91

A @modomsurf production starring @craig__anderson⁣ & @tajamos ⁣⁣⁣

Subrosa coming through with a dialed video from the trip to Iceland and Barcelona, Spain that Jabe Jones took over the summer! This video gives us a look at what Jabe and Bjarki Hardarson got into for spots, along with a few clips from Joris Coulomb. This has a super good vibe, awesome riding and great spots. Definitely one video you won’t want to pass up!

The man is SKATE AND DESTROY personified, built to attack every piece of terrain in his path. The slams are brutal, but the legendary makes validate the pain.

Another day in paradise living the dream with Jamie O’brien!

With blue tubes spinning down the shore and everyone and their mother getting spit out of pits, it’s clear beach breaks don’t get much better. At least the locals were happy. “Best day at La Grav in two years!” said Leo Fioravanti.

Raised in Bend, Oregon–10 Barrel Brewing’s backyard–Curtis’ riding has taken him all around the world from his home base of Mt. Bachelor to Alaska’s tallest spines and everywhere in between. Just this last season, Curtis teamed up with fellow 10 Barrel team rider, Eric Jackson, to venture deep into Northern British Columbia to explore the synergy of their two greatest passions, snowboarding and fly fishing.

7 Days of shredding Saas Fee glacier with the Freeski Swe squad. Filmed by Niklas Eriksson.

John Clemmons comes out swinging, hammering out enough jaw-dropping moves to warrant an appointment at the orthodontist. This. Part. Slays! Hope you like it kinky.

This past season the crew traveled to Japan, then Italy, survived the European RV Tour of Depression, then sent it to Laax, before wrapping things up in Oregon. Sit back and enjoy this window into the season of one of the realest and rowdiest crews in snowboarding.

When Taylor Steele’s Momentum dropped in 1992, it propelled a group of adolescent surfers from their friend’s house on the North Shore of Hawaii, straight into the world’s consciousness. After one incredible summer making child’s play out of the world class waves on their doorstep as willing film subjects for Steele’s camera, now household names Kelly Slater, Taylor Knox, Shane Dorian, Rob Machado and more went on to win world titles, break records, and redefine the outside world’s perception of the modern-day surfer.

Hailing from the Goldy. Well, in Coolangatta which is actually Northern New South Wales. Chase can be found lurking shady corners of the coast or getting his flex on at the gym cause having a sexy rig is all about that lifestyle. Oh and prob having protein shakes and perving on some asses at little dbah with his friend trashnails. Sick edit lord. Enjoy!

The best view in the world! Just got better 😝 couch surfing at backdoor pipeline with @kauluadams and @whoisjob

Riders were sending it to the moon after an incredible week at The Audi Nines in Birkenfeld, Germany. With some of the best MTB athletes from around the world, you can’t miss this best of Highlight clip.

GT for GA. Grant charges in his latest Blazer, the “Bruised Peach”, a nod to his southern roots. Like a good hipper, the “Bruised Peach” Swoosh wears away revealing a deep purple underneath the more they’re worn in.