After five years of planning, kayaker Dane Jackson successfully took on the Salto Del Maule, a Chilean waterfall that stands at 134 feet.

The short is equally, if not more impressive than his previous output. It also includes the best Puerto tube we’ve seen in some time, meaning it’s the best tube you’ll (probably) see today.

In the video, we see two men looking at the back of a camera, one of whom is shirtless and has blood in his beard. As the iphone moves closer, we see that the shirtless man’s nose has a medieval gash on its right side. He then wiggles the distended flesh like a child’s loose tooth and proclaims, gruffly, “Good day.”

The blade world had lost its collective mind last month with the photo release of the highly anticipated return of the white and black Roces Fifth Element skate, this time released as a Nils Jansons signature model.

A racer spends their entire season with one singular focus – get from A to B as fast as possible. Always pushing to drop seconds from the clock. They build a resume of speed. Their work summed up by a few numbers on a results sheet. But there is so much more to riding a bike than solely how fast you can go.

Levi’s® Skateboarding presents a new edit filmed in the streets of Tbilisi, Georgia. The architecture is a diverse blend of medieval, neoclassical, Stalinist structures and more, creating an equally diverse blend of skate spots. Everything from Soviet structures to dirt hill bombs feature in latest offering from the usual Levi’s® crew.

Sure, it’s a blatant boardshort ad, but it’s also at Chippa Wilson’s favorite left ramp!

Evan Mock‘s nearly-overnight rise from skate rat to fashion industry insider can be traced to a one-off video captured by Tom Sachs. From humble beginnings, Mock took the fashion industry by storm in 2019, making waves as a model and influencer without losing sight of his passions or his friends.

Szymon Godziek rolls in to check the jumps along with Matt Macduff and Nicholi. We decided to measure everything about the jumps, and then send them all!! Enjoy…

Alex Smith x African points through the lens of commercial film. Enjoy this short but dramatic piece we sure as hell did.

“After the WQS all I wanted to do was surf my brains out. This is my “Surf Bender” from various places around the world. Hope you enjoy and it gets you psyched to go rip!” -Parker Coffin

The third round of the 2020 Monster Energy Supercross comes back to Anaheim, CA. A2 gets Spicy… watch the Dirt Shark Crew Lurk through the pits to get some exclusive interviews by top riders and never before seen riding footage.

Proving he’s not just another contest kid, Alex sets a crash course for every rail, pool and DIY he can get his trucks on. The Encinitas Civic Center gets hit with another heavy hammer that would make Omar and Hairball proud.

Such warmth, such affordable prices. The Algarve is a dream. It is a west coast to pick up swell and a south coast to shelter you. The early days of the trip were marred by inconsistent swell and wind. Too big for the west coast. Too small for the south. Not to worry. We kill time. We eat. We sunbathe. We drink. We Scroll. We dip into Lagos. Inhibitions are loosened.

The speed of light is an unobtainable goal, impossible to overcome and once again Brandon Semenuk proves he’s the human version of that in his latest edit. This time he jets off to Japan on a custom downhill bike with one hell of a dig crew and two of the most prestigious filmers on Earth to capture it all.

Want to see the best surfers in the world score Hawaii and Indo’s hollow crown jewels? Look no further. @ryzphoto has put together a tube-riding amp reel that hops back and forth the two wave-rich island chains. “Hawindo” features backlit Pipe, firing Deserts and more being threaded by ‘CT standouts and dynamic free surfers alike. Hit play, then go find yourself a tube.

Fabio Wibmer visits Tel Aviv and the Utah-esque deserts of Israel in his first edit on Canyon.

Matt Meola is truly a freak of nature when it comes to landing technical, gravity-defying airs. He’s also, apparently, quickly becoming a master of parody in the realm of surf edits.