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A throwback to the supernatural classics of the 1980s, ‘Stranger Things’ is the story of a young boy who vanishes into thin air. Kids on BMX bikes cruising misty suburban streets at night, Hazmat suit-clad figures with flashlights, a pigtailed blonde moppet, a wide-eyed boy, a desperate mother. This has all those 80’s Spielberg elements you love!


YouTube helped the Colorado Springs Police Department solve a road rage confrontation in which a motorcyclist harassed a person in a car and the driver swerved into the motorcyclist, causing the person to crash. After viewing the footage, police officers arrested the driver of the car, charging the person with second-degree assault, and the motorcyclist, on a charge of harassment.

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Justin Bieber was caught on camera brawling with a much larger man outside his Cleveland hotel. The man threw the first punch at Bieber, who returned the favour with a fist square in the jaw. Bystanders jumped in to break up the melee, which ended with a pileup of guys on the ground.


Flying a wingsuit over an active volcano has long been a dream for Roberta Mancino. After years of training, she embarked on a mission to Chile’s Villarrica stratovolcano to fly through the sulfur-infused smoke that pours from its crater. Villarrica proved to be the place where this dream came true.

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‘The Switch’, the most extensive shoot Ronaldo has ever done for Nike, sees a ball boy transferred into the body of the Portuguese forward when they clash at the advertising hoardings in a game between England and Portugal. The pair are left dazed and wake up the next day to realise they’re not in their own bodies with Ronaldo a teenage boy, played by Gerson Correia Adua, in a single bed, surrounded by posters of himself.


For some people, a pair of shoes is just a piece of clothing that serves a practical function. For others, shoes mean so much more; they’re a status symbol, but that means they can also get you killed. So the question is, how far would someone go just to get pair of shoes back?


Porsche is only building 991 of these and even with a £136,901 – $203,695 AUD starting price, every single one is already accounted for. In fact, such is the fevered demand that one German buyer has already tried his luck, offering his yet-to-be-delivered 911 R on ebay for $1.25m, although the advert has since been taken down. Suffice to say, if you’re interested in a used example get ready to dig deep.

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Most grandpas spend their time tending to their gardens, waving at cars and handing out butterscotch candies to the kids in the neighbourhood. John Hetlinger, an 82-year-old former Navy pilot, isn’t your average grandpa, and has gone viral with his performance of Drowning Pool’s “Bodies”!


Driven by a need for freshest salmon, most grass-fed lamb, and legal weed, Action makes a pit-stop in the Pacific Northwest en route to a concert in Vancouver.

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This video shows the nasty crash that involved Jamie Cowton and how Horst Saiger, who was right behind him, managed to avoid the impact, missing him by inches.


It takes a long time to handcraft a high-end 1911 semi-automatic pistol. In the case of Cabot Gun’s Big Bang pistol set, it took 4 billion years. That’s how long the Gibeon meteorite was flying through space—an arduous journey that made the cosmic rock a challenging material from which to create a pair of handguns. In fact, these are the first mechanical devices made from a meteorite in the history of mankind.

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Parkour professional Khalid Tony hit the rooftops in Morocco to get a pump, and to make his mum a nervous wreck.

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The sickening clip taken inside the cab on May 25, shows an elderly couple sitting quietly in the back as they travel across Birmingham. Multiple cabs were attacked that night with bricks, and this attack resulted in an elderly lady needed treatment for a fracture skull. Police are now hunting for the gutless brick thrower.


Alligators in Florida are no f**ken joke. As you can see from the photo above. Hunters killed this giant beast in April, which some say was killing cattle. Now a 9-foot-long alligator was captured in the same Florida lake where one was found holding remains of a human body in its mouth, officials said. Lakeland police said the gator’s stomach will be examined to determine whether it swallowed any parts of the adult male body. If not, the lake will be searched again for other gator.


Google image search ‘three black teenagers’ and then ‘three white teenagers’. A Twitter video of a man typing in this supposedly unremarkable search has gone massively viral since it was uploaded yesterday afternoon. That’s because his clip shows the results for the former almost exclusively show mugshots, or at least pictures posed to look like them, and the latter reveals mostly stock photos of happy white teens.

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The last surviving 9/11 search dog Bretagne was put to rest after 16 years of tireless service. She was given full honours as deserved. She worked to exhaustion sniffing through the rubble of the World Trade Center looking for survivors.


A barrage of violent Atlantic storms will unleash thunder, lightning, gales and relentless rainfall through to the middle of June. With temperatures set to remain above-average for the time of year Britain faces a muggy ‘Monsoon’ start to summer. Heavy downpours this week dumped more than a month’s rain in parts the country sparking devastating floods and travel misery.


Watch the first-ever look into the new Watch Dogs 2. Set in the birthplace of the tech revolution, the San Francisco Bay Area, Watch Dogs 2 explores a new reality where an interconnected city and network of personal devices are used to control and manipulate citizens on a unprecedented scale. Step into the shoes of a brilliant hacker, Marcus Holloway, and hack everything on your way to shutting down the establishment behind this massive corruption.