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The PS4 exclusive “Gran Turismo Sport” is taking motor racing games to new heights. Create your own history by representing your home country in a variety of race classes such as Prototype, GT3, Rally and much more. The graphics are the closest to real life of any game available in any genre on the market!


What’s the automotive equivalent of a playground? For sports cars, it’s a smooth ribbon of undulating track. For muscle cars, it’s an arrow-straight drag strip. But for serious off-roaders, it’s anything that would destroy a lesser vehicle, and well…this 2016 Jeep Wrangler Rubicon found that venue, the arid wilderness of Baja California, Mexico. But that didn’t stop it from going on the ultimate off-road joyride.


“What a CRAZY experience! An old generation Godzilla and a new Gen – laying down 2000hp for a DIG RACE on the STREETS! If only we could go back and do it again…over and over! This was MAD!” – 1320video.


“Me and my 12 year old were going for a cruise and he was taking the video with my phone. The fuel line cap blew off and sprayed fuel into the firewall and the fire came up into the interior of the car. We got out with only a couple of minor burns.” – James Towers.


YouTube helped the Colorado Springs Police Department solve a road rage confrontation in which a motorcyclist harassed a person in a car and the driver swerved into the motorcyclist, causing the person to crash. After viewing the footage, police officers arrested the driver of the car, charging the person with second-degree assault, and the motorcyclist, on a charge of harassment.


Porsche is only building 991 of these and even with a £136,901 – $203,695 AUD starting price, every single one is already accounted for. In fact, such is the fevered demand that one German buyer has already tried his luck, offering his yet-to-be-delivered 911 R on ebay for $1.25m, although the advert has since been taken down. Suffice to say, if you’re interested in a used example get ready to dig deep.


A barrage of violent Atlantic storms will unleash thunder, lightning, gales and relentless rainfall through to the middle of June. With temperatures set to remain above-average for the time of year Britain faces a muggy ‘Monsoon’ start to summer. Heavy downpours this week dumped more than a month’s rain in parts the country sparking devastating floods and travel misery.


The easiest way to get your flamethrower on is to get rid of your catalytic converter and fit a straight-through exhaust. The next step is to make sure you’re dumping a lot of fuel into the exhaust. Accelerate hard with a wide open throttle, then slide your foot off the accelerator to quickly snap the throttle shut. All that fuel and air that had been dumped into the combustion chamber is now not needed for propulsion so doesn’t get lit, and instead gets spat into the exhaust where it will ignite on the hot pipes. Voila: Fire!

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The modified 600bhp Subaru WRX STI built by Prodrive and driven by local hero Mark Higgins sets a new Isle of Man TT car lap record, hitting top speeds of about 170mph around the 37.73-mile circuit. Higgins has now lapped the course in 17min 35.139sec, at an average of 128.730mph. What a beast!


During the early 80’s, BMW released the classic E30 and this proved an interesting liberation to the market. Especially when compared to the earlier 320i model from the late 70’s, with the main deviation being a drastically lower price at a figure of around $26,000 AUD. BWM’s engineers were well aware that Mercedes were working on a competitor in the smaller luxury car market, so the E30 team focused their strengths and efforts on predominant Mercedes ideals, build quality and reliability. The results were epic.


“The Nightmare Nova is giving its opponents the creeps by showing that an all motor car is a force to be reckon with! Packed with a 540 cubic inch Chevy big block, it puts down 880hp on pump gas! Under powered and without any power adders, the nova is GAPPING twin turbo and nitrous cars on the street! Birka cup out of Sweden brings you some of the baddest big tire street action in the WORLD!” – 1320video.


What can I say that hasn’t already been said? Max Wrist is a complete lunatic, but there is no denying his videos are entertaining as hell. Are you ready for 5 minutes of motorcycle mayhem? Hold on for your life as he pops wheelies up every straight while going toe to toe with a Yamaha R1. Hectic.


There is a little slice of Germany carved into the hills an hour south of Tokyo at the base of the Izu Peninsula. A road that soars from sea level to over 1000m, twisting ever upwards through dense woodland and looking for all the world like the infamous Nürburgring Nordschleife in parts. This is the Hakone Turnpike, one of Japan’s most iconic roads, and a mecca for car enthusiasts the world over.


“My Boss and I were talking about how I can jump 20M on my motorbike and he said he would be able to out do me in a car. We made the jump out of a XR8 ute tub and used car trailer ramps. We tried to stabilise the ramps so they didn’t move.” – Daniel John Welch.


“I was following a plumbing van for around 10 minutes waiting for him to leave the passing lane. His speed varied between 60 and 70 mph, usually going closer to 60 mph. The speed limit on the highway is 70 mph. After ten minutes instead of tailgating him, flashing my lights, or honking I decided to just give them a call since they had their number on the back of the van.”


It doesn’t matter how shabby your ride looks now, if you’re keen for some serious drifting action in your life, then Full Gas Garage has the performance parts you need to get it from stock, to sexy and boosted.

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A fan caught this incredible footage of cars cars being launched from a garage in downtown Cleveland, which is pretending to be New York in the film. That’s something you don’t see everyday!


AccuAir Suspension just spent the day with Wee-Man and is 1962 Chevy Impala down in long beach hoping to hear a good story, shred a local skatepark and grub up on some quality Mexican food. Jason “Wee-Man” Acuña has integrated this Lowrider Impala into his daily routine with the help of e-level. The custom Air Management install leaves Wee-Man plenty of room to haul around his skateboards and the functionality of the system lets him traverse steep driveways around the city.