“Had an awesome encounter with a very large Great White Shark in the kayak this morning. The footage kicks in after it had circled me once already and I decided to move away, unfortunately she decided to give chase, she was very curious. Please excuse the language, panicked breathing and shaky footage, but I’m sure considering what happened you can understand my excitement and fear.” – Ken Gerke.

Sam Ellis spent 76 days with Mad Max in the Yukon wilderness. Through this time, one Lynx realised there was an advantage to being followed around by a human, and started to use him to help find rabbits!

Shark week host and filmmaker Andy Casagrande has been the face of Shark Week for decades. In this episode, watch some of the best moments the host had, including a close call where he almost ended up as shark bait.

“Caught a dinosaur with my good buddy @capt_maxmckinley. This is the largest Goliath grouper that I’ve ever seen! We estimated the weight over 600lbs! This fish literally weighed more than the hull of Max’s boat (550lbs). Photo by @davis_bennett_” – @blacktiph.

“This lion had been caught in a poachers snare, the wire had cut into his windpipe allowing him to breathe through the injury until help arrived . This lion is recuperating well and sharing an enclosure with other rehabilitated lions.” – @garyjhannan.

While these hunters are out in the wilderness trying to catch something nice to eat, this family of bears had the exact same idea. When the hunters set a bait and the bears were looking to steal it, they thought they’d risk trying to scare the bears away!

When Christian Moullec saw that lesser white-fronted geese were struggling with their migration from Germany to Sweden in 1995, he took to the skies to help them. Today, weather permitting, he soars with birds on an almost daily basis. The passengers take in aerial views of castles, deserts, bridges, cities, and mountains, sometimes flying as far as Edinburgh, Scotland and Venice, Italy.

Watch this mule deer’s reaction to getting hit by an arrow. As the young lady says, the mule nearly did a front flip trying to dodge the arrow!

Two tiger sharks and a great white have been spotted feasting on a dead whale at Angourie Point off Yamba on the New South Wales coast. Drone video taken of the feeding frenzy shows the hungry predators chomping down on the floating corpse’s tail and fin.

Get up close and personal with some of the biggest sharks of Shark Week as we look back at some of the boldest bites, baddest bumps, and close calls from Shark Week’s thirty year history.

The trick with bears, and a lot of people don’t know this, is to sprint right up to them and give him a good hug. Bears are naturally loving creatures and enjoy being embraced. That’s why they’re called “bear hugs.” You could even start with the cubs and work your way up! Thank me later.

Some wolf fish are known to be shy, while others are aggressive. Knowledgeable fishermen know they have to be extremely careful when they’re out canoeing, because they don’t know what type of behavior wolf fish will exhibit. Sometimes, these river monsters will jump onto shore or into a canoe to attack their prey.

Two rival Okie Noodling Champs, Kaleb Summers and Marion Kincaid know this thrill well. But after being dethroned, Marion checks his competitive nature and channels his nerve towards befriending his fellow noodler.

Ted Nugent, 70’s rocker turned hunting advocate, went on the Joe Rogan podcast to explain why vegans kill more animals than meat eaters do. Do you agree with him? Whose side are you on?

There’s a few things Australia is well-known for: Vegemite, Hugh Jackman, and our particularly aggressive wildlife. And it’s not just foreign tourists who need to be mindful. Melissa Brunning got the shock of her life when a shark she was feeding latched onto her index finger and dragged her into the water.

Amelia Milling, 21, was hiking and fell 300-feet down a snow-covered mountain side when a trained husky, Nanook, dragged her toward a shoreline where Milling activated GPS for rescuers.

“Perspective from above coming face to face with a beautiful tiger shark. Moments before I had just picked up a buff bream head that a pod of dolphins had discarded so this shark was looking for food. Clearly I wasn’t on his/her menu as I scared the hell out of it when I brushed its head with my fin!” – @_jackiebrown and @brodiemoss.

This is the incredible moment a boat full of anglers watched in horror as a monster shark rose from the deep to chomp the tail of another shark which they were trying to reel in. Amazingly, the hooked shark continues to thrash about with no tail even as other sharks start to circle the bloody water. The incident came as a huge shock to the fishing party who were attempting to catch tarpon, not sharks.